Executive Committee Minutes 08/14/2013

LAUC-B Executive Committee

August 14, 2013
10 am 12 pm
Room 251 Moffitt Library

Members present: Present: Rita Evans, Cody Hennesy, Lynn Jones (Chair), Jason Miller, Lisa Ngo, Elliott Smith (recorder)

I. Announcements

  • Library staff and assignments: Recent changes were reviewed (see Beth Dupuis Allusers e-mails of August 8).
  • GIS & Map Librarian: Candidate interviews will be finished on Friday, August 16.
  • Political Science, Public Policy and Government Documents Librarian: Candidate interviews have been completed
  • The Engineering & Physical Sciences Division will be recruiting for a 2-year temporary full-time Physical Sciences & Earth Sciences Librarian.
  • AFT negotiations: Recent developments in the AFT negotiations were discussed (see Michelle Squitieris UC-AFT e-mail of August 6, and the UC-AFTs August 5 post: http://ucaft.org/content/our-unit-our-work-our-rightuc-librarians-fight-keep-robust-professional-job-descriptions).

    Two issues were of special concern

    • UC has raised the question of whether research and other creative activity should continue to be one of the criteria for evaluation.
    • UC is proposing that some librarians be removed from the bargaining unit
  • Both issues will continue to be monitored by the Executive Committee, particularly the question of research and creative activity as an evaluation criterion.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo). The current balance is $45,758.95.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian. Lynn Jones and Rita Evans reported on their recent meeting with UL Tom Leonard. Among the issues discussed:

  • CoUL: Regional Library Facility fill rates may be different than originally calculated
  • CDL is hiring a new specialist in scholarly communication to fill John Obers former position
  • Professional development funding: Admin would like more information about the costs of attending conferences and meetings

C. LAUC Statewide: The transition meeting is Friday, August 16; Lynn Jones will attend as the new Berkeley representative. Nick Robinson is the new LAUC Statewide chair.

D. LIBR: Rita Evans is the new liaison.

E. New Appointment: Cody Hennesy is the new LAUC B Lunch Coordinator.

III. New Business

A. Review of annual calendar: Lynn Jones reviewed the annual calendar of LAUC-B meetings and activities.

Next meeting: Sept 11, 10 am - 12 pm, Doe 303

Action item: Rita Evans will create a survey on professional development costs and circulate it to ExComm for review.