Executive Committee Minutes 03/09/2016

LAUC-B Executive Committee

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10:30 a.m. – noon

Doe 303

Members: Barbara Bohl, David Eifler, Jeffery Loo, Michele Morgan, Jennifer Nelson, Emily Vigor, I-Wei Wang (Chair)



  1. Announcements (I. Wang)

    1. The recently announced travel policy for librarians has been clarified.  Librarians may continue to apply for funding to attend conferences and if they have questions they should feel free to contact ExComm (I. Wang).

  2. Reports

    1. Treasurer (D. Eifler)

      1. Our current balance is $77,933. We will meet with Elise Woods later today to discuss next year’s budget proposal.

      2. Monthly UL meeting (J. Nelson)  February UL meeting minutes are in last month’s minutes

      3. At the 3/10 meeting after ExComm’s March meeting, I-Wei and Jennifer discussed the strategic planning process introduced by J. MacKie-Mason’s 3/7  email to all University Library and Affiliated Libraries staff. More information about the planning process and a draft plan will be shared in coordination with  facilitated activities including the LAUC-B Assembly.

    2. LIBR meeting (I. Wang)

      1. At the 3/10 meeting of LIBR J. MacKie-Mason summarized the Council of University Librarians’ 2/11 meeting with with UC President Janet Napolitano, which addressed the Regional Library Facilities situation and the budget cut faced by California Digital Library. The UL also discussed the impact of a mandated 4% budget cut for the Library and  mentioned he is building up the Library's Development office by recruiting a new director who will, in turn,  fill two standing vacancies in major gifts.

      2. LIBR had  a lengthy discussion about the planning process for undergraduate library space needs and the Moffitt renovation.

      3. T. Shannon, LIBR representative to the University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (UCOLASC), noted that the next meeting (on 2/19) would focus on the RLFs and the open access "Pay It Forward" campaign. There will  also be a presentation on the Academic Senate’s and University President’s policies on open access, at which he will present Berkeley's statistics. LAUC-B was able to provide data to him by forwarding M. Phillips' presentation materials.

    3. LAUC statewide conference call (I. Wang)

      1. Discussion focused on the upcoming assembly at UC Merced.

      2. There was also a conversation about the approval of Statewide LAUC’s bylaws impacts. ExComm will be examining and reporting to the statewide Committee on Professional Governance on the need, if any, for amendments to align local bylaws.

  3.  Old Business

    1. Spring Assembly planning (J. Nelson)

      1. The LAUC-B Spring Assembly is scheduled for May 4, 2016. The Assembly will focus on the Library’s  strategic planning process. The format of Assembly is still being developed.

  4. New Business

    1. Proposed joint program with SDC and Library Leadership Team (I. Wang)

      1. The Library’s Leadership Team is proposing holding  lightning talks on topics of interest by people who attended or presented at conferences or meetings in last year (especially those funded by the Library/LAUC-B/SDC).

      2. TLT proposes holding this event in  May 2016

    2. 321 Doe  (I. Wang)

      1. LHRD recently rescheduled candidate meetings with CAPA in Doe 303 instead of Doe 321 out of concern about the latter’s appearance. CAPA expressed  to ExComm that they would prefer to hold interviews in their own space (Doe 321). ExComm recognizes both positions but encourages CAPA to consider holding the CAPA interviews where LHRD schedules them, recognizing the ultimate decision is  CAPAs. Ex-Comm also  advocates for the improvement of 321 Doe.

    3. Inquiry from UC-AFT (I. Wang)

      1. UC-AFT brought to LAUC-B’s attention a grievance on behalf of the bargaining unit about a variety of cataloging and metadata positions hired outside of the Librarian Series.

      2. Both LAUC-B and UC-AFT are aware that LAUC-B does not advise on matters covered by the MOU, and UC-AFT was not asking LAUC-B to take a stance on the grievance

      3. However, in LAUC-B’s role to advise the University and UL on matters pertaining to the Library and librarians, including matters of professional qualification, duties and peer review, AFT specifically asked ExComm to examine and comment on a perceived trend of de-professionalization of the Librarian Series via the reduction in hiring within the series for librarian work.

      4. ExComm did not have sufficient time to give this issue its due consideration. Whether and how ExComm will advise about the professional issues underlying the grievance will be discussed at April’s ExComm meeting.