Executive Committee Minutes 7/10/02

Minutes - Meeting No. 10 - 2001/2002

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting

July 10, 2002
1:15 - 3:00 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: B. Anton (chair), M. Cochran, S. Koskinen (recorder), J. McKenzie, B. Ogden, B. Quigley, N. Robinson, M. Snow

Absent: C. Lee, J. Galwey, M. Phillips

I. Announcements

  • B. Ogden will chair a committee to re-examine the process for awarding the Distinguished Librarian Award.

II. Reports

  • The Statewide LAUC turnover meeting will be August 16.
  • The LAUC-B turnover meeting will be August 14, 10-12 in 303 Doe Library.
  • The Statewide LAUC Fall Assembly will be December 6 at UCSF, preceded December 5 by the Statewide LAUC Executive Board meeting.

A. Treasurer's Report (J. McKenzie)

No report.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (B. Anton)

There was no meeting this month.

C. Senate Library Committee report (M. Cochran)

There was no meeting this month (committee only meets through May).

D. AUL for Collections recruitment (B. Anton)

Interviews for the five candidates will begin August 22. Details will be announced soon.

E. Candidate lunches (N. Robinson)

B. Quigley will coordinate candidate lunches during N. Robinson's vacation.

III. Continuing Action Items

A. Bylaws review (M. Snow)

The Bylaws Review subcommittee sent the proposed revisions to LAUC Statewide and has received comments. B. Anton will check the by-laws to see how these proposals should be voted on.

B. Emeritus Librarian (B. Anton)

Work continues on this proposal.

IV. New Topics

A. Changes to LAUC-B web page

This discussion will take place by e-mail.

B. Planning for turnover meeting (B. Anton)

B. Anton and M. Cochran will create the agenda for the turnover meeting.

C. LAUC-B mentorship program (S. Koskinen)

The LAUC-B mentorship program continues to be active. Five new librarians have been paired up with mentors and there are four more in process. The first lunch between mentor and new librarian is paid for by LAUC-B.

D. Librarian workload (B. Ogden)

This topic seems less urgent at the moment but will remain on the agenda.

E. Fall Assembly (M. Cochran)

Dates and possible speakers were discussed. [After the meeting it was confirmed that the Fall Assembly will be November 8, 2002, 8:30-10am Morrison Room. The speaker will be Daniel Greenstein, new Head of CDL.]

The next LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting (turnover meeting) will be August 14, 2002, at 1:00 - 3:00 pm in 303 Doe Library.