Executive Committee Minutes 8/17/2011

LAUC-B Executive Committee

Turnover Meeting
Wednesday, 17 August 2011
10:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
303 Doe Library

Outgoing and Incoming Members Present: Lucia Diamond, Susan Edwards, Kathleen Gallagher, Dana Jemison, Sue Koskinen, Julie Lefevre, Jeff Loo, Adnan Malik, Ramona Martinez, Jennifer Nelson, Margaret Phillips, Nick Robinson, Monica Singh, Kai Stoeckenius, Shannon Supple, and I-Wei Wang


I. Announcements

Introductions around the table of the outgoing and incoming Executive Committee members.

Chair Sue Koskinen thanked past-chair Margaret Phillips, incoming chair Nick Robinson, and the outgoing members of the Executive Committee for their help this year.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (I. Wang)

The account balance is $69,814.53. We have spent about $10,000 of the carry-over funds that we needed to spend down.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (S. Koskinen, N. Robinson)

Sue Koskinen and Nick Robinson met with University Librarian Tom Leonard last Wednesday for a brief meeting.

LIBR has a new chair, Margaretta Lovell, from the History of Art Department: 


There will be two new positions posted in the Library soon bibliographers for Japanese and Slavic languages.

Nothing new about the budget but there is a deans and chairs retreat tomorrow that might provide more budgetary news.

T. Leonard will be the new liaison from the Library to the Affiliated Libraries in lieu of Isabel Stirling, who has retired.

The Library will not hold a new faculty reception this year.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (N. Robinson)

LIBR did not meet this summer, but N. Robinson introduced the work of LIBR for incoming members of ExComm. Their formal charge is to advise the Chancellor on the administration of the library. They hold monthly meetings during the academic year;

T. Leonard attends all LIBR meetings, as does the Vice Chair/Chair-elect of LAUC-B.

The meeting format includes a briefing by T. Leonard on the library budget and anything else impacting the library on a campus level as well as ongoing business of the committee.

For the past year, LIBR has focused on three business items: First, a merger of LIBR with the Committee on Computing and Communications, as mandated by the 2Academic Senate: This is ongoing. Second, moving toward an open access policy that would receive the Academic Senates approval: This item will likely move forward in the coming year, since a small subcommittee has been working on it. Third, changing the electronic dissertation embargo policy: This will continue to be on the LIBR agenda over the next year.

Attending LIBR is an excellent learning experience for the Vice Chair/Chair-elect and provides an opportunity to understand the work of LIBR and to disseminate their work to LAUC-B members, since LIBR does not issue formal minutes.

LIBR has not yet released its roster for the coming academic year.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (N. Robinson for S. Koskinen)

N. Robinson attended the LAUC Statewide conference call on August 4th. Much of the call involved planning for the LAUC Statewide transition meeting.

The call also included discussions about the LAUC Research and Professional Development grants being approved by UCOP and the campus processes for reviewing and reporting comments from the Library Planning Task Force Interim Report.

E. LAUC Statewide Transition Meeting (N. Robinson)

The LAUC Statewide transition meeting was held on August 8, 2011 at UC Irvine.

Nick Robinson (LAUC-B incoming chair), Lily Castillo-Speed (incoming LAUC secretary), and Dean Rowan (LAUC parliamentarian) all attended. Michael Yonezawa is the outgoing LAUC president and Mitchell Brown is the incoming president.

The LAUC Statewide election will be administered electronically this year.

At the meeting, attendees discussed the Library Planning Task Force Interim Report and the NextGen LAUC Member: A Report from the LAUC Committee on Professional Governance. M. Brown and M. Yonezawa discussed next steps, including disseminating the report and how to more actively engage discussions. M. Brown and LAUC President-elect Keri Botello will be presenting the report to the Council on University Librarians. There is overlap between this report and LAUC Position Paper #5 on defining competencies and skills needed by academic librarians(http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/about/paper05.html, issued February 1990).

LAUCs new business for the next year includes tracking and keeping LAUC involved in the processes surrounding both the Library Planning Task Force Interim Report and the NextGen Tech Services initiatives.

The LAUC statewide assembly will be held in the spring (possibly May) at UCSC.

III. Overview of LAUC-B Business (S. Koskinen)

Sue Koskinen summarized the work done by LAUC-B over the past year. She noted that professional development funding will increase next year each LAUC-B member will get $1200 (and members in the Library will receive an additional $600 from Library Administration funds)! (Remember that professional memberships can be paid from LAUC-B funds but not supplemental Library funds.)

All LAUC-B committees have done an excellent job this year. The Committee on Diversity hosted a program on using library interns, the Nominations and Elections Committee provided an impressive slate of nominees, the Conference Planning Committee is gearing up for Fiat Flux on October 21, 2011, the Distinguished Librarian Award Committee chose recipients and hosted a reception in their honor, the LAUC-B Professional Development 3Committee held, along with CAPA, the peer review workshop and a program on project management, and the Committee on Research facilitated the Townsend Fellow process and reviewed LAUC Statewide research grants. LAUC-B provided mentoring for new librarians and lunches for candidates for LAUC-B member positions. ExComm holds monthly meetings and two assemblies (one in the fall and one in the spring). The Affiliated Libraries also have two assemblies each year (also one in the fall and one in the spring). LAUC-B administers the Distinguished Librarian Award and a LAUC-B conference in alternate years. The Chair and Vice Chair of ExComm meet monthly with the University Librarian and the Vice Chair attends LIBR meetings.

LAUC-B now has a wiki with a lot of useful information, a bSpace page with workingdocuments, and an updated Drupal-based website that includes our blog with many useful posts updating LAUC-B members: http://lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/.

LAUC-B held two assemblies this year, one featuring guest speaker Brewster Kahle from the Internet Archive and another featuring the new director of the UC Press, Alison Mudditt.

We have lost 12 librarians from the Library this year to retirements and resignations. The Water Resources Center Archives, along with its two LAUC-B members, moved to UC Riverside and the Institute for Transportation Studies Library had their budget slashed.

The Berkeley Procedures have been updated and posted to include all updates except the distinguished status issue. The requirements for CAPA ad hoc committees are changing slightly and will be posted soon.

The LAUC-B Secretary will be receiving a new laptop very soon.

IV. 2010-2011 in Review (S. Koskinen)

A. Approval of Committee Appointments

ExComm approved the Nominations and Elections Committees recommendations. S. Koskinen thanked our new volunteer committee members:

o Committee on Diversity: Manuel Erviti and Ramona Martinez

o Committee on Professional Development: Randy Brandt, Harrison Dekker , and Hilary Schiraldi

o Committee on Research: Jaeyong Chang, Dean Rowan, and John Shepard

o Nominations and Elections Committee: David Eifler and Waverly Lowell

o CAPA: Debbie Jan, Claude Potts, and Kai Stoeckenius

B. Continuing Business

2011 LAUC-B Conference Fiat Flux: The website is live: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/conference-2011 and registration is now open to LAUC-B members: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/conference-2011/registration. Look for an email announcing the opening of conference registration from N. Robinson. Karen Butter, UCSF University Librarian and Assistant Vice Chancellor, has been added as the closing speaker.

The Berkeley Procedures and the open question about distinguished status: The Council of University Librarians is currently reviewing the Distinguished Status Task Group report.

Discussions surrounding the Library Planning Task Force Interim Report are also ongoing. The comments from our LAUC-B brown bag will be submitted to UCOP soon and a draft of the comments will be sent next week to the LAUC-B membership.

ExComm members will meet with new librarians and with the new Bancroft Director to talk about LAUC-B and what we do.

V. 2011-2012 Preview (N. Robinson)

Incoming chair Nick Robinson thanked outgoing chair Sue Koskinen for her work as chair. He then thanked both S. Koskinen and outgoing past-chair Margaret Phillips for all that he has learned from them over the past year.

N. Robinson ruminated on a theme for his time as chair. LAUC-B provides benefits for its members, through peer review, professional development, opportunities to do research and hear speakers, discussions on important changes at UC Berkeley and systemwide.  It is important for the LAUC-B chair to keep abreast of all of the things going on around us and of all the work being conducted by LAUC-B committees. He expressed a desire for all members of ExComm to stay informed and to contribute to the vitality and success of LAUC-B and its work on behalf of all UC Berkeley librarians and archivists.

We will face continued challenges, from budget reductions to reorganizations. The Library Planning Task Force Interim Report will foment more discussions. We have a role to play in these discussions, based on LAUC-Bs long-standing history of shared governance. (More information on the history of the relationship between LAUC-B and UC/AFT and the reasons for creating LAUC-B can be found in William L. Whitsons Librarians, LAUC-B, and the AFT: The Struggle for Academic Status at the University of California, Berkeley, 1963-1991 (1992): http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/docs/pdf/laucbhistory.pdf. We must exercise our voice to have an impact. We need to engage with these shifting priorities and maximize our opportunities to provide formal input.

ExComm will submit a compilation of comments on the Library Planning Task Force Interim Report soon. Those wishing to submit any additional comments may do so within the next 3-4 days by sending their comments to N. Robinson. Comments will be submitted without attribution and will be compiled but without any attempt at forming a consensus.

Fall Assembly planning: ExComm will begin planning at its September meeting. N. Robinson requests suggestions for the guest speaker.

S. Koskinen will work with web administrator Julie Lefevre to continue improving the new LAUC-B website.

Some LAUC-B members have expressed concern about their additional workloads, given recent retirements and financial constraints, having an impact on their ability to pursue the other work required for merit advancements and promotion reviews. This is a cyclical problem, with budget cuts affecting us in similar ways in the past, and a policy directive from 1992 on the state of peer review standards in the face of increased workload may be useful. N. Robinson would like ExComm members to review the document and discuss how it applies to current circumstances.

ExComm Meeting Schedule for 2011-2012: N. Robinson proposed that ExComm meet on the second Thursday of every month and at the Institute for Governmental Studies (in Moses Hall). The next meeting will be on September 8th. The LAUC-B ExComm list-serv will function as the main communication method.