Executive Committee Minutes 01/21/2015

LAUC-B Executive Committee

January 21, 2015
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Room 303 Doe Library

Members present: Rita Evans (chair), Lynn Jones, Kendra Levine, Lisa Ngo, Liladhar Pendse, Jesse Silva, Elliott Smith (recorder), I-Wei Wang

I. Announcements

  • L. Ngo: The LAUC-B Conference Planning Committee has issued a request for presentation proposals to UCB librarians and staff, and to the LAUC chairs on other campuses (see Hilary Schiraldis allusers message of Jan. 20). Please feel free to forward. The 2015 LAUC-B Conference, Open Access: Reclaiming Scholarship for the Academy, will take place in Berkeley on October 16; presentation proposals are due by Friday, March 13.
  • R. Evans: The LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee has issued a call for LAUC Presentation Grant proposals (see the messages to the lauc list sent by RIta Evans and Ramona Martinez on Jan. 20).

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo)

  • Current balance: $88,011
  • ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will contact Chief Financial Officer Elise Woods about a meeting regarding the LAUC-B 2015-16 budget.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian meeting of January 21, 2015 (R. Evans, I. Wang by e-mail)

  1. Interim UL There may well be an Interim UL following Tom Leonards retirement at the end of June.
  2. NRLF CoUL (Council of University Librarians), NRLF Director Erik Mitchell, and other system entities are having ongoing discussions about a solution to off-site storage needs. Tom Leonard said CoUL is now less enthusiastic about the idea of a storage facility in the Central Valley.
    • Storage at the Regatta Building, currently used for many archival projects, may be part of a short-term solution
    • De-duplication
    • Digitize and withdraw targeted collections could include material where preservation is an issue, such as brittle newspapers
    • Resolve issues with removing non-UC film collection from SRLF to free up large amount of space
  3. LAUC-B funding after 2014-2015 The Provosts office responded to LAUC-Bs letter asking to discuss the funding situation by asking Library Administration for more information. Elise Woods is attempting yet again to explain to the Provosts office why that office and not The Library should fund LAUC-B (note that about 30% of LAUC-B members do not report to the UL/The Library). Tom Leonnard thinks Library Admin will have an idea of what the budget will be in early February.
  4. Open Access Policy SLASIAC issued a statement endorsing the draft policy on Open Access for non-Senate academic employees.
  5. Campus Shared Services The Library will be moving to Campus Shared Services. Library Administration is involved in discussions regarding the 2% charge for CSS and is arguing that while it may be appropriate to apply that to The Librarys operational budget, it should not be applied to the collections budget.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (I. Wang)

  • No meeting was held this month. UL Tom Leonard will be on vacation and not attending on February 3.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (I. Wang)

  • Main discussions were narrowing down topics for (1) the Statewide Assembly; and (2) potential webinars in the UCLAS webinar series. Statewide Executive Board and divisional vice-chairs are being polled to rank and refine the short-list of choices.

III. Continuing Business

A. Follow-up from E. Mitchells NRLF presentation (All)

  • ACTION ITEM: R. Evans will contact E. Mitchell to raise possibilities for follow-up.
  • ACTION ITEM: I. Wang will contact Todd Hickey of LIBR subcommittee on RLFs to see if a meeting would be fruitful.
  • ACTION ITEM: R. Evans and I. Wang will raise the NRLF issue with Tom Leonard.

B. Berkeley Procedures revision approval update (R. Evans)

  • A meeting is scheduled for next week with LHRD and Tom Leonard regarding the basic minimum requirement in position announcements, which has shifted the MLS into the additional requirements category.

C. CAPA nomination process website update (R. Evans)

  • Ramona Martinez (CAPA current chair) and Debbie Jan (CAPA past chair) approved the new language on the CAPA page of the LAUC-B website under the heading Nomination to CAPA; see http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/capa

D. LAUC-B funding after 2014-2015 (R. Evans)

  • A followup letter has been sent to Provost Steele, and R. Evans will propose a meeting with Elise Woods and her counterpart the Provosts office. R. Evans and I. Wang will also raise the issue with UL Tom Leonard. R. Evans noted that it is unclear with whom this issue should be raised. A general discussion was held about the next budget request and possible alterations to the rules governing professional development funding. The consensus of the committee is that the language in the contract should be clarified so that we know what entities are responsible for LAUC funding.

IV. New Business

A. 2014-2015 Budget process and request (All)

  • It was noted that we dont know whether we can expect any funding above the contractually required $57,000 for the 2015-2016 budget. If our budget allocation is no more than $57,000 the LAUC-B conference and the Distinguished Librarian Award would be most greatly affected. Once ExComm has more information from the ULs office regarding the range of budget options that may be included in the next proposed budget, further input by LAUC-B membership regarding budget priorities can be elicited.

B. Spring Assembly planning (All)

  • The possibility of a joint Spring Assembly for LAUC-B and the Affiliated Libraries was discussed. A planning committee including K. Levine, L. Jones, L. Pendse, and L. Ngo as an alternate was formed and charged with selecting a date, formulating a set of questions/topics to be addressed, contacting potential participants and communicating with the Affiliated Libraries Administrative Group (TALAG).
  • ACTION ITEM: E. Smith will check the LAUC-B Bylaws to see if there are any requirements regarding the date of the Spring Assembly.

Next meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 11, 10 am