Executive Committee Minutes 12/10/2014

LAUC-B Executive Committee

December 10, 2014
10 am 12 pm
Room 303 Doe Library

Members present: Rita Evans (chair), Kendra Levine, Lisa Ngo, Jesse Silva, Elliott Smith (recorder), I-Wei Wang

Guests: James Eason, Erik Mitchell

I. Announcements (R. Evans)

  • Affiliated Assembly recap
    The Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs (CALA) sponsored the Fall 2014 Affiliated Libraries Assembly on December 3, 2014, on the topic Revisiting The Report. R. Evans thanked CALA chair Kendra Levine and chair-elect Barbara Bohl for their work on the Assembly, and noted that some of the action items that resulted might involve follow-up by ExComm.
  • Open Access Resources (uc-oa.info)
    R. Evans commended the Early Bird on the UC Open Access Policy sponsored by the Scholarly Communication Expertise Group on December 2, 2014, featuring Katie Fortney of CDL and Anneliese Taylor of UCSF. The URL for information on the policy is uc-oa.info.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo)

  • Current account balance: $72,918

    LAUC-B has received $31,000 of its FY2015 supplemental funding from campus, but there is no word yet on the additional funding ($37,000) pledged by The Library.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian of November 12, 2014 (R. Evans, I. Wang)

  • Berkeley Procedures Discussed approval process. Representatives from LAUC-B and CAPA will meet with UL and LHRD later this month and we hope to secure approval from UL at that meeting. We asked about the next step, forwarding to APO for approval. At T. Leonards suggestion, R. Evans contacted Susan Wong, LHRD, asking to whom the Procedures would be sent and noting our concern that they not languish at APO. Once APO approves, the Procedures will go to the Chancellors office.
  • Storage facilities The monthly Council of University Librarians (CoUL) conference call will be held November 14 and storage facilities are on the agenda. A hybrid plan for a facility in the north, possibly at Richmond, and one in the central valley, has been proposed. SRLF 3 has been cancelled. Adequate off-site storage continues to be a topic of concern for LIBR.
  • Retired librarians T. Leonard said he had an unusual request: Can LAUC-B think of a way to generate a list of retired librarians who might be interested in a recall that would not necessarily involve the same type of work they did as employees. He emphasized that this is no guarantee to anyone that they would be recalled.
  • Campus Shared Services The Library will be one of the last cohorts moved to CSS and T. Leonard met with Kathleen Vanden Heuvel of the Law Library (Law is another of the last cohorts) to discuss a proposed campus-wide tax to pay for shared services. There is great concern that the tax will be imposed without a corresponding decrease in headcount on the part of those paying the tax.

C. Meeting with the University Librarian of December 17, 2014 (R. Evans via e-mail)

  • NRLF: R. Evans reported that Erik Mitchell had met with ExComm to discuss NRLF/RLF issues with which LAUC-B and LAUC statewide should be involved. T. Leonard noted that the Federal Documents project is a good example of where our expertise would be extremely helpful. He agreed that a system-wide ILS to query for system-wide holdings is needed.

  • Affiliated Librarian reviews: R. Evans asked T. Leonard about the ULs role in writing a letter for Affiliated librarians as part of the review process. The ULs letter is advisory only, and T. Leonard noted that the ULs perspective in seeing many dossiers can be helpful to the Vice Provost for the Faculty, the decision-maker for the Affiliateds, who sees only a handful of librarian dossiers each year. T. Leonard suggested that it could be very helpful for RIs for the Affiliateds if APO had several model RI letters on file for reference. R. Evans concurred and will follow up through the Committee on Affiliated Library Affairs.

D. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (LIBR) meeting of December 9, 2014 (I. Wang)

  • LAUC-B Budget: Regarding the LAUC-B budget, chair M. Lovell presented a preliminary draft communication to Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost C. Steele, stating LIBRs support and urging that the wonted annual funding of LAUC-Bs professional development funding for both UL and Affiliated librarians be resumed. Lovell then asked for input on how to improve and complete the draft. Discussion centered on the question of the rationale provided by the office of the EVCP for the FY2015 decision. Since no stated rationale has been communicated to LAUC-B, and communications regarding the decision have all been passed on via the ULs office, it was suggested that LIBRs request should be jointly directed to the offices of the EVCP and the UL, including Elise Woods and her appropriate counterpart in the office of the EVCP. It was also suggested that comparison to practices at peer institutions might provide further support. DIVCO will be asked to add its imprimatur to the communication. In a separate discussion, it had been suggested that LIBR invite Catherine Koshland to a future meeting, and it was noted that EVCP will be invited to a meeting soon, perhaps February (the next scheduled meeting) or a special meeting called in January. LIBR members have been asked to formulate questions for Provost Steele.

  • Other business: Other business discussed included updates about the status of the RLFs, the general sense being that it falls to Berkeley to drive a resolution for the northern campuses, and LIBR must continue to push for a Richmond solution. Finally, there was a discussion with guest Justin McCrary (Law) regarding D-Labs response to the Report of the Restricted Use Data Task Force and the function, funding, and relationships of D-Lab, Matrix and BIDS.

E. LAUC statewide conference call of December 2014 (R. Evans)

  • Diversity Committee  - LAUC President Matt Conner thanked Berkeley for forwarding its Diversity Committee Charge Task Force report to the statewide Diversity Committee for guidance.
  • Open Access Policy We discussed the expansion of the policy to non-Academic Senate personnel, including librarians. Unlike faculty, the new personnel do not necessarily own copyright to their work which is held by the University. The policy grants the University a very specific license to distribute the author's work to the public without altering copyright ownership in any way. While technically required to deposit their work, authors retain the right to embargo the work for a period of time or opt out of the policy altogether.
  • APM Revisions to APM 210 and APM 360 were discussed. Most points were very minor. LAUC has pushed for the removal of language that restricts the type of research librarians can engage in.
  • LAUC Position Paper 5, Academic Librarians at UC We continued discussion of who should be eligible for membership in LAUC when librarian work is being performed by those outside the series.
  • Newsletter LAUC statewide has initiated a newsletter which will be posted on the statewide site. The first issue will be available in January.

III. Invited Guest AUL Erik Mitchell


E. Mitchell reported that the Library administration is working hard on strategic plans for expanding storage options. He emphasized that this planning is a multi-year effort and that many options are being explored. A key question in the face of an accelerating fill rate for NRLF is how we might optimize our current storage capacity.

He suggested several areas where input from LAUC and LAUC-B would be valuable:

  • developing short-term solutions for stretching our existing storage space
  • informing systemwide storage and shared print policies<
  • engaging in discussions around UCB storage policies and patron service models

B. D-Lab/data partnerships

  • Library administration is reviewing the Restricted Use Data taskforce report and waiting on a second data taskforce report (chaired by H. Dekker) and anticipates moving forward with the implementation of a data acquisition and access service in 2015.
  • The Library is currently recruiting a Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation, who will engage in original research and look to develop short-term enhancements to the Librarys data services and outreach. Input from LAUC-B on possible areas of collaboration would be welcome.

IV. Continuing Business

A. Fall Assembly wrap-up (All)

  • R. Evans thanked the Fall Assembly Planning Committee (K. Levine, J. Silva, I. Wang) for their work on the LAUC-B Fall Assembly and its innovative panel discussion/Poll Everywhere format.

B. Berkeley Procedures revision approval update (R. Evans, J. Eason)

  • R. Evans, J. Eason (Chair of the Task Force to Revise Berkeley Procedures), and I. Wang attended a meeting on November 25 with UL T. Leonard, LHRD Director Susan Wong, and representatives of CAPA to review the draft interim Berkeley Procedures. Campus requirements for how position qualifications are listed in job descriptions were discussed, and as well as how the Procedures should inform CAPAs review of position announcements. Section V of the Procedures is still under review, and S. Wong has been contacted to set up a meeting to discuss revisions.

C. LAUC-B funding after 2014-2015, next steps (R. Evans)

  • R. Evans sent a message to Provost C. Steele requesting a meeting regarding LAUC-B funding as follow-up to the Distinguished Librarian Award ceremony held on December 3, 2014; she will report back to ExComm on further developments.
  • R. Evans will draft LAUC-B funding talking points and bring back to ExComm for review.

IV. New Business

A. Follow-up from E. Mitchells presentation (All)

  • A discussion was held of possible roles for LAUC-B and LAUC in the development of RLF policy. R. Evans will add these issues to the agenda for the next LAUC Statewide conference call, and ExComm will continue the discussion and consider possible next steps at its January meeting.

B. Spring Assembly planning date; topic; format (All)

  • Discussion postponed until January ExComm meeting

C. bSpace transition to bCourses (E. Smith)

  • A brief report on the upcoming migration of the ExComm and CAPA bSpace sites to bCourses was given.

Next meeting: January 21, 10:15 am