Executive Committee Minute 12/21/95

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1995/96 (4)
December 21, 1995
10:00-12:00, Room 303 Doe Library

Present: R.Brandt; T.Dean; B.Glendenning; D.Kearney; B.Kornstein;
C.Kubota; J.Ober; V.Roumani-Denn; K.Vanden Heuvel (Chair);
P.Vanderberg (Secretary)
Absent: S.McMahon; G.Peete

I. Announcements
             K.Vanden Heuvel reported that the LAUC budget
request had been approved.  The LAUC-B received $37,407.00 to be
divided by the number of applicants requesting travel funds.
B.Anton and J.Dyla had agreed to be co-chairs of the LAUC-B
Nominating Committee.

II. Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of October 19 and
November 16, 1995 were approved as amended.

III. LAUC Systemwide Executive Committee Meeting
             K.Vanden Heuvel reported on a meeting of the LAUC
Systemwide Executive Committee with Myron Okada, Director of
Academic Personnel Relations and Sandra Weiss, Interim Assistant
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel. In the proposed 1996/97 UC
budget a provision of benefits for domestic partners is being
considered. The budget includes a 3% cost of living adjustment
for faculty and 1.5% increase for all other groups. Essential
precepts of the document are that there will be no student fee
increases, and that special efforts will be made to strive for
parity of faculty salaries, and to increase funds for student
outreach.  Laura Martinez's Office of Academic Compensation is
conducting a statistical study of librarian salaries.  The UC
Office of the President has received complaints about the
bifurcation of librarian salaries from those of faculty.  The
librarians have faculty support, but in this years budget request
the motto is "faculty first".  An affirmative action task force
has been established and is chaired by Judson King to raise
private support for scholarships and encourage diversity in
admissions. Sandra Weiss discussed the need for increases to fund
access to centralized databases and integrate digital library
issues into the budget process. The charge for the LAUC Archive
Committee was revised so as to permit decentralization of campus
LAUC archival records and develop guidelines for storage and
preservation. The LAUC spring assembly is scheduled to be held at
the Irvine campus.

IV. Letter to Chancellor Tien
            LAUC-B is considering sending a letter to the
Chancellor concerning the status of librarians in view of
bifurcation of salaries and funding of information technology
projects.  K.Vanden Heuvel has drafted a letter and will post it
to the LAUC-B listserv for comment.

V. Letter to Vice-Chancellor Christ 
            LAUC-B is considering sending a letter to Vice-
Chancellor Carol Christ seeking clarification of the role of the
final decision-maker in the cases of affiliated librarians.

VI. Copyright Conference
            LAUC-B is collaborating with UC Extension in
organizing the Copyright Conference.  The date may be later in
the year than early spring, depending on the availability of
conference sites. Plans were discussed for corporate and academic
support and advertising.