Executive Committee Minutes 4/19/95

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1994/95 (8)
April 19, 1995
10:00-12:00, Room 303 Main Library
Present:  I.Arguelles;  M.Burnette; C.Eckman (recorder);
K.Frohmberg; B.Glendenning; P.Janes; D.Kearney;
B.Kornstein (Chair); L.Leighton;  Laura Osegueda; G.Peete;
V.Roumani-Denn; Kathleen Vanden Heuvel.

Absent: E.Byrne.

Guests: Andrea Sevetson; Alice Youmans.

I.        Announcements

          1. B.Kornstein welcomed Kathleen Vanden Heuvel to her
          first meeting as LAUC-B's Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, replacing
          Laura Osegueda. 

          2. B.Kornstein asked the Committee to meet on Wednesday, May 
          3rd, to finalize planning for the LAUC-B Spring Assembly.

II.       Approval of Minutes.  The minutes for the February 15
          Executive Committee were approved as amended.

 III.      LAUC Statewide Committee on Research and Professional Development--G.Peete  
          The Committee has sent its recommendations forward to
          the UC Office of the President.  Because there were no
          non-unit applicants, the monetary resources were
          somewhat less than expected.

IV.       Nominating and Elections Committee report--A. Sevetson
          A.Sevetson reported that the Committee has nearly
          completed the slate of candidates for the LAUC-B
          election.  Ballots will be mailed in May and due June
          7.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the
          LAUC-B Spring Assembly.

V.        Guidelines for use of LAUC laptop--discussion
          The Committee discussed the proposed guidelines.  The
          Committee agreed that one of the two LAUC laptops
          should be made available to all LAUC members for
          professional development uses, not necessarily tied to
          LAUC business.  It was also agreed that the details
          regarding specific software loaded on the machine could
          be deleted.  

          ACTION:  C.Eckman and B.Kornstein will meet and revise
          the draft guidelines to incorporate this suggestion.
          Then the guidelines will be promulgated.
VI.       Professional development/travel guidelines draft--L. Osegueda           
          B.Kornstein reported that Peter Lyman has asked LAUC to
          consider going back to the older allocation model based
          on the nature/level of the applicant's participation at
          the meeting.  The Librarians Office is willing to do
          the spreadsheet support work.  The Committee was
          concerned that the amount of time for LAUC members to
          review and rank the requests was so large and the
          difference in allocations so small that an equal
          distribution was the most efficient approach (unless
          there is the possibility of significant increases in
          travel support funding).  B.Kornstein and K.Vanden
          Heuvel will raise these concerns at their next meeting
          with Sue Rosenblatt. 
VII.      Peer review streamlining report--A. Youmans (11:15)
          A.Youmans outlined the specific recommendations that the Task 
          Force on Streamlining the Peer Review Process will present at 
          the Spring Assembly.  The general themes are twofold: (1) to
          incorporate a strong statement of support for the integrity of 
          the peer review system; and (2) to support the value of the 
          existing guidelines.  Fourteen specific recommendations were
          described.  There was no time for full discussion.  Preliminary 
          discussion indicated there was concern on the part of some 
          Committee members that the Task Force's recommendations--while
          valuable in their own right--did not move far enough in the
          direction of streamlining the peer review process.

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, March 3.  10-12am.  Main Library Room