Executive Committee Minutes 12/14/94

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1994/95 (5)
December 14, 1994

Present:  I.Arguelles;  M.Burnette; E.Byrne; C.Eckman (recorder);
D.Fortner; K.Frohmberg; B.Glendenning; D.Kearney; B.Kornstein
(Chair); L.Leighton;  L.Osegueda; G.Peete; V.Roumani-Denn.
Absent: P.Janes.

I.   Announcements.

     A. LAUC will be presenting one of the LAUC mugs to the new
     University Librarian and the new Vice-Chancellor.

     B. LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee
     (G.Peete).  The second call for research proposals was made
     by Beverly Renford in late November.  The deadline is
     January 6 but it is possible that an extension will be
     granted due to the short notice.

II. Minutes.
The November Executive Committee minutes were approved as submitted. III. Reports. A. Statewide Executive Board Meeting (B.Kornstein). 1. LAUC History publication. LAUC Santa Cruz is reviewing its chapter. A new version of the History publication will be published. 2. Peer Review in a Period of Retrenchment. This document was sent to Library Council with a cover letter outlining three key issues. Library Council responded that they would prefer that this document be dealt with on a local basis. 3. Two ad-hoc committees have been established. i. Archives. ii. How to respond to political issues such as Proposition 187 (among others) 4. Myron Okada gave a report on the upcoming academic range adjustments. 5. Kronenberg Case related to lost 1991/92 merits for non-Senate academics. A legal decision is expected in early January 1995. LAUC members will be receiving official notices related to participation in the class action. B. Faculty Senate Library Committee (L.Osegueda). 1. L.Osegueda inquired on behalf of the Executive Committee as to the possibility of broader distribution of Faculty Senate Library Committee meeting minutes. The Faculty Senate Library Committee felt that these minutes were for internal purposes only. 2. Course reader proposal. Jeff Pudewell presented a proposal under which the Library would subcontract the operation of the Library Course Reader Service to a qualified vendor with experience in scanning and production techniques and who is willing to sell readers through the Library Bookstore. Questions immediately arose regarding what avenues were available for LAUC or Library input on a proposal with such wide-ranging implications. Considerable discussion focussed on the idea that there are some areas (e.g. issues related to entrepreneurial ventures, time-sensitive issues) on which such input is neither desirable nor appropriate. One possible avenue for providing LAUC input would be to ask for copies of the agendas from the Faculty Senate Library Committee well in advance of the meetings. C. Meeting with Sue Rosenblatt (B.Kornstein). a. Two documents have been forwarded to Peter Lyman: the LAUC-B Goals document and the article on guidelines for branch consolidations. b. LHRD is now distributing form letters developed to assist in the solicitation process for librarian review. IV. Follow-up from LAUC-B Fall Assembly. A. Bylaws Revision. Next step: Secretary-Treasurer will run the revisions past the Chair of the Statewide Committee on Professional Governance to ensure that they are consistent with LAUC Statewide Bylaws. B. Public Announcement of Librarian Advancements and Promotions. Next step: Based on discussions at the LAUC-B Fall Assembly, B.Kornstein will write a letter to Janice Burroughs indicating LAUC's concern that such announcements not include details related to steps within ranks. C. Librarian IV to Librarian V Review. CAPA will work with Janice Burroughs on language that will change this review from a mandatory to a discretionary review. V. Preliminary Discussion of Survey of Peer Review in a Period
of Retrenchment.
(Statewide and local documents distributed prior to meeting) A. Local survey: "Peer Review in a Period of Retrenchment, Followup Survey, March 1994." Significant concern was expressed that this document had been distributed widely and created the mistaken impression among some that it had been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee. The Committee discussed the document at some length. Several members raised questions about the document's assertion that a "reasonable" distribution of professional workload would be 50 percent in the primary assignment and 50 percent in work that falls into categories covered by criteria 2-4. Questions were also raised about whether a correlation between questions six and eight might produce better evidence of trends in library workload. ACTION: The Executive Board will be more proactive in inviting LAUC-B statewide representatives to Executive Board meetings in order to provide an opportunity for regular reports to Executive Committee, as well as an avenue for the Executive Board to provide advice and guidance to LAUC- Berkeley's representatives. In addition, B.Kornstein will ask Bill Whitson for more information on whether the raw data for questions six and eight was still available for use in follow-up correlations. B. Statewide survey. The Executive Board--based on the response of Library Council--has asked the LAUC Divisions approach their University Librarians at the local level on the following three issues: 1. Identify support needed to meet continuing education needs. 2. Identify administrative and clerical assistance necessary for librarians. 3. Identify mechanisms for providing adequate and reliable technological support for librarians. VI. Minutes from other LAUC Divisions (C.Eckman) The Committee agreed to continuing last year's practice of distributing the task of monitoring minutes from other LAUC Divisions. The following Committee members volunteered: B.Glendenning (Riverside, Los Angeles); M.Burnette (Irvine, Santa Barbara); L.Leighton (Santa Cruz); D.Fortner (Davis); V.Roumani-Denn (San Diego); E.Byrne (San Francisco). VII. LAUC-B E-mail Reflector (L.Osegueda). L.Osegueda proposed that the four visiting librarians participating in the Training Institute for Science Librarians be added to the LAUC-B e-mail reflector since it is a valuable source of professional information on campus. Until now, the e-mail reflector has been limited to LAUC members. The Committee approved the proposal. The LAUC-B paper mailing list will remain as the sole "official" LAUC-B roster. ACTION: L.Osegueda will forward the e-mail addresses of these four librarians to Maryly Snow who maintains the "lauc@ced" reflector. VIII. Library Web Development Team Report. Some members who had seen a presentation of this Report expressed concern regarding three aspects of the Report: A. The appropriateness of assigning routine text mark-up training and work to librarians; B. The volume of librarian workload increase implicit in the Report; and C. The lack of any collection specialist representation on the Development Team that wrote the Report. ACTION: A copy of the report will be distributed to all members and B.Kornstein will draft a memo to the AUL's requesting more information. Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 18, 10am-12am, Moffitt Conference Room.