Executive Committee Minutes 5/10/17

LAUC-B Executive Committee

May 10, 2017, 10:30-12:00
303 Doe Library


Attendees: J. Nelson, B. Quigley, I. Wang, D. Eifler, C. Marino, S. Teplitzky


  1. Announcements (J. Nelson)

    1. Spring Assembly is next week, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 8:30 - 10 am

    2. Congratulations to Melissa Stoner for assuming the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of LITA. See announcement: https://lauc.ucop.edu/node/1520

    3. LAUC elections open next week. Remember to vote!

    4. ExComm will not meet in July. The last meeting before the turnover will be June 14, 2017. Turnover meeting to be scheduled for August.


  1. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler) - no report

    2. Monthly UL meeting (J. Nelson) – no report

    3. LIBR meeting (B. Quigley)

      1. LIBR discussed the budget update sent by J. MacKie-Mason.

      2. LIBR may request a clarification about the division head roles and an update on new subject librarians that have been hired.

      3. LIBR plans to survey graduate students about their library use next year.

    4. LAUC statewide conference call (J. Nelson) – no call; report on statewide Spring Assembly

      1. J. Nelson, B. Quigley, C. Marino and S. Teplitzky attended as delegates.

      2. S. Koskinen attended as SLASIAC representative.

      3. LAUC statewide executive board voted to adopt position papers 2 and 4.

      4. J. Goldsmith (Bancroft) presented a poster, “A Digital Archive of Japanese American Internees.”

      5. Program included a discussion panel of past LAUC chairs, “LAUC’s First 50 Years: Reflections on Leadership from Past Presidents,” moderated by Dana Peterman with panelists:

        1. Beverly Toy, UCI, 1977-1978  

        2. Judy Horn, UCI, 1989-1990

        3. Linda Kennedy, UCD, 2003-2004

        4. Diane Mizrachi, UCLA, 2015-2016

      6. Articles of interest mentioned during discussion:

        1. LAUC: The First 25 Years: A History of the Librarians Association of the University of California, 1967-1992

        2. Toy, B. J. (1978). The Role of the Academic Librarian: A Symposium. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 4(3), 128-130.

      7. Recordings coming soon: https://lauc.ucop.edu/node/1463

      8. next Statewide Assembly to be held at UCSF


  1. Continuing Business

    1. Spring Assembly Planning (J. Nelson)

      1. Discussion of final details and set up for 5/16 event.

    2. Bylaws review update (B. Quigley)

      1. J. Nelson sent proposed bylaws amendments regarding Membership and the Diversity Committee to the membership on 5/8. Additional bylaws amendments will be discussed next year.

    3. LAUC-B 2017 Conference update (J. Nelson)

      1. We have tentative approval from LAUC statewide to cover A/V up to a reasonable amount.


  1. New Business

    1. Expanded mentoring program

      1. Exploration of possible steps to develop mid-career mentoring program. Discussion to continue at business and transition meeting in August.