Executive Committee Minutes 9/14/2016

LAUC-B Executive Committee

September 14, 2016, 10:30-12:00
303 Doe Library




Attendance: D. Eifler, D. Faulds, J. Nelson, S. Powell, B. Quigley, D. Rowan (for C. Marino), S. Teplitzky, I. Wang; Guests: J. Lefevre


  1. Announcements (J. Nelson)

    1. Congratulations to Brian Quigley and Susan Edwards, 2016 winners of the Distinguished Librarian Award.

    2. D. Rowan shared details about a seminar series of interest this fall, the Information Access Seminar presented by the School of Information. Seminar schedule can be found here:: http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/newsandevents/events


  1. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler)

      1. As of July 1, 2016  we had a balance of $54,180.

      2. D. Eifler to arrange meeting with K. Leonardo, E. Woods, B. Quigley and J. Nelson to ascertain last year’s carryover and determine the final amount of professional development funding for the coming year.

    2. Monthly UL meeting (no report; September meeting rescheduled to 10/3)

    3. LIBR meeting (B. Quigley)

      1. Members introduced themselves and expressed their issues of interest. Common themes included NRLF storage space, open access, and the library budget. A subset of the committee met with the UL over the summer to provide feedback on the draft strategic plan, and the remainder of the time was spent preparing for a second meeting that is being scheduled to discuss the plan.

    4. LAUC statewide conference call (J. Nelson)

      1. Census update requested by Statewide by 9/1 (done)

      2. D. Jan was elected to the statewide Committee on Professional Governance

      3. J. Dorner was elected to the statewide Committee on Research & Professional Development

      4. The tentative date for Statewide Assembly is April 27, 2017.

      5. Call for LAUC Research Grant Proposals was emailed to membership on 9/1

      6. Statewide’s theme this year is “LAUC at 50”; Statewide president Dana Peterman will put out a call for help preparing the Statewide Assembly program around this theme.


  1. Continuing Business

    1. Distinguished Librarian Award ceremony update (J. Nelson)

      1. Ceremony will be Tuesday, November 29th, 4-6 pm

      2. Speakers: Interim Executive Vice Chancellor Carol Christ, Vice Provost Benjamin Hermalin, and UL Jeff MacKie-Mason.


  1. New Business

    1. Fall Assembly planning (J. Nelson)

      1. Discussion of potential speakers and dates. Invitation sent to our first choice speaker. We will notify membership if/when we have received confirmation.

    2. Fall Affiliated Assembly planning (D. Rowan)

      1. Potential topics:

        1. Examples of resources available to librarians who want to do research: such as data lab, d-lab; grants, inst for research in librarianship; lauc-b committee on research to present.

        2. Presentations by librarians of their research

    3. CAPA workshop is scheduled for Thursday, 10/27, 8:30-10 am, Ed-Psych Library

    4. Year in review report from CAPA (J. Lefevre) (CLOSED MEETING)