Executive Committee Minutes 9/12/2012

LAUC-B Executive Committee

September 12, 2012
10 am 12 pm
Education Psychology Library, Children's Literature Room

Members present: Susan Edwards (chair), Lynn Jones, Julie Lefevre, Teresa Mora (recorder), Jim Ronningen, Nick Robinson, Hilary Schiraldi, Susan Xue

I. Announcements

  • Meetings will normally be held in 330 Doe.
  • There will be no report on the meeting the University Librarian today. Susan and Lynns first meeting with Tom Leonard is scheduled for this Friday, September 14, 2012.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (S. Xue)

  • The current LAUC-B account balance is $32,943.32

B. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (L. Jones)

  • There was much discussion of the Re-Envisioning report. Faculty wants a role in the Re-Envisioning process. T. Leonard announced that rather than a Blue Ribbon Committee on the Future of the Library campus will establish a Commission on the Future of the Library with a report due in March 2013. The Commission will include a Librarian (who sat on Re-Envisioning), student representatives and faculty but no external reviewers. LIBR wants to be an active part of the Commission's work.

  • There was also discussion of the UCSF Open Access Mandate. LIBR will invite Molly S. Van Houweling, Faculty Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology to brief LIBR on Open Access.
  • Plans for LIBRs work this year include discussion of Library consolidations and closures; impact of reduced summer hours on summer session instructors; bringing Berkeleys ARL ranking back to #3

C. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (S. Edwards)

  • It was reported that there has been nearly 5% reduction in UC librarians from 2011 to 2012.
  • There will be a call for nominations to serve on both the Nominating Committee and the Resource Sharing Committee.

D. Council of University Librarians (N. Robinson)

Keri Botello (LAUC president) and N. Robinson (LAUC vice president/ president-elect) met with the Council of University Librarians at UCLA. Division heads were asked what they would like discussed at the meeting and Robinson and Botello decided to focus on 4 issues:

  • Keri Botello (LAUC president) and N. Robinson (LAUC vice president/ president-elect) met with the Council of University Librarians at UCLA. Division heads were asked what they would like discussed at the meeting and Robinson and Botello decided to focus on 4 issues:
    1. LAUC consultation in Systemwide Library planning: Botello and Robinson asked if the ULs foresaw any changes in governance. SOPAG has been looking at how to structure governance of shared library services and LAUC should use its SOPAG representative (L. Rowlison de Ortiz) as the key contact.
    2. Online Education initiatives at UC: Botello and Robinson asked if there are ways librarians can partner with ULs to ensure library services and collections are part of planning process. UCSC UL Ginny Steele has been appointed to the Advisory Committee and will work with LAUC on this matter.
    3. Future of UC Libraries and Librarians skills and training: LAUC has knowledge of the skills and attributes of our members and wonders how it can help Librarians develop needed skills in re-envisioned libraries? COUL has been discussing and is working on document called the COUL Plans and Priorities which will outline ideas about the future workforce and will include a description of the kind of workforce needed. This document will be shared with LAUC leadership. L. Jones asked if they mentioned the LAUC CPG report. They did not; S. Edwards and L. Jones will follow up on this with T. Leonard in meetings.
    4. Declining membership of LAUC: continued decline will accentuate issues of workload and succession planning. Botello and Robinson asked what LAUC can do to help recruit new librarians and to train future generations of middle managers. ULs stated that they would like to see LAUC play a role in promoting opportunities to work at UC; provide training in change/ time/ workload management; and strengthen the pipeline to MLIS programs.

 IV. New Business

A. 2012 LAUC-B Fall Assembly Planning (S.Edwards)

  • The assembly still needs to be scheduled. In doing so we need to keep in mind that the Distinguished Librarian event will be held on November 27. Also need to keep in mind the scheduling of the Affiliated Libraries Assembly. Possibly ask a representative of the Commission on the Future of Library (preferably chair or LIBR representative) to speak.

B. LAUC-B Retention Survey next steps (S. Edwards, J.Lefevre)

  • S. Edwards wants to get this document to the Commission and LIBR. We will post it on the website and send it to statewide LAUC leadership (SE will do). S. Edwards and L. Jones will give a copy to T. Leonard at their next meeting, S. Edwards will send to Rita Evans, chair of TALAG, for distribution.

C. Affirmative Action and the Library

  • Data from the recently distributed campus-wide report indicates UCB numbers are low for LAs. Were at 27% and should be closer to 46% based on existing pool. However, based on the existing pool, UCB is doing fairly well for Librarians.

D. Funding for research and professional activity at campus level? (S. Edwards)

  • UCSF provides funding at campus level above and beyond LAUC grants. Monies are much more flexible and can be used for things like poster presentation costs. UCSF takes $500 from unspent Professional Development funds and distributes in a manner similar to the mini-grants. Ex Com voiced interest in adopting a similar program. Need to first review budget to see how much we carry forward from year to year. It was suggested we wait for LAUC-B budget approval before beginning the program. S. Edwards charged Professional Development Committee with the design of such a program, she will follow up with LBS for budget information and UCSF for details on the logistics of their program.