Executive Committee Minutes 11/18/2015

LAUC-B Executive Committee

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

303 Doe Library


Members: Barbara Bohl, David Eifler, Rita Evans, Jeffery Loo, Michele Morgan, Jennifer Nelson, Emily Vigor, I-Wei Wang (Chair)


I.            Announcements (I. Wang)

a.       Statewide Nominations Committee, chaired by Matt Conner, has been formed with Marlene Harmon (Law) and Jane Faulkner (from UCSB)


II.            Reports

a.       Treasurer (D. Eifler)

i.      Current balance: $102,410

ACTION ITEM: D. Eifler will get clarification regarding the 2% assessment from Library Finance

b.      Monthly UL meeting (I. Wang, J. Nelson)

i.      October meeting: October 28, 2015

At our first formal monthly LAUC-B Chairs' meeting with UL Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, we briefly discussed the purpose and structure of our meetings before turning to key issues. We discussed our recent LAUC-B priorities for strategic initiatives brainstorming process where LAUC-B is enthusiastic about providing support, including the top three identified initiatives:

1.       increasing and advocating for the libraries' role in the educational mission of the UC, including having library instruction reach every 1st-year undergrad

2.       positioning UCB libraries as a leader in digitization and digital projects, including developing professional librarian skillsets to support such services

3.       expanding NRLF, including assisting in developing funding for this effort


Jeff expressed support of these initiatives, with the qualification that, the third issue consists more broadly of finding a comprehensive solution for storage and access to UC collections including storage and other means.

We discussed the success of the recent LAUC-B conference and planning for the 2017 conference. Jeff suggested several possible funding models including cost control (i.e., choosing a topic and venue focused on campus-specific issues and restricting registration) and pursuing sponsorship opportunities.

Finally, as mentioned in the Chair's report at the Fall Assembly, we discussed a framework for the UL to work with CAPA to get oriented to the librarian peer review process. Preliminary plans were reached for Jeff to meet with CAPA a month before he begins review of dossiers, and for CAPA to help identify some examples of review issues he may encounter to help him understand the UL's traditional role in the process.

Jeff was interested in the Diversity Committee's November 18 New Librarian brown bag and did attend. We also discussed the Fall Assembly and extended an invitation to have him as our speaker for the Spring Assembly.

ii.     November meeting: November 18, 2015

A strategic planning process to create a 10-year vision for the library will be starting up. The process will involve the entire community, including librarians, staff and users, and is likely to involve mainly prioritization of known, identified strategic goals. This process will take place within the framework of a larger UC Berkeley-wide strategic planning process that will be developing over the next 6 to 8 months. An executive group within the University Library administration will hold a retreat in late January to plan a timeline and process details for the strategic planning effort

The LAUC-B Spring Assembly may be a good forum as a part of the strategic planning process (along with other opportunities for engaging librarians and staff); preliminary discussion and planning of the Assembly over the next couple of months can begin, although finalizing the Assembly format and topics should wait until after retreat mentioned above.

The UL's office is finalizing details of the position listing for AUL for Collections; the Scholarly Communications Officer will fall under this part of the organizational chart.


c.       LIBR meeting (J. Nelson)

i.      The NRLF subcommittee of LIBR reiterated its intention to support any fundraising initiatives for NRLF; subcommittee chair will consult with Library Admin regarding how best to do so.

ii.      Discussion about relative benefits of print versus digital formats.

iii.      UL MacKie-Mason is attending his first LIBR meeting on 12/19/2015 (he has already met with Chair George Starr and Outgoing Chair Margaretta Lovell, but this is his first time meeting with the committee as a whole).


d.      LAUC statewide conference call (I. Wang)

i.      As mentioned in the Chair's report at the Fall Assembly, LAUC Santa Cruz is interested in developing its own library conference and would like to consult with us about the planning process, timelines, etc. This was yet another great tribute to the success of the LAUC-B Open Access conference.

Regarding the UC Open Access Policy rollout, there was a suggestion for a series of divisional programs about the policy - both the impact for LAUC members to whom it applies, and for ideas on how to help library patrons understand and comply. The Irvine campus will be presenting a webinar with Mitchell Brown (UCI) and Catherine Mitchell (CDL) on the latter issue.

There will likely be substantial funding available for the second round of LAUC Research Grant program proposals (call will be issued on January 20, with due dates in February/March). It was suggested that in the future divisional committees consider holding workshops over the summer to generate interest and motivate applications. ExComm will be working with the divisional committees on Research and on Professional Development to explore this option.

The California Digital Library search for an executive director is ongoing with interviews beginning around mid-November.

The new library advisory structure, UCLAS 2.0, has been launched, with the Strategic Action Groups winding down and the Direction & Oversight Committee transitioning in. With its emphasis on lightweight management and executive action, UCLAS 2.0 offers fewer formal, structural opportunities for an advisory role for LAUC, but the statewide Executive Board has worked to maintain good collegial relations and informal channels of communication and advice with DOC and the other components of the advisory structure.


III.            Old Business

a.       Fall Assembly wrap-up (I. Wang)

i.      Attendees’ informal feedback was very positive. It was wonderful to have Larry Rinder speak to us about the new BAMPFA and to have him touch on topics pertinent to librarians such as offsite collection storage. Hat tip to Jenny Nelson for this suggestion.

b.      Conference planning – report & next steps (D. Eifler)

i.      The Conference Committee report noted of 165 registrants. There were 140 attendees from eight UC campuses, UCOP, CDL, five CSU campuses, Stanford, USF, CIIS, as well as nonprofits and publishers.  We have heard from a number of librarians and administrators that they were impressed with the number of non-librarians in attendance. The Conference Committee encouraged ExCom to continue to seek UL funding for the 2017 conference. We had 38% attendee response rate on our survey.  The general conclusions drawn from the survey were that if cost containment measures are required we eliminate the lunch but continue to meet at the Brower Center.  There was little enthusiasm to pay more than a $50 registration fee.   Based on the survey responses, the 2015 Conference Committee recommends that the 2017 conference focus on digital humanities and scholarship.

ACTION ITEM: David and Jenny will identify the 2017co-chairs by next meeting.

ii.      Strategic initiatives – next steps (I-Wei Wang)

1.       Brainstorming process and initiatives that came from survey

a.       Keep active

2.       Next steps - provide themes for I. Wang and J. Nelson to meet with UL

a.       will continue to present themes to UL

b.      will ask about status of Scholarly Communications position

c.       ask him what his strategic plan is and what support he’s going to need


IV.            New Business

a.       Communication with other non-Librarian Series academic appointees

i.      Tabled until next meeting.

ii.      As there are no longer LAUC members at CDL and that other academic library positions, such as the Scholarly Communications Officer, are not included in LAUC-B we need to consider what, if any, structures would help ensure the historically mutually beneficial lines of communication with CDL and other library-related academic appointees continue.

Next meeting: December 9, 2015, 10:30 am - 12pm, 303 Doe Library