Executive Committee Minutes 10/19/95

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1995/96 (2)
October 19, 1995
10:00-12:00, Room 303 Doe Library

Present: R.Brandt; B.Glendenning; B.Kornstein; C.Kubota; J.Ober;
V.Roumani-Denn; T.Dean; K.Vanden Heuvel (Chair); P.Vanderberg
(Secretary); C.Wanat
Absent: D.Kearney; S.McMahon; G.Peete

I. Announcements
             C.Wanat has been selected Chair of CAPA. K.Vanden
Heuvel sent out changes in the self-evaluation guidelines in the
peer review process to the LAUC-B reflector. K.Vanden Heuvel sent
out a memo to the all users reflector in favor of diversity.  The
two LAUC-B laptop personal computers are available for
professional development and research purposes.  The
recommendation for co-sponsorship of the Conference on Copyright
by the new School of Information Management and Systems (formerly
the School of Library and Information Studies) was accepted.

II.  Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of September 28,
1995 were approved as amended.

III. LAUC Systemwide Executive Committee Meeting
            K.Vanden Heuvel gave a report of activities from the
October 13, 1995, Oakland meeting of the LAUC Systemwide
Executive Committee.  The meeting of the Library Council was
cancelled and there are plans for it to meet once per year.  This
prompted concern of LAUC Executive Committee members, who thought
that library issues were likely to receive less emphasis.
Libraries can expect to have no major increases in their budgets
in the near future.  The Office of the President is aggressively
funding information technology outside of the library budget and
is trying to attract private sector funding.  There are plans for
the University Librarians to keep meeting as a group but without
representatives from the Office of the President.
            The possibility of creating a central depository for
LAUC archives was discussed. It was thought that all materials
prior to the latest five years could be sent to NRLF.  There is a
need to develop standards for what is kept and how long materials
are kept. 
         LAUC statewide committees made modifications of their
charges.  The Cultural Diversity Committee planed to act as a
facilitator for programs on the individual campuses.  The
Professional Governance committee also reduced its charge to
focus on one particular item.

IV. Fall Assembly
            It was suggested that Robert Wilensky, Chair of the
UCB Computer Science Dept. and principal investigator for the
Digital Libraries Project be invited to speak at the LAUC-B fall
assembly.  Possible dates being considered for this meeting are
November 28 or December 5, 1995.  

             There was a question as to who was the final
decision maker was for Affiliated librarian reviews.  It was
determined that it was either the Vice-Chancellor Christ or her
designate. LAUC-B needs explicit clarification on this matter.  

              ACTION:  K.Vanden Heuvel will write a letter to     
              Vice-Chancellor Christ seeking clarification.

LAUC-B Executive Committee members were encouraged to think of
other suggestions for streamlining the peer review process. It
was thought that the self-evaluation could be made shorter and
more standardized for easy evaluation by reviewers.  The most
difficult feature to overcome in the peer review process is
procrastination at all levels.  K.Vanden Heuvel thought that it
would be helpful for Library Human Resources Dept. to identify
the librarian step level and what action was to be expected with
this review cycle. All documentation could be placed in a folder
that is flat and easy to handle.  Reviewees could be asked to
provide lists of documentation with each item being identified as
such in a tabbed, labeled small ring binder.Another suggestion
was to have an automated tracking system for the reviews
maintained by Library Human Resources Dept.  

            ACTION:  K.Vanden Heuvel will send a memo to          
            C.Wanat, Chair of CAPA recommending the use of an     
            automated tracking system to obviate the problems     
            of lost dossiers.

The issue of motivation for everyone to follow the schedule in
the peer review process was raised.  It was considered an issue
of courtesy and professional ethics.  There was discussion over
whether the peer review process should continue to follow the
faculty model.  Perhaps the process is overly elaborate and time
consuming as compared with rewards.  Some felt that affiliated
librarians may need a separate review process with different
criteria than that followed by the Library.

Librarians in the future will be expected to become more like
partners with faculty in the scholarly process and work in
collaboration with them.  At the same time, due to administrative
bifurcation, librarians are no longer in the same category as
faculty for salary considerations.

             ACTION: K.Vanden Heuvel will consult with G.Peete    
             on the status of the bifurcation issue. 

V. Cultural Diversity Committee Web Site Proposal
             B.Beneman forwarded a proposal for the establishment
of a web site by the LAUC-B Cultural Diversity Committee.  It was
suggested that it focus on the library scene.  K.Vanden Heuvel
will consult with B.Benneman on defining parameters for such a
web site.

VIII. LAUC-B Invitations to P.Lyman & C.Christ
              Once per year the University Librarian and the
Vice-Chancellor are invited to a meeting of the LAUC-B Executive
Committee.  It was proposed that Vice-chancellor Carol Christ be
invited to discuss her recommendations about the final decision
marker in librarian reviews.

IX. Digital Libraries
               The iniative by the Office of the President
regarding information technology, CINITAP, was mentioned. 
M.Gordon's request for comment on digital libraries was noted and
scheduled for discussion at the next meeting of LAUC-B.