Executive Committee Minutes 09/09/10

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Thursday, 9 September 2010
10:00 a.m. 12:00 noon
303 Doe Library

Members present: Kathleen Gallagher, Susan Koskinen, Ramona Martinez, Margaret Phillips,
Nick Robinson, Monica Singh, Shannon Supple, and I-Wei Wang

Guest: Tom Leonard

I. Announcements
? Peer Review workshop scheduled for October 26th at the Ed/Psych Library
? The LAUC-B Fall Assembly coming up in early-November (date TBD). Sue
Koskinen is seeking ideas for speakers.
? Distinguished Librarian Award reception will be this fall (likely in early-November
? Change in ExComm membership has been announced to the LAUC-B membership.
? The Committee on Research completed their survey on August 26th. S. Koskinen will
ask committee members to visit ExComm to discuss their findings.
? After the September 15th ULs meeting in Oakland, Michael Yonezawa and Mitchell
Brown of LAUC Statewide will meet with S. Koskinen, Margaret Phillips, and Lynn
Jones of LAUC-B.
? LAUC-B Webmaster Harrison Dekker is working on converting the LAUC-B
website to the Drupal platform. He hopes to be done soon. Changes and additions
to the LAUC-B website are on hold until the new site goes live.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (I. Wang)
The current LAUC-B account balance is $64, 423.86. S. Koskinen and I-Wei Wang
will meet soon to prepare the budget for FY2010-2011.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (S. Koskinen, N. Robinson)
? Tom Leonard noted that there will be a UC-wide University Librarians meeting on
September 15th in Oakland.
? T. Leonard attended the American Association of University Presses meeting, where
the topics discussed included the crisis of the monograph and a consortium on back
files and front files for ebooks.
? S. Koskinen and Nick Robinson asked for LAUC-B Fall Assembly speaker ideas.
? Bernie Hurley is our representative to WEST: Toward a Western Regional Storage
Trust, a potential storage solution, mostly for back-issue journals, for the western
region of the US. (More on this in III.A., below.)
? CLA Snapshot Day a snapshot of library statistics sought by CLA for CA libraries.
(See III.D., below.)

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (N.
The Committee has not yet met; their first meeting of the academic year is scheduled
for next week.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (S. Koskinen)
? LAUC Statewide elections are scheduled for June 1, 2011. (This date affects when
LAUC-B can hold our Spring Assembly see bylaws.)
? Two new reports are available on the LAUC Statewide website:
o (1.) Final Report: Discussion on the Future of UC Libraries and Librarians in the
21st Century (http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/committees/pg/cpg-2010.doc) and
o (2.) The SLASIAC report for Spring 2010
LAUC Chair Michael Yonezawa notes that there will be more to come on Future of
UC libraries report.
? The LAUC Statewide Spring Assembly will be held at UC Santa Barbara It will
take place on a Thursday and Friday (either March 3-4 or 10-11). LAUC-B will send
four representatives: S. Koskinen, N. Robinson, Ramona Martinez, and Shannon
Supple. LAUC Statewide may provide either a live feed or recorded podcast.
? M. Yonezawa detailed some of the issues with which LAUC Statewide will engage
this academic year: He seeks to conduct a survey on losses of special library
collections, such as the Water Resources Center Archives, that are subsumed into
other collections as well as collections that are moved or closed entirely. M.
Yonezawa would also like to establish a LAUC-wide task force on the distinguished
step in the librarian series. More on this coming soon. In addition, M. Yonezawa
will seek to clarify the length of terms served for committee members and will make
this information available on the LAUC website.

III. New Business

Guest appearance by University Library, Tom Leonard:
S. Koskinen invited T. Leonard to join the ExComm meeting.
T. Leonard has just received the UL meeting agenda.
T. Leonard discussed the list of topics to cover during next weeks Academic Senate
Library Committee meeting, which include keeping more subject specialty libraries
open on Saturday, controversies involving comments made by Dan Greenstein,
WEST storage, transitions with Bancroft collections, publishing groups, ebooks, and
faculty overdue notices.
? More on storage at WEST: Toward a Western Regional Storage Trust
(http://www.cdlib.org/services/collections/sharedprint/westinitiative.html): The
UCs have joined WEST. There will be a small expenditure at first ($3000/year for
UCB). WEST will help with storage issues that will become severe in the next few
years. The Regional Library Facilities will be filled in next couple of years. WEST
helps with storage of bound journals: If we have digital access and the digital copies
are archived to our standards (e.g., can pass an outside audit), one physical copy
could be sent to an RLF or another western storage location, based on binding
agreements. User requests for these journals are close to zero. Meeting in Chicago in
October on moving forward with storage but not necessarily WEST. How many
copies must we keep across the nation to be assured that we can keep materials for a
specified amount of time? Other questions include whether materials kept in open
stacks are sufficient as final copies.
? T. Leonard updated ExComm on the use of an American Mathematical Society
database because campus access has been cut off breach in access. Should we
subscribe to databases that will not let users with legitimate interests use them the
way they wish, even if this includes massive data mining? Our UC lawyer stood up
for the rights of the professor and graduate student in this case.
? The library was hardly mentioned in the Operational Excellence (OE) report. The
campus administrations response will affect libraries and Mr. Leonard does not yet
know what that effect will be. Furloughs are ending, but pension costs a few years
out and other benefits are a big issue, so OE goals will need to address this.
(Voluntary Separation Options (VSOs) in libraries: This can be retirements, ridding
ourselves of phantom positions, and similar options, rather than layoffs.)

B. Mentor email list (S. Supple)
There is an unused email forwarding account that appears to be four years out-of-
date. ExComm determined that it was no longer of use. Action: S. Supple will delete
the email forwarding account.

C. LAUC-B Fall Assembly Planning (S. Koskinen)
S. Koskinen is soliciting ideas for Fall Assembly speakers. Ideas include: Brewster
Kahle (Internet Archive), Ivy Anderson (CDL), Laine Farley (CDL), and Julie
Connor (library lawyer). Action: S. Koskinen may invite Brewster Kahle.

D. CLA Snapshot Day (S. Koskinen)
Corliss Lee forwarded an email to the LAUC-B list about statistical snapshots.
Action: S. Koskinen will discuss this with Isabel Stirling once the latter has returned
to the Library.

IV. Continuing Business

A. LAUC-B Conference (M. Phillips, I. Wang)
The LAUC-B 2011 Conference planning committee met yesterday for first time.
There are eight committee members and there is much work to do in the next two
months. The theme is emerging trends in higher education title to be determined.
The committee has a skeletal plan for how to recruit speakers and will begin with
identifying keynote speakers. Once keynote speakers have been determined, the
committee will seek additional funding from the Library and other sources. The 2009
Conference cost a little under $15,000 and they are concerned about the budget for
2011. The committee is looking into audio recording as well; in 2009, audio was
recorded only in the main auditorium. The committee is actively considering
locations and dates. While LAUC-B conferences have traditionally been held at Clark
Kerr, there may be cheaper options potentially the CITRIS building? I. Wang will
add S. Koskinen to the committees bSpace pages.

B. Housekeeping (S. Koskinen)
Most ExComm meetings for 2010-2011 will take place on the second Thursday of
each month at 10:00 a.m. 12:00 noon in 303 Doe Library, but there are a few
months with conflicts. ExComm will meet in November on Wednesday, the 10th
(same time and location as usual) and stay tuned for potential changes to meeting
dates in March (due to the LAUC Statewide Assembly) and April 2011.

C. Review committee rosters (S. Koskinen)
S. Koskinen would like to add term lengths to our committee rosters. The rosters are
not yet updated for 2010-2011; we are waiting for the new Drupal-based LAUC-B
website to go live.

D. Distinguished Librarians Award (C. Lee)
The committee has received 5-6 nominations and is working apace. Committee
members are Corliss Lee (chair), Elizabeth Byrne, Marlene Harmon, John
Kupersmith, and Professor George Oster.

E. Professional Development Funding (S. Koskinen, N. Robinson)
LAUC-B members will receive $900 for FY2010-2011 in professional development
funding from LAUC-B. Library (non-affiliated) librarians will also receive $600 from
the Library. Action: S. Koskinen will ask T. Leonard if he would increase
professional development funding from the Library next year.