Executive Committee Minutes 3/12/02

Minutes - Meeting No. 6 - 2001/2002

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting

March 12, 2002
10:10 am - noon
Optometry Library conference room

Present: B. Anton (chair), M. Cochran, S. Koskinen, C. Lee (recorder) , J. McKenzie, B. Quigley, N. Robinson, M. Snow

Absent: J. Galwey, B. Ogden, M. Phillips

Guest: A. Youmans

I. Announcements

  • The LAUC-B budget was approved with modifications. Professional development was funded at last year's level but the Distinguished Librarian Award and operating budget were cut.

  • LAUC Statewide chair Debbie Murphy will be visiting in April.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (J. McKenzie)

  • LAUC-B currently has a deficit of $810, having reimbursed members for travel expenses.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (B. Anton/M. Cochran)

  • There was no meeting with the University Librarian in March; the next meeting will be in April.

C. Senate Library Committee report (M. Cochran)

  • The Committee has a new member, Professor Whitney Davis of Art History.

  • T. Newcomb noted the memo T. Leonard sent to Library staff recognizing the Senate Library Committee support of improved Library Assistant salary compensation.

  • The Committee toured The Bancroft Library and noted the poor work space and poor environmental conditions for the collections. The Committee will discuss their thoughts about The Bancroft at its April meeting.

  • The Committee previously toured the Business/Economics library in light of the Haas School proposal for space currently used by the Library. The Committee is drafting a memo to the School about the subject.

  • The University Librarian reported that he was working on the Library's budget.

  • In addition to Library administration, the Council of Deans and other groups have discussed staff reclassifications.

  • The job posting for the AUL for Collections has been sent to California Hall and will be announced soon. T. Leonard hopes the Library will be able to start reviewing applications in May.

  • The Library bookstore will close in its present location because the space is needed for other Library purposes. Special and discount book sales will be run out of 303 Doe Library.

  • Phase 3 of NRLF had been delayed but is expected to be ready by 2004-2005.

D. Candidate lunches (N. Robinson)

  • Lunches, like recruitments, continue apace; the most recent being the search for the Giannini Foundation librarian.

E. Report on the LAUC Executive Board Meeting 2/22/02 (B. Anton)

  • The Executive Board meet at Irvine. The Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC) and Heads of Technical Services (HOTS) are conducting a survey of the campuses about the impact of extended summer sessions, an issue that also concerns the Academic Senate Library Committee.

  • The Committee on Professional Governance will be conducting a survey on the issue of the Distinguished Step in the Librarian series; G. Irving will report on the survey at the Spring Assembly.

  • The Executive Board also discussed proposed by-laws changes and the issue of the graying of the profession.

III. Continuing Action Items

A. Townsend Center Fellowship (B. Anton)

  • T. Leonard will speak to Christina Gillis of the Townsend Center about the continuation of the Townsend Center librarian Fellow.

B. LAUC-B Ad Hoc Bylaws Review Subcommittee (M. Snow)

  • The subcommittee is charged with reviewing the bylaws with an eye towards facilitating LAUC-B business. It may be possible for the bylaws to cite a recommended versus a required number of committee members to provide flexibility in filling vacancies.

  • The subcommittee has determined that the current by-laws require 41 positions to run all LAUC-B committees, which is not quite 40% of the total membership. The subcommittee is looking at the size of the Executive Committee as well as the size and workload of several other committees.

  • The subcommittee may also recommend the creation of a master calendar and/or a policy manual which would guide future LAUC-B committee chairs and would also allow the removal of some procedural details from the by-laws themselves. A policy manual, unlike by-laws, could be modified by an Executive Committee vote rather than necessitating a vote by the entire membership.

C. "Hot topic" for future LAUC-B conferences

  • Discussion postponed.

IV. New topics

A. Debbie Murphy's visit (B. Anton)

  • Discussion will be conducted by e-mail.

B. Emeritus Librarian (A. Youmans)

  • A subcommittee of the 1999 Executive Committee (A. Sevetson, A. Youmans, D. Farrell) worked on a procedure for conferring the Emeritus title on librarians, based on a UC Riverside policy. The Academic Personnel Manual states that non-Senate academic personnel are eligible. Requirements are: 10 years of university service, attainment of full Librarian status (not necessarily the Distinguished Step) and a dossier which provides evidence of noteworthy accomplishment. The nomination would have to go to the University Librarian (for those working in The Library) or the appropriate Dean (for Affiliated Librarians) and then to the Chancellor. It is unclear whether or not the nomination also has to go to the UC President. Review initiators nominate and CAPA does not need to be involved.

  • Proposed privileges: university library card (which all retirees receive); inter-library loan privileges, use of a library carrel when available; an e-mail account; access to the subscription databases, and access to the faculty modem pool. These proposals will have to be further explored for feasibility.

  • Discussion will continue.

C. Librarian workload issues (B. Anton)

  • Discussion postponed