Executive Committee Minutes 06/14/2012

LAUC-B Executive Committee

June 14, 2012
10 am 12 pm
Room 119 Moses Hall (IGS Harris Room)

Members present: Lillian Castillo-Speed, Susan Edwards, Susan Koskinen, Jeffery Loo (recorder), Jennifer Nelson, Nick Robinson (chair), Kai Stoeckenius, Susan Xue

I. Announcements

  • A digital video camera recorder has been purchased for LAUC-B use. The equipment will be available for recording LAUC-B events.
  • Thank you to the LAUC-B Professional Development Committee for organizing the panel discussion Library Leaders' Perspectives on Professional Development of June 4, 2012 at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life. The Committee is commended for their excellent planning, logistics, and organization.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (S. Xue)

  • The LAUC-B budget balance of June 12, 2012, is $83,478.76.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian(N. Robinson, S. Edwards)

  • The campus survey on re-envisioning closed on May 31 and there were more than 2000 respondents.
  • Tom Leonard has received many faculty responses to the re-envisioning initiative. Over 100 faculty members signed a letter requesting a longer period for faculty feedback on the initiatives plans and further exploration of budget augmentations to support the library.
  • Tom, Beth Dupuis, and Bernie Hurley have been visiting the deans of various academic departments to inform them of the re-envisioning initiative and to solicit input.
  • There has been contact with several faculty groups who are interested in formally advising the Library about re-envisioning. Potentially, a Blue Ribbon Committee may be formed with faculty members and library representation to explore re-envisioning.
  • Vice Provost, Academic Planning, Programs and Coordination, for the UC system, Dan Greenstein is leaving and will become director of the postsecondary success strategy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Mara Hancock, Director of Educational Technology Services (ETS), will be leaving Berkeley.
  • The Office of the General Counsel at UCOP will re-hire for the position vacated by Mary MacDonald, whose purview included intellectual property and libraries.

C. Library and Information Technology Committee, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (S. Edwards)

  • A faculty letter responding to the Librarys Re-envisioning Initiative has been issued and was signed by over 100 faculty members.
  • The Committee discussed some of the points made in the letter:
    • There was a short time period for faculty input and feedback on the re-envisioning plans. Consequently, there is interest for a longer faculty response period.
    • There could be greater advocacy for budget augmentations to support the library.
    • There are concerns about the consolidation of libraries and the lack of financial details about the cost savings and the subsequent re-distribution of these funds.
    • Until more faculty input can be received, there is a request that changes made to the library be reversible.
  • Some UC Berkeley faculty raised concerns about the UC-wide Open Access policy being drafted by UCOLASC, in particular the deposit requirement, and Molly Van Houweling communicated these concerns to UCOLASC. There is also some concern that such a policy could infringe on faculty rights and decision-making.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (N. Robinson)

  • From the UCOLASC meeting of May 18, 2012:

    • UC University Librarians want a UC-wide Open Access policy.
    • Recently, the UCSF Academic Senate voted unanimously for an OA policy.
    • The UC-wide OA policy planning process is moving towards a policy directive issued centrally by UCOP that would be open to implementation by the campuses.
  • There is an active call for LAUC representatives to serve on All-Campus Groups including Collection Development Committee (CDC), Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG), Heads of Technical Services (HOTS), Resource Sharing Committee, Library Technology Advisory Group (LTAG), and the Shared Libraries Facilities Board. For details, please refer to Nick Robinsons email to the LAUC-B membership on June 18, 2012 at 1:49 pm.
  • Positions are available for Berkeley members on two LAUC Standing Committees: (1) Committee on Professional Governance, and (2) Committee on Research and Professional Development. These are 2-year terms, beginning Sept. 1, 2012. Information about the work of these committees is available at http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/committees/. To apply, please send your name to Nick Robinson.
  • Audio and video recordings and notes from the breakout sessions of the LAUC Assembly of May 10, 2012 will be posted onto the LAUC Assembly blog at http://laucassembly.blogspot.com.

III. Continuing Business

A. LAUC-B election results (N. Robinson)

  • Congratulations to the elected members of the 2012-2013 LAUC-B Executive Committee:

    • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Lynn Jones
    • Secretary Teresa Mora
    • Library Representatives Jim Ronningen and Hilary Schiraldi
    • Affiliated Library Representative Julie Lefevre
    • Jason Miller was elected as Affiliated Library Representative, and will join the Executive Committee in 2013-2014. During his first year of service, he will be the Chair-Elect of the Affiliated Libraries Affairs Committee.
  • Thank you to all the nominees. And thank you to the Nominations and Elections Committee (James Eason, Manuel Erviti, Waverly Lowell, and David Eifler) for organizing the nominations and administering the online elections with assistance from web administrator Julie Lefevre.

B. Retention Survey Task Force (S. Edwards)

  • The final report will be distributed soon with a copy to be posted on the LAUC-B website.
  • The Executive Committee recommends that every three years the LAUC-B Executive Committee should investigate whether an updated retention survey will need to be conducted. In terms of scheduling, this could be coordinated along the three-year cycle of the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect transitioning to Chair and then Past Chair (i.e., when Lynn Jones is serving as Past Chair in 2015, she may explore whether an updated retention survey needs to be conducted).

C. Planning for LAUC-B comment on Re-envisioning Library Services (N. Robinson)

  • In light of the potential formation of a Blue Ribbon Committee for further faculty input on library re-envisioning, the LAUC-B Executive Committee will postpone our plans to collect LAUC-B members feedback. We will wait for further details about the Blue Ribbon Committee plans and will find ways to inform that process.

IV. New Business

A. Professional Development allocation for 2012-13 (N. Robinson, S. Edwards, S. Xue)

  • Susan Xue, Susan Edwards, and Nick Robinson met with Kris Leonardo to calculate projections for the LAUC-B professional development allocations for 2012-2013.
  • The amount available will be announced shortly.