Executive Committee Minutes 06/10/10

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, June 10, 2010
10:00 am 12:00 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: J. Bolstad, M. Burnette, L. Diamond, S. Koskinen, C. Lee, R. Martinez, M. Phillips (Chair), I. Wang.

I. Announcements
- C. Lee: The deadline for intentions to nominate candidates for the Distinguished Librarian
Award was June 1. So far the committee has received 6 nominations.
- S. Koskinen sent out a message to the membership that the sample templates for the
Statement of Responsibility are on the LAUC-B web site.
- M. Phillips: The final approved version of the report by the CAPA Task Force on Special
Issues has been sent to T. Leonard and S. Wong. M. Phillips has asked S. Wong to replace the
old document with the new one on the LHRD web site and will work with her on archiving older
versions. M. Phillips will follow up with T. Leonard to see if he plans to pass on the report further.
- Deborah Sommer and Patricia Maughan will be retiring from the Library as of June 30.
- M. Phillips sent out a message to the membership asking for volunteers to be on the
Conference Committee for 2011.
- ExComm congratulated C. Lee on her recent interview in the UC Berkeley News online
- C. Lee posted a summary on the LAUC-B blog of Law School dean Christopher Edleys recent
talk on the possibility of online education (including online degrees) at UC: Technological
Evolution to Save the Elite Public University (see http://blogs.lib.berkeley.edu/laucb.php).
- A subscriber button has been added to the LAUC-B blog by S. Koskinen. She will notify the
membership by e-mail.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (I. Wang)
- The current balance is $103,992.37.

B. Meeting with University Librarian (M. Phillips, S. Koskinen)
- No meeting.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of Academic Senate (S. Koskinen)
- No meeting. ExComm discussed the issues the UC Libraries are experiencing with the journal
Nature, which wants to quadruple its subscription rates.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (L. Diamond)
- L. Diamond shared the sample templates for the Statement of Responsibility with the LAUC
Statewide Board.
- L. Diamond reminded division chairs to check which LAUC Statewide committee
representatives will be rotating off this year, so that she can put out a call for new
- Since there was no LAUC Spring Assembly, L. Diamond individually asked chairs to send in
their committee reports, which will be posted on the LAUC web site and wiki.
- LAUC State-wide will be announcing LAUC research grant winners soon.
- The LAUC Executive Board transition meeting will be held at UCOP on August 9. Only the
incoming chairs will meet (not outgoing chairs). To facilitate the transition, there will be a page
on the wiki or a document for incoming chairs to refer to.
- HOPS has recommended to SOPAG, and SOPAG has recommended to the University
Librarians that the UC 24/7 chat service move from pilot stage to a permanently funded service.
- L. Diamond shared the report by the CAPA Task Force on Special Issues. The LAUC State-
wide Executive Board has asked L. Diamond to draft a call to see what other campuses are
- The chair of the Committee on Professional Governance is drafting a short survey on the
future of libraries which he will send to the LAUC Executive Board for comments. In July the
committee will send the survey out to the membership.

III. Ongoing Business

A. Professional Development funding for 2010-11 (S. Koskinen, I. Wang, M.Phillips)
- M. Phillips, S. Koskinen, and I. Wang met with K. Leonardo to discuss the future of
professional development funding. There will be approximately $900 for each LAUC-B member
for the next fiscal year. Currently, about 85% of librarians are using at least some of their funds.
S. Koskinen and M. Phillips will send out a message to the membership soon informing them of
how much funding for the next fiscal year they can expect.
- The pilot program allowing librarians to use LAUC-B professional development funding to pay
for association membership fees is considered a success and is now a permanent program.
Many members have taken advantage of this opportunity. ExComm acknowledged the great
support that Kris Leonardo has done to facilitate this program; also acknowledged were the
previous LAUC-B chairs, especially Lucia Diamond, who were able to turn this proposal into

B. Turnover meeting (M. Phillips)
- The turnover meeting will be on August 19, 2010. Margaret will send a welcoming message to
the incoming members of ExComm and ask them to save this date.