Executive Committee Minutes 09/10/2014

LAUC-B Executive Committee

September 10, 2014
10 am – 12 pm
Room 303 Doe Library

Members present: Rita Evans (chair), Lynn Jones, Kendra Levine, Lisa Ngo, Liladhar Pendse, Jesse Silva, Elliott Smith (recorder), I-Wei Wang

Guests: James Eason, Corliss Lee

I. Announcements

A. CAPA update (R. Evans)

Ramona Martinez has been appointed as CAPA Chair for the 2014-2015 review cycle; potential new committee members are being contacted for their interest, prior to nomination.

B. Membership in LAUC – statewide discussion (R. Evans)

LAUC Statewide conference call will take place on Sept 11, discussing two questions regarding membership. -- Rita Evans will report to ExComm at our next meeting on these topics:

  • Is there a trend for positions traditionally eligible for LAUC membership being reclassified so that they are no longer a part of LAUC? (AUL positions at UC Davis have been reclassified, for example.)
  • As our profession changes, should LAUC membership rules change so that positions that do not require an MLIS and/or which are not a part of the Librarian Series become eligible for LAUC membership?

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo)

    Current balance: $55,041

      B. Meeting with the University Librarian of September 2014 (R. Evans, I. Wang)

      The meeting with the UL will be held next week.

      C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (I. Wang)

      This year’s LIBR members (* denotes members new to LIBR this term) are : Margaretta Lovell (Hist of Art), Chair; Charles Blanton (Engl)*; Paul Grabowicz (Journ); Todd Hickey (Classics); Maggie Kelly (ESPM); Kurt Keutzer (EECS)*; Geoffrey Koziol (History)*; Michael Manga (EPS)*; Jim Midgley (Soc Welfare); Dan Melia (Rhetoric); Michael Nylan (Hist)*; Thomas Shannon (German) + (UCOLASC); Jeff Skoller (Film); Gary Sposito (ESPM); Paul Vojta (Math)*.

      Much discussion focused on the space shortage at NRLF, which LIBR considers a priority and views as a potential crisis; Todd Hickey will step into Victoria Frede's shoes as chair of LIBR's subcommittee on NRLF. There were also many comments, by way of LIBR members' summary of their motivations in serving on LIBR, about the need to ensure that print acquisition and access continue to be supported by the libraries; in addition, Jeff Skoller is working on how LIBR can support the librarians working with non-text materials, for acquisition, preservation and access.

      II. Continuing Business

      A. Professional development funding 2014-2015 (R. Evans, L. Jones, I. Wang)

      LAUC ExComm has received a statement from Elise Woods affirming the Library’s commitment to making up the gap in professional development funding for 2014-2015; see the ExComm minutes of 8/27/2014 for details.

      B. UC Collection Librarians meeting follow-up (R. Evans)

      At the UC Bibliographer’s Group meeting on August 28, Beth Dupuis received comments on the “DRAFT: Concept Proposal for a New Structure for UC Collection Librarian Groups” from Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management (SAG 3). She is compiling the comments and will be submitting them to SAG3.

      C. Professional development funding for subsequent years

      Discussion deferred until the next ExComm meeting.

      D. LAUC-sponsored research and professional development

      Discussion deferred until the next ExComm meeting.

      IV. New Business

      A. Committee on Diversity Charge Task Force Report (C. Lee)

      The task force--Michael Sholinbeck (chair), Corliss Lee, and Jane Rosario--was charged by Lynn Jones last year with reviewing the charge and website of the Committee on Diversity, and they have submitted their report to ExComm. The final report of the task force will be made available on the Reports page of the LAUC-B website:


      The report offers recommendations for Committee on Diversity activities and a suggested new charge outlining specific actions the Committee should undertake. ExComm understands that unlike most committees which do the same task each year (elections, research, etc) the Diversity Committee has many areas it can work on.  ExComm encourages the committee to take a couple areas of the charge to work on each year and notify members.  The Committee members were thanked for their work.

      ACTION ITEM: Lynn Jones will follow up with LAUC-B parliamentarian Dean Rowan to determine whether a formal vote by ExComm is necessary in order to adopt the new charge.

      B. CAPA Task Force to revise Berkeley Procedures (J. Eason)

      James Eason, chair of the CAPA task force to revise the Berkeley Procedures to reflect the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), presented a draft of the new Procedures.

      Although formal ratification of the new Procedures may require additional steps, the Task Force expects to have a provisional Procedures document available for the Professional Development Committee’s CAPA Review Workshop on October 28. It was noted that the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) is also currently undergoing revision, and that it may be best to delay formal adoption of the revised Berkeley Procedures until after the APM revision is final.

      Specific language in the draft Procedures was discussed in detail relating to appointments, especially the concept of “equivalent degree”; the review schedule, especially as it is affected by “no action”; ad hoc committees; and the definition of terms, especially the multiple meanings of the word “standard” in the MOU.

      James Eason and the other members of the task force were thanked by ExComm. The task force remains active while the APM review is awaited.

      ACTION ITEM: Lynn Jones will follow up to determine both the provisional and the permanent process for the approval of the Berkeley Procedures.

      C. Fall Assembly planning (R. Evans, L. Jones, I. Wang)

      i. Topic/speakers:

      Four suggestions were discussed:

      1. Presentations by recipients of LAUC-B funding on their research;
      2. An NRLF discussion, possibly with AUL Erik Mitchell and Todd Hickey of LIBR;
      3. Lightning talks by attendees of professional conferences;
      4. A discussion of what it means to be a librarian in the context of LAUC Statewide’s review of membership eligibility

      It was tentatively decided that the fourth option was best suited to the Fall Assembly, and that LAUC-B may want to sponsor additional programs (Early Birds, brown bags, town halls, etc.) to cover some of the other topics.

      A subcommittee for Fall Assembly planning was appointed. The members are Kendra Levine, Jesse Silva, and I-Wei Wang.

      ii. Date:

      The LAUC-B Fall Assembly will take place during the third week of November; the specific day and time will be announced.

      iii. Morrison Room reservation and catering

      ACTION ITEM: Elliott Smith (Secretary) will make arrangements for the reservation of the Morrison Library and the catering of the event.

      D. Upcoming topics for ExComm discussion

      • Role of LAUC in communications from/about union – discussion at October ExComm
      • Membership in LAUC – statewide discussion involving classification of administrators, non-traditional positions, librarian work done by LAs/Library Professionals
      • Professional development funding for subsequent years (deferred from meeting of September 10)
      • LAUC-sponsored research and professional development (deferred from meeting of September 10)