Executive Committee Minutes 5/8/02

Minutes - Meeting No. 8 - 2001/2002

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting

May 8, 2002
10:45 am - 12:15 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: B. Anton (chair), J. Galwey, S. Koskinen, C. Lee (recorder), J. McKenzie, B. Quigley, N. Robinson, M. Phillips, M. Snow

Absent: B. Ogden, M. Cochran

I. Announcements

  • There were no announcements.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (J. McKenzie)

  • The LAUC-B treasury has a balance of $65,825.00

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (B. Anton)

  • B. Anton and M. Cochran met with University Librarian T. Leonard on May 7. UC Berkeley is now #3 among academic libraries in the ARL rankings. T. Leonard also emphasized that the 4% budget exercise is still just an exercise and is not a permanent cut. The 4% will come entirely out of operations.

C. Senate Library Committee report (N. Robinson)

  • T. Leonard updated the committee on the planning for a new East Asian library.

  • P. Iannuzzi discussed Doe's efforts to improve communication between selectors and departments.

  • The Committee discussed preparations for the May 20 Library Planning Board meeting. T. Leonard intends to bring up the issue of combining small library endowments to decrease their administrative costs, and to discuss the budget if there is more information by that time.

  • The Committee discussed a draft resolution urging the Campus administration to begin planning immediately to put in place funding for the development of the core of the Doe Library and for the expansion of the space allocated to the Bancroft Library.

  • L. Leighton presented the Report of the Task Force on Backlogs. The report includes information on the current cataloging backlogs in Central Technical Services, the Bancroft Library, and the East Asian Library and the Center for Chinese Studies Library.

  • P. Iannuzzi asked for faculty volunteers to serve on the Reserves Task Force and the Free Speech Movement Café committee.

D. Candidate lunches (N. Robinson)

  • Six more lunches have been scheduled, for candidates for the positions of Head of Technical Services, East Asian Library, and Principal Archivist, The Bancroft Library. N. Robinson will be going off the Executive Committee this summer and the Executive Committee will need a new lunch coordinator.

E. Reports on the LAUC Statewide Assembly (B. Anton, M. Cochran, J. Gallwey, C. Lee)

  • After much discussion, a resolution was passed asking the LAUC President to form a systemwide task force to work with faculty, students and administrators to define, assess and implement an Information Literacy policy for the University.

  • Myron Okada, Director of Academic Personnel for the Office of the President, spoke about the dire economic straits in which the university finds itself. Merit increases will be funded, and there will be another CAP program.

  • All the committee reports are on the LAUC web site at http://www.library.ucla.edu/committees/laucla/springassembly/agenda.htm The Research and Professional Development committee will add to the web site a draft document summarizing the types of proposals that have been funded in recent years, as an encouragement to members to submit research proposals.

III. Continuing Action Items

A. Bylaws review (M. Snow)

  • M. Snow presented proposed by-laws revision, which will streamline LAUC-B work and give the organization more flexibility in filling committee appointments. The number of positions required to run LAUC-B will drop from approximately 40 to approximately 33. The proposals were discussed and approved by the Executive Committee. They will go next to the statewide Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction for approval and then will be voted on by the membership. The revisions will not affect elections and committee appointments until Fall 2003.

B. Emeritus Librarian (B. Anton)

  • Work continues on this proposal.

IV. New Topics

A. AUL for Collections recruitment (B. Anton)

  • Anton is the LAUC-B representative to this committee. The position closes July 1. All LAUC-B members are encouraged to send names of worthy candidates.

B. SLASIAC representative (B. Anton)

  • There are three candidates for the LAUC representative to SLASIAC (Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee): A. Jensen (UCB), D. Murphy (UCSC) and *** (UCSD). B. Anton will e-mail their statements of interest to the Executive Committee members, who will rank the candidates. See the SLASIAC web site at http://www.slp.ucop.edu/consultation/slasiac/ for more information about the Committee.

The next LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting will be June 26, 2002, at 1:00 - 3:00 pm in 303 Doe Library.