Executive Committee Minutes 08/19/10

LAUC-B Executive Committee (transition meeting)
Thursday, August 19, 2010
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: M. Phillips, N. Robinson, M. Burnette, S. Koskinen, J. Bolstad, S. Supple, I.
Wang, R. Martinez, C. Lee, K. Gallagher, M. Singh, L. Jones, J. Nelson.

Guest: J. Eason

I. Announcements
- Outgoing and incoming ExComm members gave brief introductions.
- R. Martinez will continue to be the Affiliated Representative for one more year.
- M. Phillips put out another call for volunteers to serve on the 2011 LAUC-B
Conference Committee, which I. Wang will be chairing.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (I. Wang)
- The current balance is $79,018.18.

B. Meeting with University Librarian (M. Phillips, S. Koskinen)
- T. Leonard mentioned that Sheldon Zedeck, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is
retiring. The search committee for this position has been announced already.
- Dan Greenstein did a review of the UC Press.
- L. Jones met with H. Archer, the Director of Academic Personnel (APO), about
electronic dossiers. The goal is to have the ability to submit dossiers electronically soon.
We have software we can use, and some other UCs are already using it. UCB faculty
will be the first group to try out the process, and librarians will follow soon after. L. Jones
will have updates in the future. Susan Wong of LHRD is also aware of developments.
- The issue of Distinguished Status, mentioned in the 2010 CAPA Task Force on
Special Issues report, was discussed.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of Academic Senate (S. Koskinen)
- The Committee did not meet.
- S. Koskinen explained to incoming ExComm members what LIBR is, how it functions,
and mentioned some upcoming Fall agenda items.

D. LAUC Statewide transition meeting (S. Koskinen)
- On August 9, S. Koskinen attended the LAUC Statewide transition meeting. L.
Diamond is the outgoing chair and Michael Yonezawa is the incoming chair. Topics of
discussion involved: logistics of future meetings and assemblies, the Spring statewide
assembly to be held at UC Santa Barbara during either late March or early April, and
new LAUC committee members. The theme this year is Next Generation LAUC. The
Committee on Diversity will be conducting a census of current librarians at each campus
and will prepare a report. The report from the Future of UC Libraries is ongoing. The UC
Berkeley 2010 CAPA Task Force on Special Issues report regarding distinguished
status was also discussed. S. Koskinen asked other division chairs if any movement
had occurred on their campuses regarding Career Compass; no news was reported.

III. Overview of LAUC business (M. Phillips)
- M. Phillips provided a description of LAUC-B-related activities and responsibilities:

- Holds the annual CAPA peer review workshop, which will take place on Oct 26
in the Childrens Literature room of the Education/Psychology Library this year.
- Administers professional development money for conferences and membership
- Holds professional development events
- Facilitates the Townsend Fellow grant applications for librarians
- Reviews LAUC Statewide research grants
- Administers the LAUC-B Mentoring Program for new librarians
- Has representatives on several Statewide committees
- Holds regular meetings
- Holds 2 LAUC-B assemblies and 2 Affiliated Libraries assemblies each year
- Gives out the Distinguished Librarian Award every other year
- Holds a LAUC-B Conference every other year. The next one will be in 2011.
- Has 2 library representatives who plan lunches for candidates and handle the
Mentoring Program for new librarians

- Last year, there was only one statewide assembly held. This upcoming year, it will be
held at UC Santa Barbara.
- Some 11 librarians left UCB this past year, and 4 were hired.
- WRCA is leaving UCB and moving to UC Riverside.

IV. 2009-2010 in Review (M. Phillips)
Goals and objectives from August 2009
- ExComm approved the process of having online elections and will continue to
do it in the future.
- Professional development funding from LAUC-B this new fiscal year will be
$900; Tom Leonard will supplement LAUC funding with an additional $600 for
members of the Library who report to the ULs (in other words, affiliated librarians
are not eligible for the $600 supplement).
- Work will be continued on the LAUC-B web site. It will go up soon.
- LAUC-B might look into holding a future conference via a webcast.
- The 2011 Conference Committee has been charged.
- Using professional development funding to pay for organizational membership
fees is now a permanent procedure. The web site needs to be changed to reflect
- The 2010 Distinguished Librarian Award committee has been charged. C. Lee
is the Chair. So far, the committee has received 5-6 intentions to nominate
candidates, and 1 completed nomination packet already. The reception will be in
the Fall.

Internships coordinator (C. Lee)
- ExComm approved 2 nominees to become the internships coordinators. The
coordinators will gather information about who the interns are, update and
disseminate a checklist, and put up a web page about internships in the UCB

Approval of committee appointments
- ExComm could not find a former Townsend Fellow to serve on the LAUC-B
Committee on Research, so the current person in that role will be asked to
remain in it for another year. ExComm approved all nominees for all committees.
S. Koskinen will send out a message to new committee members.

Statement of Responsibilities
- ExComm posted examples of the Statement of Responsibilities on the LAUC-B
web site for the membership to use. Completion of the statement of
responsibility is separate from the preparation of the review dossier, and is not
part of the review process.

2010 CAPA Task Force on Special Issues
- While LAUC-B has endorsed the proposals of the Task Force on Special Issues
[TFSI], Library Administration has not approved the recommendation on
distinguished status. S. Wong is concerned that LAUC-Bs approval of the TFSI
has implications for the AFT librarian contract; she will meet with Berkeleys
Office of Labor Relations about this. It is LAUC-Bs contention that the
distinguished status is a local procedure, since it is not mentioned in the MOU or
contract at all. S. Koskinen and N. Robinson will continue to pursue this with
Library Administration.
- The TSFI and its changes to distinguished status were highly discussed at the
Fall 2009 statewide assembly. Other campuses are reviewing their own
procedures for distinguished status. A Task Force charged by the UL at UCLA
has written a report on this issue endorsing the current practice for distinguished
status reviews, in contrast to the TFSI procedure. S. Koskinen will send the
UCLA report to ExComm. LAUC statewide is going to set up a Task Force to
review distinguished status procedures at each campus.
- ExComm believes that this issue is independently a Berkeley issue. There was
some discussion of how to present this topic at the fall CAPA workshop on peer

V. 2010-2011 Preview (S. Koskinen)
- ExComm will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month. S. Koskinen will send
out a list of dates to the new ExComm members. She will also send out draft
agendas before each meeting every month.
- S. Koskinen will send the password to the LAUC-B wiki out to new ExComm
- There is a LAUC-B blog and the goal is to try to post something once a month.
- The e-mail reflectors will be changed to reflect the new ExComm members.
- One goal is to follow through on the report by the 2010 CAPA Task Force on
Special Issues regarding Distinguished Status. Another goal is to have the
LAUC-B budget done by October 1.
- The Distinguished Librarian Award Committee will hold its reception in
- Fall Assembly planning will be coming up soon.
- There is usually an event on how to use professional development funding in
which Kris Leonardo from the Library Business office and the LAUC-B chair
- The LAUC-B web site will soon be easier to update.