Executive Committee Minutes 10/14/2015

LAUC-B Executive Committee

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

303 Doe Library


Members: Barbara Bohl, David Eifler, Rita Evans, Jeffery Loo, Michele Morgan, Jennifer Nelson, Emily Vigor, I-Wei Wang (Chair)


I.      Announcements (I. Wang)


a.     Shared Libraries Facilities Board appointment

●      CoUL has chosen a nominee from UC Irvine, Kristine Ferry


b.     Friday, Oct. 16 – Events and Deadlines

●      Call for Grant Proposals due to Research Committee

●      LAUC-B Conference


c.     Special Thanks

●      A huge thanks to past Secretary, Elliott Smith, for his service to ExComm.


d.     News from Rita Evans

●      R. Evans plans to retire at end of January, and will be out on medical leave in December. November will be her last meeting as past-Chair of ExComm. ExComm will need to revisit and revise bylaws as they do not currently state who fills this roll in the absence of a past-Chair.


II.     Reports


a.     Treasurer (D. Eifler)

●      Current balance: $106,824


b.     Monthly UL meeting (I. Wang, J. Nelson)

●      No report until first meeting on Oct. 28, 2015


c.     LIBR meeting (J. Nelson)

●      Main focus of the meeting was the LIBR sub-committees and which LIBR member wanted to serve on which committee. The three sub-committees that will be active for the 2015-16 academic year are:

o      Finance and Resources (J. Nelson to serve on this one)

o      NRLF

o      Open Access and Scholarly Communication

●      Academic Senate Chair Prof. Ben Hermalin spoke at first meeting regarding the budget crisis, letting LIBR know that the Library is on the Academic Senate’s radar for capital campaign initiatives.

d.     LAUC statewide conference call (I. Wang)

I. Wang attended the October 1, 2015 LAUC Statewide meeting via conference call. The main topics covered were:


●      The LAUC website right now offers a "featured" librarian story focusing on a project about Russian dissidents.

●      LAUC last April approved some changes to the statewide Bylaws relating to membership. These changes are still subject to UC Office of the President (UCOP) approval, so please note for the interim that the current Bylaws available on the LAUC site are still the operative version.

●      As announced via an email forwarded from President Diane Mizrachi, the task force created by LAUC statewide and the Council of University Librarians to propose revisions to Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 360-4's definition of the Librarian Series has completed its work and UCOP will now decide if and how to move forward with that revision, providing an opportunity for LAUC membership to comment in a process identical to the 90-day comment period we had last Spring on other revisions to the APM.

●      The statewide Spring Assembly date of March 21, 2016 has been confirmed. A featured speaker will be Dan Russell, from Google.


III.   Old Business


a.     Fall Assembly planning update (I. Wang)

●      Possible speakers and topics for the LAUC-B Fall Assembly were discussed. A potential speaker will be followed up with to secure an exact date and time. Alternate speakers were discussed in the case the initial speaker is unable to confirm attendance.


ACTION ITEM: I. Wang will take the lead on finalizing and organizing the Fall Assembly program, assisted by R. Evans and J. Nelson.


b.     Follow-up & next steps on Strategic Directions brainstorming session (D. Eifler, J. Loo)


●      J. Loo summarized the top ten themes that emerged from last month’s brainstorming session to identify key areas of interest for future discussion with UL J. MacKie-Mason based on a survey distributed to ExComm members to select their top 10 initiatives.


ACTION ITEM: J. Loo will distribute a more condensed survey to identify the top five strategic initiatives to present to UL. J. MacKie-Mason


c.     Transition to bCourses update (E. Vigor)

●      I. Wang contacted all new committee chairs about transitioning content for the LAUC-B website and bCourses from bSpace. Several Committees will continue to maintain alternate sites for confidentiality reasons.

●      E. Vigor has updated LAUC-B Committee Rosters and added Committee members to bCourses.


ACTION ITEM:  E. Vigor will follow up with Committee chairs to let them know members have been granted access to bCourses site.


d.     Diversity Committee (R. Evans)

●      Conclusions reached that staggered terms continuity is not a bylaws issue. Michael Sholinbeck (chair) and Liladhar Pendse will continue to serve on the Diversity Committee.

●      An LHRD rep to the committee is specified in the bylaws.


ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will send an email to Susan Wong regarding LHRD representative for Diversity Committee


e.     Berkeley Procedures status update (I. Wang)

●      Document has been approved and posted to the LHDR website.


IV.   New Business


●      Announcement of new nominees to replace outgoing members, Ramona Martinez (Affiliated Library) and Susan Xue (University Library). Jason Miller (Affiliated Library) and Jesse Silva (University Library) were nominated and ExComm has approved them as members of CAPA. This will fulfill the bylaws requiring CAPA to consist of seven members with five from the University Library and two from Affiliated Libraries.

●      Continuing minutes closed to ExComm.


Next meeting: November 18, 10:30 am – 12 pm, 303 Doe Library