Executive Committee Minutes 04/13/2016

LAUC-B Executive Committee

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Members: Barbara Bohl, David Eifler, Jeffery Loo, Michele Morgan, Jennifer Nelson, Emily Vigor, I-Wei Wang (Chair), Shayee Khanaka (guest)



  1. Announcements (I. Wang)

    1. Apologies - I. Wang mistakenly sent an email intended for ExComm to the LAUC-B membership as a whole.

    2. D. Eifler will email the LAUC-B list about an end-of year LAUC-B gathering at Faculty Club on May 5, 2016 from 4-6pm

    3. AUL for Scholarly Resources lunches

      1. Four candidate lunches have been approved. They will consist of 3 LAUC-B members (including one ExComm and one Affiliated Librarian). Lunches will be scheduled for April 25, 26 and 27 and May 3.

  2. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler)

      1. April 4, 2016 balance of $72, 776

    2. Monthly UL meeting (I. Wang)

      1. Summary of last meeting is incorporated into the March ExComm minutes

      2. The UL reports the Library budget has been submitted to campus and includes LAUC-B's proposal, less the supplemental professional development amounts requested. He also reaffirmed that the two-year professional funding model will be implemented, allowing LAUC-B members whose funding is administered by LAUC-B via the LBS (represented and unrepresented Librarians, other than those at Law) to spend two years' allocations at once, with funds "expiring" at the end of even-numbered fiscal years.

      3. A strategic planning facilitator has been engaged and will be in touch with J. Nelson and I. Wang regarding the spring Assembly logistics. It is anticipated that a reaction document (a draft distilling the current strategic plan) will be circulated at least a week in advance to frame the discussion; pre-Assembly straw polling may also be used to focus the discussion.

    3. LIBR meeting (J. Nelson)

      1. March LIBR meeting was canceled. No report.

      2. Email exchanges among LIBR members indicate they would still like to have a mechanism for input about the Moffitt redesign (see also ExComm minutes from 3/9/2016, II.B.2). UL MacKie-Mason will attend April’s LIBR meeting and can provide an update on Moffitt redesign planning.

    4. LAUC statewide conference call (I. Wang)

      1. The new state bylaws went into effect on Monday, April 11. A full review of local bylaws to align them with revised statewide ones will eventually happen, but may not be necessary immediately.

      2. *See attachments at end of minutes

  3. Continuing Business

    1. Spring Assembly planning (I. Wang) - May 4, 2016

      1. The business portion of the meeting will be limited to acknowledgement of new hires and retirements, and an introduction of the election slate.

      2. Assembly planning is underway and will include a presentation by J. MacKie-Mason and opportunity for Q&A

    2. Statewide Assembly (delegates)

      1. Held on March 21, 2016 at UC Merced

      2. There was robust discussion on position papers and whether to retire or revise them. Position Papers 1 and 3 will be retired, Papers 2 and 4 will be revised.

      3. Dan Russell from Google was the keynote speaker.

  4. New Business

    1. Proposed task force to examine issues regarding professional status and erosion of professional positions (I. Wang, guest Shayee Khanaka)

      1. Delineation of scope: LAUC-B members have expressed concerns with recent positions in the Librarian Series not requiring an MLIS, hiring trends both in and outside the Librarian Series in a number of units, and the effect these hiring practices have on eroding the Librarian Series numerically and qualitatively.

      2. I. Wang proposed forming a task force charged with comparing professional status/positions in Librarian Series based on practices at UC systemwide, at peer institutions, and here on campus.

        1. Discussion among ExComm members about possible tasks for task force and issues to be investigated

        2. Some identified concerns:

          • quality of training and professional development opportunities and resultant impact on quality of services provided;

          • "scope creep" in non-professional positions and its impact on professional standards, rights, privileges, and obligations;

          • national reputation and leadership ;

          • retention and career advancement of librarians and non-librarians;

          • impact on end users of affected library services;

          • impact on relationship between Librarian Series and non-Series personnel;

          • impact on morale and professional development of Librarian Series professionals.

        3. ExComm members discussed possible work-products from a task force.

        4. Action item: I. Wang will develop and circulate to ExComm a conceptual draft of a task force charge and explore possible task force composition.

  5. Approval of LAUC-B Elections proposed slate (post meeting via email).

    1. Motion by I. Wang to approve the proposed slate of candidates to be presented by the Nominating and Elections Committee at the Spring Assembly. Vote: Approved.

    2. ExComm thanks the Nominating and Elections Committee for their work in preparing the slate and to the candidates for running.