Executive Committee Minutes 4/12/2017

LAUC-B Executive Committee
April 12, 2017, 10:30-12:00
303 Doe Library

Attendance: J. Nelson, B. Quigley, I. Wang, C. Marino, D. Eifler, S. Teplitzky, S. Powell, D. Rowan, H. Hatheway, M. Phillips


  1. Announcements (J. Nelson)

    1. The Nominating and Elections Committee presented ExComm with a slate of candidates for the upcoming LAUC-B elections, which ExComm voted to approve. The slate will be presented at the Spring Assembly on May 16th, on which occasion nominations will also be accepted from the floor. We thank the Committee for its hard work in finding excellent candidates.


  1. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler)

      1. $153,192 remains in the budget and includes the next 15 months of professional development funding.

    2. Monthly UL meeting (J. Nelson) – no report

    3. LIBR meeting (B. Quigley)

      1. Rachael Samberg and Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez attended to introduce themselves and discuss open access initiatives: affordable course content, electronic theses and dissertations, and increasing scholarly impact.

      2. The Senate Library Committee is planning to conduct a survey of graduate student library needs.

    4. LAUC statewide conference call

      1. The Position Paper Task Force has finalized Position Papers (PP) #2 and #4, which were circulated in November 2016 for final comment. A vote to adopt these PPs will be held at the Statewide Assembly on 4/20/17. The final text of the PPs was circulated via email on 4/13 so members have a chance to review the final text to be voted on.

      2. Statewide research grants (cycle 2) have been awarded and included 3 mini grants and 19 presentation grants. Congratulations to UC Berkeley recipients: S. Powell, S. Edwards, L. Jones, M. Singh, and J. Nelson.

      3. LAUC statewide blog features two stories about UC Librarian presenters at ACRL:

        1. UC Librarians at ACRL

        2. UC Librarians at ACRL, Part two!


  1. New Business

    1. LAUC-B 2017 Conference update (H. Hatheway)

      1. Conference will take place on 10/20/17. Theme is “Focus on the Visual: Digital Humanities and Libraries.”

      2. Planning update and draft program were discussed. Schedule and speakers have been confirmed.

      3. Stay tuned for website launch on 4/24/17.

    2. ExComm Chair & Vice Chair meeting with CAPA update (J. Nelson)

      1. ExComm Chair & Vice Chair met with CAPA to clarify an item from the February 2017 minutes (item “Everyone’s goals for the merit review self-assessment will be expected to address how they advance the [strategic plan], therefore CAPA should mention this in the annual review workshops and RI workshops”

      2. Since not all Librarians report to the UL (e.g., Affiliated Librarians), concern was raised regarding the expectation that goals in the review dossiers necessarily advance the strategic plan (SP).

      3. The issue of SMART goals was also raised, with the same concern about Affiliated Librarians.

      4. CAPA reaffirmed its commitment to assess Librarians according to the APM. B. Quigley and J. Nelson will bring these issues to the UL for clarification at the monthly UL meeting.


  1. Continuing Business

    1. Spring Assembly Planning (J. Nelson)

      1. The Spring Assembly is scheduled for Tuesday May 16.

      2. J. MacKie-Mason will introduce speaker Nancy Goldman from the BAMPFA Film Library and Study Center.

    2. Affiliated Spring Assembly report (C. Marino)

      1. C. Marino reported on a successful Affiliated Spring Assembly.

    3. Bylaws review update (B. Quigley, D. Rowan)

      1. ExComm approved placing the LAUC-B Membership and Diversity Committee Bylaws revisions on the ballot. The revisions will be sent out in early May for review ahead of the election.