Executive Committee Minutes 2/8/2017

LAUC-B Executive Committee

February 8, 2017, 10:30-12:00
303 Doe Library


Attendance: J. Nelson, B. Quigley, D. Eifler, C. Marino, S. Powell, S. Teplitzky, Guest: L. Pendse


  1. Announcements (J. Nelson)



  1. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler)

      1. $159,366 remains in the budget and includes the next 18 months of professional development funding.

    2. Monthly UL meeting (J. Nelson)

      1. Followed up on report on professional status of librarians

        1. Clarified what “leadership” means besides being a manager or unit head; examples included: leading an initiative for optimizing a procedure or workflow within a unit; participating in campus or UC-wide task force to develop metadata best practices (i.e. for digitization projects); chairing a professional organization committee, etc.

      2. Discussed how LAUC-B can support strategic plan (SP), in particular Direction 3: Grow as an adaptive learning organization

        1. No specific support role since the SP is aspirational rather than prescriptive.

        2. Everyone’s goals for the merit review self-assessment will be expected to address how they advance the SP, therefore CAPA should mention this in the annual review workshops and RI workshops

        3. If LAUC-B so chooses, its programming can be informed by the SP, for example, brown-bags, workshops, assemblies and conferences could be on topics that are in dialog with the SP, for example “how to be an adaptive (or change) organization.”

    3. LIBR meeting (B. Quigley)

      1. Meeting was held 2/2/17. Discussion focused on setting the Committee's agenda for the Spring. Now that the strategic plan has been released, they plan to invite Jeff to future meetings to consult on implementation and get updates on progress. They also plan to invite him to talk about what he sees as his 5 biggest challenges as well as the steps being taken to cope with ongoing cuts.

      2. Moffitt floor 4 and 5 came up again and space issues will continue to be a topic of discussion. LIBR is interested in progress on NRLF expansion and sees a role for itself in advising on how freed-up library space could be repurposed.

      3. A subgroup is going to survey graduate students about their research needs through the Graduate Assembly to inform library spaces and services.

      4. Another subgroup is exploring options to extend the embargo period for dissertations -- especially in fields where published monographs are the standard for promotion and tenure.   

    4. LAUC statewide conference call

      1. Reminder that LAUC presentation and mini-grant applications are due to Liladhar Pendse (Chair, Committee on Research) by 11:59 pm on 2/17/17.

      2. José Barragán-Álvarez has volunteered to follow LAUC-B campus news and channel items of interest  to the statewide LAUC website.

      3. See 1/31/17 email from J. Nelson regarding the call from the LAUC Committee on Professional Governance which  is looking for writers to author editorial pieces for the LAUC @ 50 project. Please contact CPG Chair Michael Yonezawa at yonezawa@ucr.edu by 2/17 if you are interested.


  1. Continuing Business

    1. Research and Professional Development committee structure (J. Nelson)

      1. Discussion of merging committees. Committees will send report of proposed combined budgets and consider future by-laws changes.

    2. Spring Assembly planning (J. Nelson)

      1. Discussion of topics and possible speakers

    3. Affiliated Assembly planning (C. Marino)

      1. Discussion of topics and possible speakers