Executive Committee Minutes 10/9/02

Minutes – Meeting No. 2 –October 9, 2002
LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
Oct. 9, 2002
10:10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Krouzian Room, Bancroft Library
Present:M. Cochran (Chair), B. Anton, S. Koskinen, N. Kobzina, A. Urbanic, L. Cushing, M. Mahoney, D. De Lorenzo, B. Bohl (recorder)
Absent:B. Quigley, M. Snow, S. McMahon
Guests:B. Ogden, G. Irving, T. Dean
*Issues Concerning the Distinguished Designation Discussed by LAUC Committee on
Professional Governance, 2001.
*LAUC Distinguished Step Survey, Spring 2002 – UCB comments
*UC Berkeley Results
*Overall Survey Results with UCB comparisons.
Open House for the new Doe/Moffitt Reference Center, Oct. 9, 4-6 p.m.
Reception for 3rd Labor Photo Exhibit, Oct. 10, 5:30-7:30 p.m.,
Center for Labor Research and Education/Inst. For Labor and Employment
The exhibit runs from Sept. 7, 2002-Jan. 15, 2003 and may also be viewed online at http://www.iir.berkeley.edu/exhibit/
D. De Lorenzo has been nominated for the NRLF Board
Call for volunteers for the Emeritus Task Force
A. Treasurer’s Report (M. Mahoney)
The travel allocation has still not been determined, pending official information on the total number of affiliated and non-affiliated librarians.An announcement is forthcoming.As of September, LAUC-B has a balance of $44,979.00
Action Item: M. Mahoney will issue a statement regarding travel allocation requests
B.Meeting with the University Librarian(M. Cochrane, A. Urbanic)
Items discussed with T. Leonard included student employees, the loss of state money in this years budget, scholarly communications as the topic for the 2004 LAUC-B conference, DLA award, E. Grassian’s upcoming visit, the Distinguished step, shared collections, and the Digital Projects Call.T. Leonard pointed out thatfor affiliated librarians to participate in the Digital Projects Call, they must be sponsored by a librarian from the Library.
C.Senate Library Committee Report (A. Urbanic)
The Campus Strategic Plan is being reviewed by Division Council, a subgroup which reports to the Academic Senate.Proposals for new programs will compete for approval.Approval does not imply funding, thus each accepted new program will have to create its own resources. The Library Committee was concerned that new programs were being suggested without considering library implications and it would try to increase awareness of this lack in the planning process.
Capital Campaign – Central Campus has not made any commitments to the Bancroft Library Seismic Upgrading Project or to the Doe Core Project – we need to push for more money for the library.
The Library Committee continues to voice its concerns about the low salaries of Library Assistants and has urged the campus to promote increases.Salaries are governed by contract agreements with UCOP.Individual campuses have no control over salary rates.As a point of information, the campus estimates that a 1% increase in salaries for staff represented by CUE, (which includes LA’s), would increase the campus budget by $1 million.
Library backlogs will be discussed in a future session and Lee Leighton will be invitedto give an update on this issue.Representatives of the Affiliated Libraries will be invited to future meetings to brief the Library Committee on their concerns.
·Action Item:A. Urbanic offered to provide the Library Committee with general information about each affiliated library.The information will include the head of each library, to whom the library reports, the library’s source of funding, and the systems to whichthe library’s collection are reported.
D.Candidate Lunches (B. Quigley)
No report available.
III.Continuing Topics 
A.DLA Nomination Process(B. Ogden)
The Distinguished Librarian Award (DLA) is presented every other year to up to two librarians.The DLA Committee, charged to conduct the selection process, reported a need for more nominations.The task force recommended that the DLA Committee take a more active role in ensuring that more people are nominated for the DLA.T. Dean emphasized that it is important to keep the DLA alive; it will be awarded fall 2003.
·Action Item:The Executive Committee will make changes to the charge of the DLA Committee.
B.E. Grassian(M. Cochran)
Esther has reported that she wants to be able to discuss a specific topic when she visits the Berkeley campus, and would prefer that one or two representatives of LAUC-B Ex Comm accompany her when she meets with the University Librarian.The “hot” topic for Esther’s visit will be information literacy.A suggestion was made to invite Esther to a regular Ex Comm meeting and include T. Leonard for the final hour of the meeting.
·Action Item: M. Cochran will e-mail Ex Comm several scenarios to consider as potential meeting formats for Esther’s visit.
IV.New Topics
A.Distinguished Step (N. Kobzina, G. Irving)
G. Irving (co-chair of the Professional Governance Committee) provided a brief background/history of the distinguished step award and discussed the results of the survey.N. Kobzina provided background information from CAPA.G. Irving will give a presentation of the results of the Distinguished Step survey at the Fall Assembly on Nov. 8, 2002.
B.LAUC Fall Assembly
The Committee needs to prepare three questions to ask Daniel Greenstein
for his presentation at the Fall Assembly.The deadline for receipt of
the questions to M. Cochran is October 15.
V.Additional items:
S. Koskinen volunteered to serve on the Emeritus Task Force.The task force will determine what privileges should be given to emeritus librarians.
The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held Nov. 13 in the Dean’s Conference Room at Boalt Hall(215 Boalt Hall)