Executive Committee Minutes 03/11/2015

LAUC-B Executive Committee

March 11, 2015 10:30 am 12:00 pm Room 303 Doe Library

Members present: Rita Evans (chair), Kendra Levine, Lisa Ngo, Liladhar Pendse, Jesse Silva (recorder), I-Wei Wang

I. Announcements

  • APM Revisions: R.Evans sent out draft version of APM revisions. These will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • UCB Delegates to the Statewide Assembly: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and the Affiliated Representative will be funded to attend. UCB may send a representative to speak on a panel about library reorganizations in the UC system.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo)

  • Current balance: $78,066

B. Meeting with the University Librarian of March 18, 2015 (R. Evans, I. Wang, by e-mail)

  • Berkeley Procedures We noted that we are waiting for a response from Tom Leonard and Susan Wong regarding the marked-up version of the draft which I-Wei sent to them several weeks ago. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss final language if necessary, but we offered to handle this via email. We will wait to hear from Tom and Susan.
  • Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay We asked Tom about the role librarians could play at the new campus and said our expertise could be part of its selling points. Tom responded that Berkeley is looking for partners with funding in Asia, Europe and Silicon Valley. There is an aggressive schedule with a planned opening date in 2018. He does not anticipate any threat to NRLF.
  • Iron Mountain: In the context of NRLF, Tom reported that vendor Iron Mountain is looking into handling physical storage of books and has discussed this with AUL Erik Mitchell. The vendor will be presenting at UCLA in the near future, and Tom expects to attend.
  • CoUL Meeting: CoUL (Council of University Librarians) met this morning. The UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS) is still under discussion and there may be a move from having all campuses represented in some groups. Core competencies are being discussed. There is interest in examining CDL as a new executive director is being recruited. CDL has a $20 million dollar budget and licensing continues to consume the vast majority of it.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (I. Wang)

  • University Librarian Search: Four names have been turned in to the campus for interviews. There were no internal candidates. The search committees work is done.
  • The RLF subcommittee is working on finishing an update to previous report.
  • Budget memo: LIBR drafted a memo to Executive Vice Chancellor Claude Steele about overall library budget and protesting cuts. The final memo is attached.
  • Non-text digital media: Also discussed was a proposal advocating the library develop a coordinated plan for preservation, storage and access of non-text digital media the first step of which may be to hire a non-text media librarian.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call of March 2015 (R. Evans)

  • Assembly planning is proceeding. R. Evans will send out registration information soon.
  • Membership issues continue to be discussed by the Committee on Professional Governance. The wiki contains much discussion on this topic, which is much bigger issue on other campuses than UCB. Comments can be sent to R. Evans, L. Jones or M. Conner at UCD.
  • Special Assemblies: There will be two special assemblies via phone to discuss the membership issue:

    Dates: April 7, 1 - 3 pm and April 14, 11 am - 1 pm

    Phone: contact Rita

    Access Code: contact Rita

  • UCOLASC meeting: UC Press looking to publish humanities book in open access ebook form.
  • Software copyrighting: UCOP General Counsel is looking into copywriting software, using patents as a model.
  • OA Policy: UCLA turned on the Symplectic harvester as part of the UC Open Access Policy adoption. The deposit rate increased by 2400%.
  • SLASIAC: There was an update that CoUL is talking about building something or adding to an existing building for NRLF. This seems to be apart from the news and understanding we have about UCB working with UCLA. LIBR also had some discussion on this.
  • The rest of the call was spent planning for the statewide conference.

III. Continuing Business

A. LAUC-B funding after 2014-2015 (R. Evans)

  • ExComm had a frank discussion with E. Woods about the budget. Included in the discussion was a willingness by LAUC-B to reduce the financial component of the Distinguished Librarian Award and look into ways to reduce the cost of the conference, including partial cost recovery models. L. Ngo and I. Wang met after the meeting to discuss and draft a budget.

B. 2015-2016 Budget process and request (R. Evans, I. Wang, L. Ngo)

  • The draft budget was discussed and will be submitted to E. Woods for review.

C. Berkeley Procedures revision (I. Wang, R. Evans)

  • R. Evans to request a meeting with T. Leonard and S. Wong.

D. Spring Assembly planning: date, topic, format (All)

  • Proposed date: April 21, possibly April 23, in the Morrison Library. The event will be from 8:30-10:30 and will be a joint assembly between affiliated libraries and LAUC-B.
  • Title: Moving forward together.
  • Proposed idea: fishbowl panel of new ideas and initiatives between libraries and various campus partners (D-Lab, BIDS, and others relevant to our interests).

E. 2015 LAUC-B Conference (L.Ngo)

  • S. Teplitzky will be filling in for H. Schiraldi.

IV. New Business

A. Proposal for Bylaws change re: timing of elections and Assemblies (E. Smith, R. Evans)

  • ExComm wants to change the bylaws for holding elections after the Spring Assemblys floor nominations from 30 days to 2 weeks. Since voting is done electronically, we dont need as long of a gap between the assembly and elections. This change will be added to spring assembly agenda. Local bylaws changes also need to go to statewide. ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will draft change.

B. Diversity Committee request for funding for event (L. Pendse)

  • ExComm approved $65 for this event.

C. Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay How do libraries fit in the vision? (All)

  • ExComm briefly discussed ways LAUC-B could address this.

Next meeting: April 8, 2015