Executive Committee Minutes 2/22/96

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1995/96 (6)
February 22, 1996
10:00-12:00, Room 303 Doe Library

Present: T.Dean, B.Glendenning, D.Kearney, B.Kornstein, C.Kubota,
J.Ober, K.Vanden Heuvel (Chair), P.Vanderberg (Secretary)

Absent: R.Brandt, S.McMahon, G.Peete, V.Roumani-Denn

Guest: B.Whitson

I. Approval of Minutes
            The minutes of January 25, 1995 were approved.

II. LAUC-B Budget
            LAUC-B was asked to plan for a 2.5% budget reduction
for 1996/97 and a 5% reduction for 1997/98.  There are plans to
reformulate the budget request, so that it more accurately
reflects LAUC-B operations and to submit it at an earlier date.
Next year's budget request will include funds for the
distinguished librarian award, planning a major conference, and
library Web support for LAUC-B activities.

            ACTION: K.Vanden Heuvel will draft LAUC-B
            budget for 1996/97. 

III. LAUC-B Spring Assembly
            Preliminary scheduling for the LAUC-B Spring Assembly
was discussed.  Stuart Lynn will be invited to be the keynote

IV. Copyright Conference
            LAUC-B is co-sponsoring a conference May 4, 1996
entitled "The Public interest in copyright: past, present,
future" at the Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley.  $13,000.00 has
been raised from various sources, including corporate
sponsorships for this purpose. LAUC-B has contracted with U.C.
Extension to coordinate registration and publicity. The speakers
will include Peter Choy of Sun Microsystems, Carla Hesse,
Professor of History, UC Berkeley, Clifford Lynch, U.C. Director
of Library Automation, Paul Even Peters, Executive Director of
the Coalition for Networked Information, Monroe Price, Professor
of Law, Yeshiva University, Mark Rose, Professor of English, U.C.
Santa Barbara, Pamela Samuelson, Professor of Law, Cornell
University, Jonathan Tasini, President of the National Writers
Union, and Hal Varian, Dean of the UCB School of Information
Management and Systems. Registration forms are available at:

V. Academic Senate Library Committee
           Professor Leon Litwack had been appointed Chair of the
Academic Senate Library Committee.  Professor Litwack is drafting
a letter to the Chancellor urging increased support of library 

VI. Future of Librarianship Issues
           Discussion continued on the role of library
professionals on the UCB campus and the need for adequate support
for libraries and professional staffing.  

           ACTION: K.Vanden Heuvel will redraft the letter to
           Chancellor Tien urging support for libraries and

VII. Human Resource Management Initiatives
           A "pay-for-performance" corporate model of staff
compensation as embodied in the proposed Human Resource
Management Initiatives was briefly discussed.  C.Kubota
distributed materials on the Performance Salary Step Increase
(PSSI) system at California State University campuses.