Executive Committee Minutes 01/14/10

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, January 14, 2010
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: J. Bolstad, L. Diamond, M. Phillips (Chair), S. Koskinen, L. Jones, C. Lee, R. Martinez,
S. Tao, I. Wang.

Guest: J. Schultz

I. Announcements

- C. Lee provided a brief followup to the previous Academic Senate Library Committee meeting,
where WRCA was discussed. C. Lee and L. Vida discussed whether L. Vida should ask the
committee to write letter of support for WRCA. If so, C. Lee suggested that L. Vida should
mention it to T. Leonard.
- ExComm will need a new LAUC state-wide representative to the Committee on Research and
Professional Development, as of January 21. M. Phillips has contacted members of the LAUC-B
Committee on Research to ask for a volunteer, but has not received a response. ExComm
suggested asking a former LAUC research grant winner and suggested names. M. Phillips will
e-mail names to Excomm for approval.
- M. Phillips mentioned the tentative agreement with AFT. The meeting to discuss the
agreement will be held in 303 Doe on January 20 at noon. M. Phillips will attend the meeting.
Issues in the agreement of particular interest to LAUC are: references to distinguished step and
the increase in our professional development funds.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report (I. Wang)
The current balance is $141,274.79.

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (M. Phillips, S. Koskinen)
- The meeting was postponed and will occur this afternoon.

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of Academic Senate (S. Koskinen)
- The Committee has not met since the last ExComm meeting.

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Calls (L. Diamond)
- The LAUC Statewide executive board met the morning after the LAUC State-wide Assembly.
The LAUC State-wide committee summarized what happened and talked about continuing work.
The State-wide Committee on Professional Governance is planning a regional meeting to be
held in Southern California in the Spring. Funding for the regional meeting has already been
obtained from various sources. The Commission on the Future of UC might come and speak.
Janet Lockwood from UCOP and Dan Greenstein have offered their assistance to L. Diamond, if
needed. The Commission on the Future of UC has data on and is gathering statistics on the
number of librarians and staff who have left UC. The goal is to see whats happening system-

III. Ongoing Business

A. LAUC-B online elections (J. Schultz, Nominations and Elections Committee)
- UC Davis has been holding online elections successfully for the past few years using
Surveymonkey. The Nominations and Elections Committee investigated the free version of
Surveymonkey as well as other software. Excomm recommended contacting Phoebe Ayers at
UC Davis for advice. J. Schultz will investigate whether The Library has a subscription to
Surveymonkey. He will also create a draft survey on Surveymonkey and have ExComm
members test it the week of February 8. J. Schultz will attend the February 11 ExComm meeting
to report the results of the mock survey. The next LAUC-B election will be on June 4.

B. CAPA Task Force on Special Issues (C. Lee)
- Nominations of members for the Task Force were stated and approved by ExComm. The draft
charge was reviewed, discussed, and approved by ExComm. The Task Force results will be
reported at the March 11 ExComm meeting, with the possibility of an extension if needed. C.
Lee will pass on the appropriate information to the Task Force Chair.

C. Distinguished Librarian Award (C. Lee)
- C. Lee will consult with Lily Castillo-Speed, the former Chair of the Distinguished Librarian
Award Committee, regarding procedures for this years committee. A call for volunteers to serve
on the committee will be sent out in the near future. The committee will consist of a Chair plus
four members (one from the Affiliated Libraries, and one a faculty member). M. Phillips and S.
Koskinen will talk to T. Leonard about finding a faculty member to serve on the committee. C.
Lee will collect names of volunteers to serve on the committee and send them to ExComm to
- ExComm discussed whether the call for nominations for the award needed to be clarified so
that members understand that they can nominate librarians who are mid-level as well as upper-
level in their careers. The budget for the Distinguished Librarian Award, as well as other
logistics were discussed. The ceremony will be held in November. This will be an ongoing
agenda item.

D. Statement of Responsibility next steps (M. Phillips)
- A subgroup, consisting of S. Koskinen, M. Phillips, and I. Wang will draft and develop sample
statements. Samples will be shared and discussed in the April ExComm meeting.

E. 2011 LAUC-B Conference: possible topics (all)
- ExComm hopes to charge a Conference Committee by March. Possible conference topics
were discussed. ExComm decided that the theme related to trends in higher education. It was
suggested that it would be nice to have former conference committee member on the 2011
committee. ExComm will appoint a Chair for the committee first, and then put out a call for other
committee members.

F. LAUC-B Spring Assembly planning (M. Phillips)
- Suggestions for possible speakers were given and discussed. ExComm will take a closer look
in a future meeting and select a speaker. The assembly will be held in early May.