Executive Committee Minutes May 11, 2016

LAUC-B Executive Committee

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10:30 a.m. – noon

Doe 303


Members: Barbara Bohl, David Eifler, Jeffery Loo, Michele Morgan, Jennifer Nelson, Emily Vigor, I-Wei Wang (Chair); Guests: Holly Hatheway, Corliss Lee, Julie Lefevre



  1. Announcements

    1. As noted in last month’s minutes, the LAUC-B portion of the budget has been submitted with the Library budget and is currently under review.

    2. The LAUC-B ExComm ballot will launch May 18 and voting will close on June 6. Thank you to the Nominating and Elections Committee for their work.

  2. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler)

      1. Current balance: $67, 206

    2. Monthly UL meeting (I. Wang)

      1. I. Wang summarized findings from the LAUC-B archives regarding the “Establishment of Libraries on the Berkeley Campus as Affiliated Libraries” document (see attached written report). The UL requested this information to address  the PFA’s interest in becoming an affiliated library and was interested in  LAUC-B’s position. (a version of which may be found at http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/affilguidelines.html). While LAUC-B members' views are not uniform many consider the requirement of having at least one Librarian series professional as central to  designation as a “library.”

      2. I. Wang summarized concerns regarding the CAPA room (see item III.B below). The UL stated that maintaining a dedicated room for interviews is not a priority but agreedthat  as long as paper dossiers are required that health and safety issues should be addressed on a priority basis in the committee’s work space

    3. LIBR meeting (J. Nelson) - cancelled, no report

    4. LAUC statewide conference call (I. Wang) 10:50

      1. Task forces - including local members K. Tasker (chair) and K. Neal of the LAUC Archives Implementation Task Force; and M. Singh of the LAUC E-Venues Task Force (successor to  the LAUC Journal Task Force) - will continue their workunder the next LAUC Statewide Executive Board.

      2. A new task force chaired by Adam Siegel, with local members D. Jan and M. Singh was formed to update LAUC statewide position papers 2 and 4,.

      3. There will be a statewide webinar on research grants before June 30. The Professional Development Committee may arrange a space to participate live oncedetails have been announced.

  3. On-going Business

    1. Proposed 2016 Task Force on the Professional Status of Librarians at Berkeley (I. Wang)

      1. I. Wang reported that some LAUC-B members have expressed interest in participating on a task force to examine the professional status of Berkeley librarians, the initialcharge would be factfinding to understand local and national trends and members’  perceptions of librarian status.  ExComm voted to form  a task force to report findings to the LAUC-B chair..

      2. ExComm will work via email to refine the charge document and recruit task force members.

    2. CAPA room (J. Lefevre) 11:30

      1. The condition of the room is poor including stained carpets, peeling paint,  possible mold on walls, and windows that are unsafe to open.  This was recently highlighted when HR insisted CAPA interviews of candidates be held in Doe 303 due to the condition of the CAPA room

      2. Julie Lefevre, CAPA Chair,  would like these issues addressed  as that is requisite space where confidentialdossier files are reviewed.

    3. Update on "Establishment of Libraries on the Berkeley Campus as Affiliated Libraries" document, per email discussion (I. Wang) 11:40

      1. A 1989 document was drafted by a task force/committee convened by the University Librarian  to advise on a request to become an Affiliated Library. ExComm was asked (via a memo dated May 31, 1989) to develop written criteria for general application to future requests (the UL also forwarded a copy of the draft to LIBR). ExComm provided feedback via a memo dated July 21,1989 butwas not a part of the process of deciding or advising on the status of the specific proposed Affiliated Library.

      2. ExComm’s role in the 2003 revision of the document is somewhat unclear, but appears to have been limited to endorsing suggested updates to the document, proposed by a “revision team.” It remains unclear who requested the updates, who convened the revision team, or what the process of changing the document was after ExComm’s endorsement (on May 14, 2003) of the proposed revisions. The document currently available at LAUC-B’s site (http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/affilguidelines.html ) reflects the 2003 revisions.

      3. See attached report.

  4. New Business

    1. Proposal to institute a regular end-of semester social gathering wasdeferred to a futurer Excomm meeting in the interest of time.

    2. Update on 2017 conference planning (J. Nelson) 11:50

      1. LAUC-B’s budget request including funds for the 2017  conference has been included in the Library budget sentthe Chancellor’s office.

      2. Guest H. Hatheway reported that the LAUC-B Conference Planning Committee co-chairs are meeting soon and will be recruiting a committee. The co-chairs will report on their progress at either the June or July ExComm meetings.