Executive Committee Minutes 3/21/96

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1995/96 (7)
March 21, 1996
10:00-12:00, Room 303 Doe Library

Present: T. Dean, D.Kearney, C.Kubota, V. Roumani-Denn, K.Vanden
Heuvel (Chair), P.Vanderberg (Secretary)

Absent: R.Brandt, B.Glendenning, B.Kornstein, S.McMahon, J.Ober,

Guests: B.Anton, J.Dyla

I. Announcements
   K. Vanden Heuvel sent a letter to the Chancellor
March 21, 1996 regarding the role of librarians on the UC
Berkeley campus. T.Dean announced that the Academic Senate
Committee on the Library had also sent a letter to the Chancellor
on the state of the library requesting additional resources.  
members.  There are also plans to draft another letter on the
bifurcation of faculty and librarian salaries.

II. Minutes
    Minutes of February 22, 1996 were approved.

III. Nominations and Elections
    B.Anton and J.Dyla presented a preliminary slate of
candidates for the LAUC-B election.

IV. LAUC-B Budget
    The proposed 1996/97 LAUC-B operating budget was
discussed. Various options for providing web access for LAUC-B
were considered.  

            ACTION: K.Vanden Heuvel will consult P.Lyman for      
            clarification of policies on support of electronic    

T.Dean also reported that the Academic Senate Committee on the
Library had requested that librarians be able to share the 128
modem lines that are currently dedicated to access to electronic
resources for faculty, clinical researchers and instructors.  

    Marc Levin resigned from CAPA.  Possible affiliated
library candidates for his replacement were suggested.

VI. Performance Salary Step Increase Proposal             
    The proposed Human Resource Management Initiative
that would "implement a major change in the compensation system,
by moving to a "pay for performance" corporate model of staff
compensation" was discussed.  It was determined that it would
adversely effect librarian salaries.

            ACTION: K.Vanden Heuvel will follow-up on the status  
            of the proposal in the academic senate and write a    
            letter in support of faculty concerns.

VII. Copyright Conference
     Fliers for the Public Interest in Copyright
Conference scheduled for May 4, 1996 were distributed.  An
excellent slate of speakers and moderators were being confirmed
for the program.  

VIII. Review of Organized Research Unit Libraries
     P.Lyman reported to the Affiliated Library Heads
Group on a meeting of a committee to review ORU libraries.  A
letter was drafted to Vice-Chancellor Cerny which emphasized the
need for as much cooperation and collaboration as possible
between the Library and affiliated libraries.  Areas of stack
growth, storage and plans for the digital library were identified
as areas in with LAUC-B could take part in a positive and
proactive approach to planning future directions.

IX. Next LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
    The next LAUC-B Executive Committee scheduled for
April 18, 1996 will be an open invitation to hear the concerns of 
our membership.  The LAUC Statewide meetings will be help May 13-
14, 1996 in Irvine.  The LAUC-B Spring Assembly will be held  
May 9, 1996.

X. LAUC Committee on Rules and Jurisdictions
   The LAUC Committee on Rules and Jurisdictions is
drafting guidelines for the role of LAUC in participating in
political and social events outside the university.