Executive Committee Minutes 02/11/10

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, February 11, 2010
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: J. Bolstad, M. Burnette, S. Koskinen, R. Martinez, M. Phillips (Chair), I. Wang

Guests: L. Castillo-Speed, M. Cochran, S. Khanaka, J. Schultz

I. Announcements
- One of last year's LAUC research grant recipients from UCB has asked for an extension.
ExComm agreed that an extension was fine but referred the individual to the Statewide LAUC
Research and Professional Development committee, as it is really a statewide issue.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (I. Wang)
- The current balance is $131,946.91.
- M. Phillips will ask E. Woods about giving access to I. Wang to log in and view LAUC-B
funding reports. Currently, Affiliated Library folks do not have access. M. Phillips will also find
out why it is not possible to carry over unused professional development funds so that they will
be accumulated from fiscal year to year.

B. Meeting with University Librarian (M. Phillips, S. Koskinen)
- Two meetings took place, one in January and one in February. In January, T. Leonard stated
that the Western Conference on Regional Storage took place. In February, T. Leonard
mentioned that Mark Yudof is interested in open access and accountability, and feels that open
access is a good way to showcase what UC researchers are doing.
- There is no official budget yet, but the most optimistic expectation is that it will be flat.
- START will continue until December; and furloughs are destined to end in August.
- TALAG invited T. Leonard, B. Hurley, and I. Stirling to meet on Feb 26.
- There are changes in the Academic Personnel Office: E. Leavitt is no longer there. It is unclear
who is handling librarians and where librarians should deliver their review packets this year.
- T. Leonard will attend a ULs meeting in Oakland on February 24.
- There will be an update soon on NextGenMelvyl and NextGenTechServices.
- C. Eckman is working on a Task Force for textbook affordability.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of Academic Senate (S. Koskinen)
- The Committee has not met since the last ExComm meeting.

D. LAUC State-wide Conference Calls (M. Phillips)
- The State-wide Nominating Committee is looking for nominees for Vice-President and
Secretary. M. Phillips encouraged Excomm to think of nominees.
- This year, 13 LAUC research grant proposals were submitted, but none were from UCB.
- There was discussion about the Distinguished Step. The CAPA Task Force on Special Issues
is still working on clarifying this and will meet with M. Phillips, C. Lee and L. Jones soon. This
will be an ongoing agenda topic. Other campuses are interested in what UCB decides.
- There will be no Statewide Spring Assembly. The next assembly will be in FY10-11 at UCSB.

III. Ongoing Business

A. Statement of Responsibility next steps (M. Phillips)
- There is no report yet. M. Phillips, S. Koskinen, and I. Wang are still working on it. I. Wang will
draft a template for review.

B. LAUC-B Spring Assembly planning (M. Phillips)
- A speaker is still needed. The assembly has to be held at least one month prior to the election,
which is on June 3.

C. LAUC-B 2011 Conference (M. Phillips)
- The conference committee Chair is I. Wang. I. Wang and M. Phillips will draft a charge as well
as a general call for volunteers to serve on the committee.

D. LAUC-B Online Elections (J. Schultz, M. Cochran, co-chairs, Nominations and Elections
- A draft/test survey was reviewed. ExComm provided feedback and suggested names of
people who could help. J. Schultz will make modifications and send out another test survey.

IV. New Business

A. LAUC Research Opportunities (S. Khanaka, L. Castillo-Speed, LAUC-B Committee on
- UCB had no applicants for LAUC research grants nor the Townsend Fellowship this year. The
LAUC-B Committee on Research held a brown bag but very few attended. After speaking with a
few people, the Committee came to a conclusion as to why people were reluctant to apply:
Librarians do not get any time off or support to do work on their research. Because of furloughs
and workload increases, it has been difficult for people to find time for research activities.
- Suggestions from the LAUC-B Committee on Research for next year include:
- Extend the research grant application deadline. This year, the deadline was Jan 8 and
librarians returned to campus on Jan 7.
- Do more than just send out a call for applications. If people know of colleagues who
have expertise or interest in certain areas, encourage them to apply. Also go to all of the
Councils and promote the research grants.
- S. Koskinen and M. Phillips will discuss this topic with T. Leonard; M. Phillips will talk to L.
Diamond about extending the deadline to mid-January; and S. Khanaka will talk to D. Rowan.

B. LAUC discussion: Future of Librarianship in California
- L. Diamond is eager to have a Statewide conversation on the future of librarianship. The
Southern California UC campuses will convene at UCI this Spring. The Northern campuses are
being asked to have their own discussions. L. Vida has volunteered to help facilitate future
discussions. So far, other UC campuses have held brown bags and assemblies on this topic.
ExComm thinks there should be a discussion, perhaps at the LAUC-B Spring Assembly, which
will be held in April. There could be a brief speaker, and then members could break out into
groups to discuss various topics. ExComm will discuss this with L. Diamond and L. Vida.
Tentative ideas for discussion topics are: Technology, Collections/Networks,
Personnel/Organizational Culture, Library Space, Services (Reference, Technical Services, etc),
and Other. This will be an ongoing agenda topic.