Executive Committee Minutes 10/12/2016

LAUC-B Executive Committee

October 12, 2016, 10:30-12:00
303 Doe Library


Attendance: D. Eifler, D. Faulds, C. Marino, J. Nelson, S. Powell, B. Quigley, S. Teplitzky, I. Wang

  1. Announcements (J. Nelson)

    1. Deadline for Townsend Center Fellowships is 11/10/16. Details can be found at: http://townsendcenter.berkeley.edu/funding/townsend-fellowship-library-and-museum-professionals

    2. CAPA Review Workshop will be held on 10/27/16 from 8:30-10:00 in the Education-Psychology Library. Whether or not you (or those for whom you are a Review Initiator) are under review in the upcoming cycle, all are invited and encouraged to attend to hear the UL’s perspectives.

  1. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler)

      1. The current balance of $175,331 includes two years of professional development funding.

Please see email from J. Nelson (sent 10/5/16) about funding available to librarians; N.B., professional association memberships need to be paid with LAUC-B professional development funds, not Library Professional Development funds.

  1. Monthly UL meeting (J. Nelson)

    1. I. Wang and J. Nelson met with the UL on 10/3. We asked him to discuss his takeaways from the 2015-16 Librarian review cycle (his first as UCB's UL). We discussed three specific areas and felt his responses (summarized below) were considered and thoughtful:

      1. The academic nature of the Librarian appointment: The librarian contributes to the campus mission, and to the profession as a whole, by participating in activities outside of his or her primary job.

      2. What constitutes excellence in each of the three areas beyond the primary job (professional activity outside the library, University and public service, and research and other creative activity): Contributions should be meaningful and impactful, and should increase as one advances in one's career. To demonstrate excellence in such activities requires that their impact must be somehow measurable.

      3. Evaluating performance in "one or more" of the aforementioned three areas: Not every Librarian's career will be the same, but, whether the librarian contributes in one, two, or all three areas, it is important to show why those activities were selected, what the librarian’s  individual contribution is, and to demonstrate the impact of whatever the final "product" is, whether an article, event, exhibit, etc.

    2. ExComm and CAPA have both asked the UL to speak more at length about these thoughts at the upcoming review workshop on October 27th.

  2. LIBR meeting (B. Quigley)

    1. LIBR meets on 10/13/16 - J. MacKie-Mason is invited to talk about strategic plan and the OA2020 initiative.

  3. LAUC statewide conference call (J. Nelson)

    1. Spring Assembly scheduled for 20 April 2017 (not 27 April).

    2. Spring Assembly theme is "LAUC at 50" with content devoted to librarians and LAUC; envisioning a program of lightning talks from members instead of a keynote. "LAUC at 50" task force still to be formed.

    3. Web Manager (J. Shiroma) - divisions encouraged to add items to statewide LAUC calendar.

  1. Continuing Business

    1. Fall Assembly planning (J. Nelson)

      1. Günter Waibel, Director of California Digital Library, will speak at the LAUC-B Fall Assembly on Tuesday, 11/15/16. Email announcement to follow.

    2. 2016-17 professional development funding (D. Eifler) - addressed above, II.a.ii

    3. Status update on Task force on Professional Status of Librarians report (J. Nelson)

      1. Draft report was submitted to J. Nelson. The task force will present their draft at a closed session of the November ExComm before finalizing.

  1. New Business

    1. Fall Affiliated Assembly planning (C. Marino)

      1. Save the date: Tuesday 12/6, Morrison Library from 8:30 to 10. The topic will be: “Research: Trials and Tribulations”. Interested presenters should contact C. Marino by 11/7 with their proposals. See 10/12/16 email for details.

    2. Librarian social at Faculty Club (D. Eifler)

      1. October 27th, 4:30-6:30 pm, no host bar.