Executive Committee Minutes 01/08/2014

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2014
10 am – 12 pm
303 Doe Library

Members Present:  Lynn Jones (chair), Jim Church (recorder), Susan Edwards, Cody Hennesy, Lisa Ngo, Elliott Smith, Rita Evans, Jason Miller

Guests: Karen Yu and Imadeldin Abuelgasim (LAUC B Cultural Diversity Committee)

      I.        Announcements

            There were no announcements.

     II.        Reports

a.     Approve Fall Assembly minutes

The minutes were approved with small changes to one presentation.

b.     Treasurer's Report (L. Ngo)

The current balance is $102,500, after approval of the new budget.

c.     Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (R. Evans).

LIBR will ask Senate Faculty Chair Elizabeth Deakin to write a letter to EVC and Provost George Breslauer requesting a response from his office to the Commission on the Future of the Libraries report (the commission charge was from the Academic Senate and the Provost’s office).

LIBR expressed great interest in the processes Library Admin uses in making decisions such as how to reorganize, how to set priorities when determining what positions to recruit for, and how to decide which services (e.g., Universal Paging) to fund with limited resources.

LIBR has formed four subcommittees: NRLF and Storage of Hard-copy Collections; Open Access, Office of Scholarly Communication, and Digital Literacy; Subject Specialty Libraries and Reorganizations; and, Staffing, Budget, and Recruitment.

d.     UL meeting (L. Jones & R. Evans)

Tom discussed the role and responsibilities of the LAUC B representative to LIBR. He also discussed the LAUC budget request with its increase in professional development funding.  LAUC noted the anticipated need for additional hospitality funds due to increased recruitments, and requested clarification about the process via which the budget request was communicated with the library business office.

e.     LAUC Statewide Conference Call (L. Jones)

The call took place on Thursday Dec. 12. Highlights include:

  • The SAG2 group reviewed the proposed charge for an Article Delivery Service Exploration Task Force from the Collections Licensing Subgroup of SAG3.
  • SAG3 - Nov. 13th meeting involved a discussion of the NGTS POT 7/LG2 report (Responding to the Changing Collection Development and Management Landscape in the UC Libraries:  the Role of the Collections Librarian) and the future role of the Bibliographer Groups.
  • LAUC Exec prefers open calls for members to serve on campus task forces, as opposed to closed appointments. LAUC Exec and SAG representatives will follow up with the Coordinating Committee on how best to fill these task forces.
  • A subcommittee was formed to revise the LAUC web site. One goal is to highlight and familiarize readers with the LAUC membership and our accomplishments.
  • Campuses expressed interest in the LAUC B survey of professional development funds.

The LAUC Spring Assembly will be held April 23rd at UC Davis. Possible topics include best practices for LAUC; emerging issues including big data, copyright, managing rapid change, and the evolving roles of academic librarians; and highlighting accomplishments of LAUC members,

f.      Professional development funding update

The 2014 LAUC budget allocates $900 for professional development. The complete budget will be sent to the membership by the LAUC B chair. The LHRD travel request form will be revised to reflect the new amount.   Lynn Jones, Rita Evans and Lisa Ngo will meet with the business office to discuss strategies for improving future budget request communication.

III.        New Business

a.     Distinguished Librarian Award

The outgoing LAUC B chair is charged to form a committee for the Distinguished Librarian’s Award. Awards will be given in Fall 2014.  Susan Edwards will send out a call for members. One affiliated librarian, a faculty member, and a previous distinguished librarian will be included. Two awards will be given totaling $10,000.

b.     Berkeley review procedures

The review workshop went very well. The workshop conveners will rewrite the review procedures and forms for next year’s review cycle.

c.     Spring Assembly LAUC B

Karen Yu and Imadeldin Abuelgasim from the LAUC B Cultural Diversity Committee presented a proposal for a Library Day of Cultural Diversity. The event will include cultural events, dancing, music, and food.  Potential speakers from the library, campus units, and other UC campuses were discussed.  Excomm approved the program for the LAUC B spring assembly.  Possible venues include the Morrison Library and the Education Psychology Library. Time and date to be determined.

d.     2015 LAUC-B Conference

Lisa Ngo will co-chair the conference committee. Possible themes were discussed, including:

  • New technologies
  • Statewide digitization
  • Collaboration in libraries
  • Open access, including outcomes and progress
  • Alt metrics
  • Intellectual freedom
  • Diversity in the university at large
  • Leadership and public speaking
  • Succession planning
  • The 24 hour library

The next meeting will be February 12.