Executive Committee Minutes 07/08/10

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, July 8, 2010
10:00 am 12:00 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: J. Bolstad, M. Burnette, L. Jones, S. Koskinen, R. Martinez, M. Phillips (Chair), S. Tao.

Guests: H. Dekker, N. Kobzina, J. Lefevre.

I. Announcements
- S. Tao is leaving the Library and her last day will be on July 9. She will forward all relevant
information and files for the LAUC-B mentorship program to S. Koskinen.
- There have been 2 retirements: Patricia Maughan and Debby Sommer. Certificates have been
made for them by Library Graphics.
- J. Schultz sent out a message about the need for members to volunteer to serve on various
LAUC-B and LAUC state-wide committees.
- M. Phillips sent out a message about the $900 LAUC-B allotment for professional development
funding for the new fiscal year.

II. Reports
A. Treasurer's Report (I. Wang)
- The balance is $91,647.12. S. Koskinen announced that the budget will be submitted by
September. M. Phillips mentioned that the web site needs to be changed to reflect that
members may now officially use LAUC-B funds to pay for membership fees to organizations.
B. Meeting with University Librarian (M. Phillips, S. Koskinen)
- There was a call for UCOP to review the UC libraries and their efficiency. There will be more
on this in the future.
- T. Leonard mentioned the upcoming Collections Early Bird on Friday. There will be an
announcement about who will be in charge of collections.
- T. Leonard mentioned that Sheldon Zedeck will be retiring from UCB in December; also an
electronic dossier submission process for faculty will roll out within two years.
- Previously, M. Bryer, Co-chair of the LAUC-B Committee on Research, had written a letter to
Admin about the fact that librarians arent applying for research grants. T. Leonard suggested
that librarian research activities be an issue for the peer-review workshop in the Fall. He
reaffirmed support for librarians to do research.
- T. Leonard stated that there are no updates on finding a home for WRCA yet.
C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of Academic Senate (S. Koskinen)
The committee has not met.
D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (L. Diamond)
- There are LAUC Statewide committee openings, and we need members to fill them; A call for
members to serve as LAUC representatives on groups like CDC, HOTS, etc. will be coming out
- L. Diamond will remind the Committee on Research and Professional Development for each of
the LAUC Divisions to send out the survey on the future of libraries to members of each LAUC
Executive Committee for all UC campuses.

III. New Business
A. LAUC-B Website (H. Dekker, J. Lefevre)
- H. Dekker and J. Lefevre have created a new look to the LAUC-B web site using Drupal. A
benefit is that LAUC-B members who have access will be allowed to post items on web site
immediately by themselves. H. Dekker and J. Lefevre will be functioning as co-webmasters.
ExComm briefly discussed the look of and content of the web site. After the web site is made
permanent, the next phases will involve training people to post/modify items, and perhaps
adding new features, such as listing the interests and accomplishments of LAUC-B members,
similar to what faculty have on their departmental web sites.
- M. Phillips will announce the new website to the membership by the end of July.
B. Internships (N. Kobzina)
- A draft proposal was previously sent to ExComm by C. Lee about the need to set up a LAUCB
Task Force on Library Internships. This would include establishing coordinator(s), whose main
responsibilities would be to maintain a web site or wiki of library internships, and to field queries
from potential interns and direct them to the appropriate unit. Ideas include perhaps making the
coordinator(s) part of the ExComm Library Representatives duties, or perhaps part of a joint
duty with the Staff Development Committee. The position needs to be endorsed and assigned
by ExComm. This discussion will be continued in the future.

IV. Ongoing Business
A. CAPA Task Force on Special Issues update
On July 12, M. Phillips, S. Koskinen, L. Jones and N. Kobzina, along with S. Wong and T.
Leonard will meet to discuss the issue of Distinguished Status, which is under review.
B. Transition meeting update
- The transition meeting will be on Thursday, August 19, from 10:30-12:30pm in 303 Doe Library.
M. Phillips will send out a second reminder to incoming ExComm members. Lunch will be