Executive Committee Minutes 4/19/96

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1995/96 (8)
April 19, 1996
8:30-10:00, Morrison Library

Present: R.Brandt, T.Dean, B.Glendenning, D.Kearney, B.Kornstein,
C.Kubota, S.McMahon, J.Ober, V.Roumani-Denn, K.Vanden Heuvel
(Chair), P.Vanderberg (Secretary)

Guests: Approximately 25 LAUC members

I. Announcements
   B.Anton introduced the slate of candidates for the
LAUC-B election.  The slate will be announced officially at the
Spring Assembly and has been posted to the LAUC-B list
(lauc@ced). K. Vanden Heuvel thanked the Nominations and
Elections committee for its excellent work.

II. Scope of LAUC's Role in Commenting on                 
   Political/Social Issues
   The LAUC statewide Committee on Rules is drafting a
policy that would set some parameters for LAUC's role in
commenting on political and social issues. Whether LAUC, as an
official body of the University could advocate a particular point
of view was discussed.

III. Administrative Stipends
    There was considerable discussion on the proposal to
provide administrative stipends for librarian
managers/supervisors.  There was fairly wide support for the idea
that there should be ways to reward librarians with
administrative responsibilities, but most people felt that this 
administrative stipend proposal was not the best method of
accomplishing this. Some of the suggestions that were made were
increasing the number of steps in the Librarian series;
developing promotion criteria that would clearly recognize and
reward administrative responsibilities.

           ACTION: K.Vanden Heuvel will draft a response
                   to the proposal for administrative stipends
                   for librarian managers/supervisors and send
                   it out for comment.

IV. Email Issues
    The draft Electronic mail policy March 15, 1996 from
the Office of the President provides guidelines for use of
electronic mail and addresses issues of privacy, security and
archiving of electronic files. A broad discussion of issues
included in the proposed policy were discussed, including the use
of the LAUC-B reflector (lauc@ced.berkeley.edu). The use of
University email for professional issues needs more
clarification, but there was a strong consensus among those at
the meeting that all issues of professional governance are
appropriate topics for the official LAUC-B reflector.

V. Adding Steps to the Top End of the Librarian Series
    Lack of time prohibited a broad discussion of this
issue, although there was consensus that more steps needed to be
added to the top of the Librarian series, in line with the recent
addition of steps to the faculty ladder ranks.

VI. Bifurcation Issues/UCOP Salary Survey 
    T. Dean reported as the LAUC-B representative to the
Academic Senate Committee on the Library, that a letter had been
sent to Judson King with copies to the chancellor and vice
chancellor in respect to the bifurcation of librarian salaries
from those of the faculty.  

VII. UCOP Salary Survey
    K.Vanden Heuvel encouraged the membership to look at
the latest salary survey initiated by the Office of the
President.  In addition, Gary Peete recently received information
that indicated librarian salaries at U.C. have fallen
considerably behind those of the California State University.
These issues will be discussed at the LAUC statewide assembly.

VIII. Ideas for Future LAUC-B Conferences
     K. Vanden Heuvel requested that LAUC members send
ideas for future LAUC-B conferences to the LAUC reflector
(lauc@ced) or to the LAUC Executive Committee reflector

XI. Copyright Conference
     K. Vanden Heuvel announced that the LAUC Copyright
Conference will be held on May 4, 1996 and hoped that many LAUC
members will be able to attend the conference.