Executive Committee Minutes 06/22/2015

LAUC-B Executive Committee

June 22, 2015
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Room 303 Doe Library

Members present: Rita Evans (chair), Lynn Jones, Kendra Levine, Lisa Ngo, Liladhar Pendse, Elliott Smith (recorder), I-Wei Wang

Guests: David Eifler

I. Announcements

  • New University Librarian: There will be a reception to welcome the incoming University Librarian Jeffrey MacKie-Mason on Thursday, July 9, 8:30 - 9:30 am in the Morrison Library.
  • Library Retirement party: Tuesday, June 23, 3 - 5 pm in the Morrison Library.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo)

  • Current balance (as of June 1): $58,593

    R. Evans, I. Wang, L. Ngo, and incoming ExComm members Jennifer Nelson (vice-chair/chair elect) and D. Eifler (treasurer) plan to meet with Elise Woods in July to discuss professional development funding.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian of June 17, 2015 (R. Evans, I. Wang, L. Jones)

Past chair L. Jones joined chair-elect I. Wang and current chair R. Evans for this final LAUC-B meeting with UL Tom Leonard.

  • T. Leonard encouraged LAUC-B members to nominate themselves for the re-formed RLF governing board. The RLF issue is on SLASIAC's agenda and they will encourage movement. A systemwide ILS would be helpful in managing the RLFs. Erik Mitchell and his counterpart at UCLA are trying to identify ways to speed processing of materials (e.g., checking for duplicates).
  • UCB's new UL, Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, has a great deal of high-level administrative experience but may not be as familiar with libraries, librarians or librarian academic review. LAUC-B can be helpful in providing an orientation on LAUC's role in advising the UL and CAPA's work. It may be helpful to invite him to meetings of the subject councils and ExComm. ExComm will meet with him on July 9.

C. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (R. Evans)

  • The annual election had 210 voters out of a membership of 457 for a participation rate of 46%. Congratulations to our new officers.

    President Elect: Dana Peterman (UCI)
    Secretary: Lisa Spagnolo (UCD)

    The two Bylaws revisions for Article III were both passed by 85% of the vote. The revisions to the rest of the Bylaws were passed by 95% of the vote.
  • Julie Lefevre showed us features of new LAUC website and solicited comments.
  • LAUC's new newsletter was issued this month (see R. Evans' e-mail of June 23). There will be a focus on members and their activities.

III. Continuing Business

A. 2015 LAUC-B Conference (L.Ngo)

  • New UL J. MacKie-Mason has accepted an invitation to give the opening remarks.
  • There is still an opening for one poster presentation -- contact the Conference Committee if interested.

B. LAUC election and APM 360 and 210-4 revisions (R. Evans)

  • The proposed revisions will now go to the Academic Personnel Office (APO) for consideration.

C. Berkeley Procedures update (I. Wang)

  • APO returned comments on provisions that have been in procedures since at least 1993 regarding the review extension request procedure and other review schedule details. I. Wang has responded to APO's comments based on available documentation of prior versions of the procedures.

IV. New Business

A. Shared Library Facilities Board revitalization (R. Evans)

  • LAUC President Matt Conner sent out call for nominations for LAUC representative on the reactivated Shared Facilities Board (two-year term), which R. Evans forwarded to LAUC-B membership on June 11. The deadline for nominations is August 15. R. Evans urged members to send a statement of interest, relevant experience, and brief resume or CV to her and M. Conner.

B. New UL-ExComm meeting July 9 (All)

  • -ExComm will meet with new UL J. MacKie-Mason on July 9 from 1 - 1:45 pm.

    ACTION ITEM: L. Jones will draft a letter of introduction prior to the meeting with input from other ExComm members.

C. Transition meeting/lunch (R. Evans)

  • In the past two years the ExComm transition meeting has been held in July, although the Bylaws state that new terms begin September 1. After consulting with ExComm, R. Evans scheduled the transition meeting for August 12, 10:30 am - 1 pm.

D. Transition to bCourses (E. Smith)

  • The transition to bCourses is complete for the LAUC-B ExComm bSpace site, and E. Smith has communicated with R. Martinez (CAPA chair) regarding the transition for the CAPA bSpace site.

    ACTION ITEM: E. Smith will contact all LAUC-B committee chairs about the transition and request that materials in any subsidiary bSpace sites be transferred to the ExComm bCourses site. ACTION ITEM: E. Smith will add incoming ExComm members to the ExComm bCourses site.

E. Diversity Committee membership, proposed bylaws change (R. Evans)

ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will propose language for a change in the bylaws regarding the membership of the Committee on Diversity at the July 8 ExComm meeting.

F. LAUC-B leadership (All)

  • It was noted that next year the chair, vice-chair/chair elect, and past chair of LAUC-B will all be members of Affiliated Libraries. There was discussion of whether this situation is a problem or not, how to encourage LAUC-B members from both the Library and the Affiliated Libraries to accept leadership roles in LAUC-B, and how to solicit input from the membership regarding whether requiring a mix of librarians in leadership is considered desirable. Possible means of fostering discussion about these issues among the LAUC-B membership were considered.

    ACTION ITEM: L. Jones will propose language for a bylaws change regarding the affiliation of candidates for vice-chair and chair of LAUC-B, as one possible way to foster discussion of this issue.

G. Emeritus status and updating website (R. Evans)

ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will confirm recent appointments of Librarians Emeriti and direct the Secretary to update the LAUC-B website.

Next meeting:

  • July 14, 2015, 9:00 - 10:30 am, 303 Doe