Executive Committee Minutes 12/14/2016

LAUC-B Executive Committee

December 14, 2016, 10:30-12:00

303 Doe Library



Present: David Eifler, David Faulds, Chris Marino, Jennifer Nelson (Chair), Brian Quigley, I-Wei Wang (recorder). Guests: Dean Rowan, Naomi Shiraishi


I.    Announcements - there were no announcements


II.    Reports

a.    Treasurer’s report - current balance (which includes amounts for two fiscal years’ worth of professional Development funding) is $171,258

  • Regarding the inquiry about budgeted amounts for occasional costs such as office supplies (printer cartridges, paper, etc.): There is no line item in the current budget for such operational costs; requests for anticipated one-time costs in the coming fiscal year should be made before February.


b.    Monthly UL meeting - November’s discussion mostly focused on Affiliated Library status, arising from the recently announced addition of the Film Library & Study Center of the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) as an Affiliated Library. Clarification was requested on:

    1.    The UL’s position on whether having a Librarian series appointee is crucial to or a necessary condition for designation as an Affiliated Library -

  • UL MacKie-Mason views this as a human resources matter to be determined by the unit and did not apply such a requirement in considering BAMPFA as a potential Affiliated Library, but has no objection to LAUC-B advocating to an Affiliated Library the advantages of hiring, retaining or reclassifying staff to the Librarian series.

    2.    The status of guidelines governing designation as an Affiliated Library.

  • University Library Administration has adopted a set of guidelines, modified from those found in the “Establishment of Libraries on the Berkeley Campus as Affiliated Libraries” document (a version of which may be found at
    http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/affilguidelines.html) produced by a UL-appointed committee and reviewed by LAUC-B in 1989

    3.    Whether there is a process for review of existing Affiliated Libraries’ status after a passage of time or upon changed circumstances.

  • The University Library is in the process of documenting all Affiliated Libraries’ status via a Memorandum of Understanding entered individually between each Affiliated unit and the University Library.

Action items:    J. Nelson to draft communications (goal date of April) with BAMPFA and TALAG regarding Librarian series staffing in Affiliated Libraries.

J. Nelson and B. Quigley to request (i) final version of guidelines for designation as an Affiliated Library, and (ii) generic or template version of the MOU that can be shared publicly.


c.    LIBR meeting - December’s meeting was cancelled. At November’s meeting, LIBR discussed a motion to recommend that Berkeley sign the OA2020 Expression of Interest. The motion carried; the procedure for relaying this endorsement still remained to be decided after the meeting. There was also discussion of the Moffitt Floors 4-5 renovation and praise for the library accomplishing its goals for the space and interest in LIBR being more involved in planning for renovation of floors 1-3.


d.    LAUC statewide conference call - Highlights were news from systemwide committees:

  • Research & Professional Development received 20 applications, including 5 for full grants; RPD will be making the spring call for proposals (for presentation grants only); they are on track to fully spend grant funding this year.

  • The Nominations Committee is currently contacting potential nominees for statewide Vice President/President-Elect.

  • The Archives Implementation Task Force may be formalizing a recommendation that statewide appoint a records coordinator instead of relying solely on the Secretary for such functions.

  • The Web Content Committee presented a final report (not yet posted), the main recommendations of which are to fill a social media coordinator position, and to establish at each campus a protocol for passing information to the Statewide webmaster for inclusion on the website.

  • The Position Papers Task Force has received Berkeley’s input on the draft Position Papers.

  • LAUC @ 50 Task Force has been charged, and will include two Berkeley members - Anna Sackmann and Jane Rosario.


III.    New Business

a.    Committee on Diversity Bylaws change proposal - N. Shiraishi, chair of the Committee on Diversity, presented proposed bylaws changes to eliminate confusion and allow greater flexibility in committee size and composition.

Action item: N. Shiraishi to draft proposed bylaws amendment to be shared with D. Rowan and B. Quigley who will incorporate with other proposed changes for ExComm’s future consideration.


b.    Research and Professional Development committee structure - In reviewing committee structure, the topic of a possible merger of the Research Committee and the Committee on Professional Development has been raised as a way of streamlining  the local committee structure and aligning it with statewide structure. The idea has already been communicated to the chairs of the current committees.

Action item: J. Nelson and B. Quigley to discuss with the current committee chairs, to prepare for further discussion at a future ExComm (goal date of February).


IV.    Continuing Business

a.    Report on the Status of Professional Librarians - finalized text of cover letter to accompany distribution of task force report.