Executive Committee Minutes 11/12/2014

LAUC-B Executive Committee

November 12, 2014
10 am – 12 pm
Room 303 Doe Library

Present: Rita Evans (chair), Lynn Jones, Kendra Levine, Lisa Ngo, Liladhar Pendse, Jesse Silva, Elliott Smith (recorder), I-Wei Wang

I. Announcements

  • Electronic Resources Librarian position closes Thursday, November 20: please contact interested colleagues (L. Ngo).

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo)

  • Current balance: $74,512

B. Meeting with the University Librarian of October 15, 2014 (R. Evans, I. Wang)

Regarding the Chair's message (sent to LAUC-B membership on 10/13/2014 with subject line Chair's Message: Fiscal Challenge Ahead) concerning funding for LAUC-B's professional development and other activities, UL Tom Leonard commended the statement that ExComm will "continue to gather information, assess our options, and formulate a strategy" but suggested that in considering new funding models, there is a distinction to be made between fundraising activities and revenue-generating ideas. He suggested a contact in the office for Operational Excellence and an upcoming roundtable event for brainstorming, developing and exploring revenue generating activities, and noted that interest in such options would be a good way to demonstrate LAUC-B's commitment in terms that will be attractive to University administrative offices.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (LIBR) (I. Wang)

In the last five minutes of the meeting, I was able to again report on the status of LAUC-B's funding for professional development and other activities. Concern and interest of the LIBR members was expressed, resulting in some proposed steps to be taken:

  • chair M. Lovell will draft a letter (for LIBR's consideration) to the Provost's office, using LAUC-B budget information I have provided as background;
  • tentatively, at a future LIBR meeting, other funding sources (such as ladder faculty research funds or departmental funds) may be discussed as a possible resource; and
  • I will prepare a further report from LAUC-B about the funding issue, after we have analyzed feedback from our survey of LAUC-B members regarding finding priorities.

Subcommittee report highlights:

  • NRLF (T. Hickey, Chair) - At SLASIAC, it was learned SRLF3 has been canceled and the 10 campus ULs will be hiring a consultant to look for a solution - the idea is to build out NRLF first OR/AND something in the central valley. (T. Leonard and T. Hickey differed as to whether it was "and" or "or.") T. Leonard clarified the current funding of facility and staffing at NRLF, and discussed advocating for inclusion of NRLF in the planning of the new Berkeley "Global Campus at Richmond Bay."
  • Subject Specialty Libraries (M. Lovell, chair) - Jeff Skoller will soon circulate a report/proposal based on peer institutions, and informed by discussions with relevant Berkeley librarians, for handling non-text collections to structure storage, preservation, access, and digitization; these issues should be something the new UL will be prepared to take on. There was also discussion of perceived threats of closure of subject specialty libraries, and the need for consultation with relevant faculty, especially for collections whose usage patterns are changing with respect to disciplines/departments. M. Lovell will re-issue her call to departmental chairs to reach out to library selectors.
  • Open Access & Scholarly Communications (K. Keutzer, reporting) - Discussion of the expansion of the UC Open Access policy to apply to lecturers, graduate students and staff; concern was expressed over the costs for individual researchers and the viability of a non-optional "deposit only" policy. Will also circulate for endorsement the recommendations of a task force report on access, use and funding of "restricted use" data sets.

In addition, T. Leonard addressed some of the collections questions lingering from the previous LIBR meeting, including to note that a meeting has been scheduled (11/21/2014) among J. MacKenzie and representatives from Bancroft and the East Asian Library.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call of Nov. 6, 2014 (R. Evans)

Revisions are underway and LAUC has been asked to comment on APM 210 and APM 360 changes. UCLA has proposed more expansive language in APM 360 in defining the services librarians perform in order to encompass more areas of expertise such as museum archivist. From APM 210, librarians have questioned a phrase that may be more restrictive than the MOU Article 3 in terms of what types of research can be pursued.

The LAUC Committee on Professional Governance will be taking the lead on this issue. Division chairs are asked to solicit input from members and provide comments on this and Position Paper 5, The Academic Librarian in the University of California. Relevant comments from the Fall Assembly will be forwarded.

OA Policy for Non-Academic Senate Faculty and Researchers
LAUC is soliciting comments on the draft policy. One change relating to authors right to choose whether to make works freely and openly available to the public was discussed. Comments from LAUC are due in January.

III. Continuing Business

A. Fall Assembly planning (I. Wang, J. Silva, K. Levine)

Plans for the Fall Assembly, Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, from 8:30 - 10 am, were discussed, and the questions for the panel discussion 2020[4] Sight: What does it mean to be a professional librarian at UC between now, 2024 and beyond? were finalized.

B. Berkeley Procedures revision approval process (R. Evans)

Representatives of LAUC-B ExComm, CAPA, the Task Force to Revise Berkeley Procedures, and the Library Human Resources Department will meet with UL Tom Leonard on November 25 to review the draft interim Berkeley Procedures. Once the UL approves the draft, it then will be forwarded to the Academic Personnel Office (APO) for approval. Susan Wong in LHRD reports that the Procedures will be sent to Penny Hines in APO and it is expected she will be consulting with Heather Archer, both of whom are familiar with librarian issues.

C. LAUC-B funding after 2014-2015, input from LAUC-B survey (R. Evans)

The results of the survey regarding LAUC-B funding after 2014-15 were discussed. It was mentioned that some librarians objected to the separation of represented and non-represented librarians in the survey; in response, it was noted that the categories reflect historic line items in LAUC-B budget requests. Once the results are summarized and analyzed, they will be announced to LAUC-B membership.

D. Diversity Committee, staff mentorship program (R. Evans)

The LAUC-B Diversity Committee is charged with “organizing, administering, and evaluating the staff mentoring program” (see http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/diversity/index.html). The current chair of the Diversity Committee, Sarah Ngo, inquired about the possibility of funding for mentor-mentee lunches or coffee breaks. After a brief discussion it was determined that no LAUC-B funding is available this year since our budget has already been submitted and approved. Given the uncertainties in the LAUC-B budget after 2014-15, it is unclear whether LAUC-B funding for this program will be available in the future; however, it was suggested that Diversity Committee make an application to LAUC-B before the submission of the next budget for FY2015-16.

ACTION ITEM: L. Pendse, a member of the Diversity Committee, was asked to communicate LAUC-B’s appreciation of the need for staff professional development to the other members of the committee, and to encourage the coordinator of the program to seek funding from the Staff Development Committee for the remainder of this fiscal year. Adnan Malik, former staff mentor program coordinator, will also be contacted to determine the sources of support for the program in the past.

IV. New Business

A. UL search (R. Evans)

Members of LAUC-B ExComm were invited to meet on November 5 with a team from consultants Isaacson, Miller and members of the search committee for the new University Librarian. The team solicited input on the qualities, experience and future accomplishments of prospective candidates for this position. A shared document summarizing the feedback of members from ExComm has been created.

ACTION ITEM: L. Ngo will summarize the feedback, if needed, and R. Evans will send the document to the search committee.

B. bSpace transition to bCourses (R. Evans)

Issues relating to the migration of LAUC-B sites to bCourses by June 2015 were discussed. The special requirements of CAPA were outlined, and a list of LAUC committees using bSpace was created for follow-up.

ACTION ITEM: E. Smith will contact the chairs of CAPA, the Research Committee, and the LAUC Statewide Committee on Research regarding the migration of their bSpace sites to bCourses.

C. Invite AUL Erik Mitchell to December ExComm (R. Evans)

Topics for discussion with AUL Erik Mitchell at a future LAUC-B exComm meeting were discussed.

ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will invite Erik Mitchell to attend the December 10 ExComm meeting.

D. CAPA: nomination process for new members (R. Evans)

In response to questions from LAUC members about serving on CAPA, ways to make the nomination process more transparent were discussed.

ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will send out a message to LAUC membership in the Spring to clarify that nomination to CAPA depends on prior service on ad-hoc committees. Those interested in serving on CAPA should accept invitations to serve on ad hoc committees if at all possible.

ACTION ITEM: E. Smith will update the LAUC-B website pages for CAPA to make the qualification standards for nomination more evident.

Upcoming items:

  • Role of LAUC in communications from/about union