Executive Committee Minutes 2/12/03

Minutes - Meeting No. 6 – February 12, 2003
LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
Feb. 12, 2003
10:10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Krouzian Room, Bancroft Library
Present:M. Cochran (chair), B. Anton, L. Cushing, M. Burnette, M. Mahoney, S. Koskinen, A. Urbanic, M. Snow, D. De Lorenzo, B. Bohl (recorder)
Absent:B. Quigley
Guests:J. Ronningen
Invitation to Reception in honor of New Librarians (2001-2003)
Draft of Procedures for using UCB Travel Services
I.Announcements and Issues Needing Follow-up
A new Documents librarian has been hired, Cindy Wolf will start May 1
The LAUC-B Spring Assembly is scheduled for Friday, May 16, 8:30-10:00 a.m., Morrison Room. The guest speaker is Bruce Miller (UL, UC Merced). Bruce will talk about the development and design of the UCM library.
The March 12 ExComm meeting, 10:10 a.m.- 12:00 noon, 303 Doe, will be devoted to a discussion on information literacy, lead by LAUC President Esther Grassian.Joining Esther will be Sarah McDaniel, Co-Chair of the LAUC Information Literacy Task Force and UL Tom Leonard, who will bring the UL perspective to the discussion.All interested LAUC-B members and instruction staff will be invited to attend.
March 7 is the LAUC Executive Board meeting conference call. M. Cochran and A. Urbanic will participate and ExComm and LAUC-B members are welcome to sit in as observers.
M. Cochran and L. Cushing attended the SIMS Dean Search Forum, Friday, Jan. 31. Myrtis shared with the committee some information regarding core competencies taken from the Effective Interviewing! campus sponsored workshop. She also shared an article titled “Core Competencies and the Learning Organization.”The deadline for nominations has been moved to March 1.
DLA Committee appointments are being made.Three librarians have agreed to serve.One more librarian and a faculty appointment are outstanding.Once these individuals have been identified, the committee will be announced and start its work.
Action item:
M. Cochran will send out the Townsend Center Fellow announcements by Monday, Feb. 17. The deadline for receiving applications will be Monday, March 31. ExComm will review applicants and send them to Tina Gillis in the Townsend Center by April 9.
Myrtis extended a special thanks to all ExComm members who attended the special meeting on January 22 to review the LAUC-B Policy Manual.A lot was accomplished and suggestions are still being accepted; and special thanks to Allan, Maryly and Barbara for assisting in the review of Position Papers 2-5 to determine the order in which they should be revised; and, to Ron Heckert, CPG representative, and Ginny Irving, past CPG co-chair, for drafting a preface and designing the straw poll explaining the impacts of the CPG report, recommendation #3.The next step is to incorporate ExComm’s changes to the draft and decide when the poll will be distributed to the membership.
Action item:
M. Snow has volunteered to help Myrtis review the document, and we hope to distribute the poll by March or April.
UCR has drafted a final version of a proposed resolution regarding the Patriot Act. M. Cochran will forward Stefanie Wittenbach’s e-mail to ExComm.If we have any changes, UCR will consider them as “friendly amendments”, discuss and incorporate prior to submitting the resolution for discussion at the LAUC Assembly.
Action item:
L. Cushing and B. Bohl will review the resolution and present any changes via e-mail to ExComm.
ExComm must respond to E. Grassian by March 7 regarding whether to send a LAUC representative to the CDL Users Council.It was decided that a LAUC representative is not needed.
By Feb. 21, ExComm will need to send Esther our thoughts on whether or not we think the Information Literacy Task Force should continue with its charge as written, whether we should send them a new charge, or whether we think their work has been completed. We will continue this discussion via e-mail.
II. Reports
A. Treasurer’s Report (M. Mahoney)
As of January 31, 2003, the LAUC-B treasury has a balance of $98,763.29.M. Mahoney continues to work on the procedures for using the new travel agency. A draft of the procedures was distributed and ExComm members will e-mail any comments to Mary Ann.
B. Meeting With the University Librarian (M. Cochran/A. Urbanic)
The calendar for the March 12 ExComm meeting was updated, T. Leonard will attend the first hour. Discussed future LAUC-B events, including the new librarians social and the Spring Assembly.
C. Senate Library Committee (A. Urbanic)
No report – the next meeting will take place Feb. 21, (the date of this meeting was later changed to Feb. 28), and include discussion of the Strategic Plan.
D. Candidate Lunches (B. Quigley)
No report
III.Continuing Topics
A.Emeritus Librarian procedures (B. Anton)
Bette reports that the emeritus librarians do have access to the proxy server, which has been added as the only privilege received.She has also changed some wording and removed all reference to CAPA.
Action item:
The revised procedures will be sent to ExComm for final review and then submitted to T. Leonard for his approval.
IV. New Topics
A. LAUC-B Committee Chairs Round Robin
1. CAPA (M. Burnette)
CAPA has not yet started the review season, there will be approximately 30 cases to review this year. The committee is concerned about the loss of the former CAPA room this year.
2. Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs (M. Snow)
The Committee is currently working on two issues:
1)The question of P.I. (private investigator) status and
2)Reviewing and updating the guidelines for the establishment of affiliated libraries.
There are 11 affiliated libraries at UC Berkeley, with about 33 affiliated librarians.
3.Committee on Cultural Diversity (J. Berry)
A representative of this committee was unable to attend
4.Committee on Research and Professional Development (J. Ronningen)
The current committee consists of the following members: Jim Ronningen and David Sullivan (co-chairs), Amy Kautzman, Ruth Girill, Jim Church (LAUC representative), and Beth Edinger
The committee sponsored a morning talk on Monday, Feb. 10 to publicize the upcoming application deadline for the Townsend Library Fellowship. During the round table discussion, it was noted that although Townsend Fellows are granted release time, it is not always possible for librarians.<
The committee will meet to discuss the three LAUC statewide grant applications the week of Feb. 17th. Some campuses (e.g. UCSD) do give local grants.J. Ronningen inquired whether there was interest in providing local grant money at Berkeley. The consensus of ExComm during the ensuing discussion was that the travel money allocated by LAUC-B may be used for research travel without having to write a grant proposal.
The committee has not settled on a spring program, but will discuss it in future meetings.
If the changes in the by-laws are adopted, the current committee will be eliminated and replaced by two separate committees, the Committee on Research (at least 3 members) and the Committee on Professional Development (at least 5 members).
5.Nominations and Elections Committee (S. Calpestri, C. Tarr)
A representative of the committee was unable to attend, but Chris Tarr sent in the following report.
The committee has sent out the bylaws ballots, which are due by February 28. The ballots will be counted on March 7.
The committee will meet in early March, probably March 7, to identify upcoming vacancies and start thinking about possible candidates.By March 7 they will know the new configurations of the various committees. ExComm is welcome to submit any ideas for possible candidates.
The slate will be announced at the LAUC-B Spring Assembly on May 16, and the election will be run in May.
There was some concern about the ability to keep the LAUC-B roster up-to-date, as an accurate roster is essential for the work of the Nominations and Elections Committee, as well as for other LAUC business.
Action item:
B. Bohl will draft a letter to Susan Wong to see if there is something that can be added to LHRD procedures which would allow her to notify the LAUC-B secretary at the time of a personnel action, when librarians are hired, retire, or leave.
The next Executive Committee meeting will be held Wednesday March 12, in Room 303, Doe Library.