Executive Committee Minutes 09/11/2013

LAUC-B Executive Committee

September 11, 2012
10 am 12 pm
Room 303 Doe Library

Members present: Nick Robinson, Elliott Smith, Susan Edwards, Lynn Jones (Chair), Rita Evans, Cody Hennesy, Jason Miller, Jim Church (recorder), Lisa Ngo.

I. Announcements

  • Census of Berkeley librarians (L. Jones). LHRD has given Lynn a list of names from the Library, and Stacy Schulman from APO sent a list for the affiliates. A third source is the AFT membership, which Lynn will get from Michelle Squitieri. Lynn will compare last year's census list with these and derive a complete census that will be correct as of September 1, 2013.
  • Norma Kobzina memorial: (L. Jones) LAUC-B helped to organize the memorial on September 8, which had over 100 attendees. A memorial for all campus community members who died in the past year took place on September 11, 2013.
  • Distinguished Librarian Award: (S. Edwards). Susan Edwards will be forming and chairing the committee in January 2014. The award ceremony will take place in Fall of 2014.
  • Peer Review and UCOP: (R. Evans): Rita announced the bargaining proposal made by UCOP - requesting that the creative section of the librarian performance review be limited to library peer reviewed journals - has been dropped by UCOP
  • Earth/Physical Sciences Librarian Position: Lisa Ngo announced that the position for an Earth/Physical Sciences librarian has been changed from a temporary two-year position to permanent.

II. Reports

A. Council of University Librarians.(N. Robinson)

  • Nick Robinson [LAUC President] and Matt Conner [LAUC VP] met with the ULs and Laine Farley (CDL). The ULs thanked LAUC for their response to the System-wide plans and priorities document. Two items discussed were professional development and skills assessment. There is a possibility of system-wide professional training activities including supervisory skills and professional assessments.
  • The new advisory structure of the System-wide Advisory Groups (SAGS) has resulted in a net loss of LAUC advisors; currently there are only three. Nick noted LAUC representatives are not there to represent their campuses but LAUC interests and policies affecting professional standards. In the event new initiatives are proposed to the SAGS the LAUC representative is encouraged to suggest opportunities for training.
  • Evolving library work force. LAUC diversity report was presented as background and there was discussion of recruitment and training. Nick suggested the LAUC web could provide stories about emerging leaders and innovations. The website could be designed to be more proactive and outward looking as opposed to the current repository of LAUC business.

B. LAUC Statewide Conference Call: (N. Robinson) Postponed.

C. Treasurer's Report: (Lisa Ngo). Last month the budget was $45,758. This month it is $33,878, which is due primarily to travel reimbursements.

D. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate: (R. Evans)

  • The Committee met on September 10. Erik Mitchell spoke about scanning to email and smart phones. Moffitt Library 3rd floor now has a full service computer lab. Tom Leonard said NRLF will be full by 2017 or 2018 and a replacement facility is under discussion.
  • The Subject Specialty Libraries Report submitted by Margaretta Lovell was discussed and additional site visits may take place. The report is attached to these minutes.
  • The report of the Commission on the Future of the Library is scheduled for release on October 1. It was very difficult for the Commission and campus administration to agree on how much funding the campus has provided to The Library and subject specialty libraries for collections and salaries. Figures finally agreed to include a loss of 21 of 73 librarians and 122 of 322 library assistants since 2003 (these figures do not include the Affiliated Libraries). The commission report includes five recommendations. A key recommendation is a 5 million dollar annual increase to the collections budget to improve UCBs ARL ranking; a second recommends an additional one-time increase of 5 million dollars to make up for a decade of underfunding. The report also proposes an 8 million dollar annual increase for staffing, with staff taking on new responsibilities for intellectual property and open access. It also recommends predictability for the library budget and making the libraries a priority for campus fundraising.

E. Chairs' meeting with UL: (L. Jones). Tom Leonard reported on campus initiative on big data and other campus events.

F. LAUC Statewide Transition Meeting: (L. Jones). Campus reports were submitted. Nick oriented incoming LAUC chairs about their responsibilities.

G. LAUC-B Conference Update: (L. Jones). The conference Making it Count: Opportunities and Challenges for Library Assessment will take place October 25. Conference registration is open.

III. New Business

A. Approval of New CAPA Nominees: (L. Jones).Kai Stoeckenius will be chair. The new CAPA members are Teresa Mora and Julie Lefevre.

B. Change to procedure to communicate LAUC committee chairs and members to secretary. (J. Church). Jim Church and Lynn will make a template for future secretaries.

C. Professional Development survey: (R. Evans, The draft survey was developed by Rita and Cody. There was a long discussion about language, in particular professional association fees. The survey will be revised and a final draft sent to ExComm via Survey Monkey by Tuesday September 17, 2013 for distribution to the membership soon thereafter.

D. LAUC-B Fall Assembly 2013 Planning: (L. Jones). The fall assembly was scheduled for November 19 from 8:30 to 10:00. Jim Church will work with Lynn on scheduling.

E. Townsend Center Library Fellow: (L. Jones). Townsend center is getting its budget cut and will no longer be able to fund a library fellow. The UL will fund the next Library Fellow, but for only one year. There was discussion as to whether LAUC should fund out of its own budget and further discussion regarding LAUC research funding projects. Lisa Ngo has a list and will share. There was discussion about making librarians who have received research funds, not only through Townsend Center, more prominent. There is also the possibly of having a showcase of their work at the fall assembly. Lisa Ngo will share the list of past Berkeley LAUC research grant recipients as potential speakers for the fall assembly. This will be discussed at the next ExComm.