Executive Committee Minutes 11/08/2017

LAUC-B Executive Committee

November 8, 2017, 10:00-11:30
303 Doe Library


Present: Randal Brandt, Ian Knabe (recorder), Jennifer Nelson, Brian Quigley (chair), Jane Rosario, Dean Rowan, Virginia Shih

Absent:  James Eason



I. Announcements (B. Quigley)

  • LAUC-B Happy Hour - Dec 14th, 4:30-6:30, Faculty Club bar.
  • (From Dean:) Comm. on Affiliated Libraries is planning an event for early Dec., date TBD.

II. Reports

a. Treasurer (R. Brandt)

$6580 for FY18 funding posted; Current balance as of 10/31 is $101,821.

b. Monthly UL meeting (B. Quigley)

  • Provided feedback on AUL letters for reviews: they are not required by procedures, and when included are most helpful when they add or expand on the RI’s letter. The lack of letter is not a strike against. CAPA workshop will reiterate these points.
  • IRB applications - Jeff will need to be PI in most cases. It is helpful to let him know in advance to expect a notification to approve from the eProtocol system. If there is a hard deadline for getting application approval, provide at least 2 weeks notice to allow for time for discussion with Jeff.

c. LIBR meetings (J. Rosario)

Oct 12 LIBR meeting: Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez & Beth Dupuis attended. 

  • Jo Anne provided an overview of the collection cuts, and will be returning for the Dec. meeting.
  • Beth delivered the PUBL-BIOS merger report. Questions and concerns from LIBR included concerns about diminishing shelving space, communications issues (some faculty had not heard about the merger), and whether LIBR should be included in these types of discussions.

Nov 1 LIBR Meeting

  • UCOLASC updates
  • UC is in a weak position in the state legislature. AB-97, Budget Act of 2017, allows  withholding of funds from UC if certain financial goals are not met.. SB 201 approves the unionization of graduate students, and  raises possible concerns about copyright issues and dissertations, etc.
  • PUBL-BIOS: Concerns about loss of PUBL identity, service to students, and communications issues were mentioned again.
  • Paulina Hartono, graduate student representative to LIBR, along with former LIBR member Greg Levine, are working on a survey regarding graduate student use of space and collections.

d. LAUC statewide conference call  (J. Nelson)

  • SLASIAC discussed the  termination of the Symplectic research information management system contract and whether it will be possible to retain some of the desirable elements after the contract ends.
  • Statewide R&PD’s call for LAUC Research Grants went out at the end of August with a deadline of October 15th to submit proposals to the local Committee on Research. Any money remaining after this round of grant funding will roll over into presentation and mini-grants, for which there will be a spring call.
  • Request for updates for UC Acronym cheat sheet. The document is open and editable so please update with UCB acronyms. Link is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_OtOzt7NiqtyCyD6R87-P3bgdJ7I8jHtuSgxn2vGg5A/edit#gid=1336553560


III. Continuing Business

a. LAUC-B Assemblies start time (B. Quigley)

  • Survey results were split about 50/50 on modifying the start time.
  • Comments included Morrison being a nicer and more prestigious space, 8:30 start time is difficult for those with longer commutes, 8:30 is not family friendly, and questions about the possibility of recording the assembly.
  • Based on this feedback, approved a two year pilot for alternating start times between the two assemblies - 8:30-10 in Fall, 9:30-11 in Spring. 

b. Evaluating the two-year professional development funding pilot

  • Survey reviewed, some edits suggested. Survey will open for ~2 weeks from Dec 5-15.

c. Update on potential task group on issues related to Safiya Noble’s call to action  

  • Have not yet met to draft charge; Brian will schedule a meeting with Jane and Jennifer.


IV. New Business

a. Call for Campus Climate Speaker, Affirmation & Empowerment Series proposals

  • Library Leadership is planning to submit 1-2 proposals.
  • ExComm is also interested in submitting a proposal for a workshop and discussed potential speakers suggested by the Committee on Diversity and ExComm members.

(Action: Nelson, Rosario, and Quigley will reach out to potential speakers for details in order to put together a proposal.)