Executive Committee Minutes 11/16/94

LAUC-B Executive Committee
November 16, 1994 Meeting (4)

Present:  I.Arguelles;  M.Burnette;  E.Byrne;  C.Eckman
          (recorder); D.Fortner;  K.Frohmberg; B.Glendenning; 
          B.Kornstein (Chair);  L.Leighton;  L.Osegueda;
Absent:   P.Janes; G.Peete; D.Kearney
Guests:   Rebecca Lhermitte, Beth Sibley, Deborah Sommer, Alice 

I.   Streamlining the Peer Review Process (closed session)
     The Task Force on Streamlining the Peer Review Process
(Alice Youmans, Chair; Rebecca Lhermitte; Deborah Sommer) 
presented an Interim Report reflecting the results of their work
thus far.  Their work has included a survey of procedures and
streamlining efforts at other UC campuses, and meetings with
Library Administration.  A final report should be available in
early 1995, and some forum should be established for allowing
membership discussion of the findings.

     ACTION:   The Interim Report will be on the agenda of the
Fall Assembly.

II.  Announcements.
     A.   Pat Maughan has resigned from CAPA because of demands
resulting from additional new responsibilities at the Business
and Economics Library.  Gary Handman has agreed to serve out the
remainder of her term.
     B.   Faculty Senate Library Committee.  L.Osegueda reported
on topics discussed at the most meeting of the Senate Library
Committee,  including an extensive discussion of the role of
commercial information brokers as library users.  L.Osegueda will
explore with Peter Lyman the appropriateness and feasibility of
getting minutes of the Senate Library Committee posted

III. Approval of Minutes from October 12 meeting.
The minutes were approved as submitted. IV. Bylaws Revision. The Committee reviewed a copy of the proposed Bylaws revisions which reflect the new proposed LAUC-B officer position of Treasurer. The proposed position would be responsible for handling the fiscal oversight and reporting functions currently handled by the Secretary-Treasurer, and administer the LAUC-B travel program (a function that is currently handled on a voluntary basis). Two major issues emerged in the discussion. First, in order to prevent the size of the Executive Committee from increasing, it is necessary to eliminate one of the representative positions on LAUC-B. There is a desire to maintain a balance between Affiliated and Library representation on the Executive Committee that roughly reflects the distribution of membership on campus. Second, in order to provide for continuity should the terms of the Secretary and Treasurer be extended to two years. The sense of the group was that it might be difficult to recruit candidates for these positions if they were seens as two-year commitments. ACTION: B.Kornstein, L.Osegueda, E.Byrne, and C.Eckman will meet to redraft the proposal in time for presentation at the LAUC-B Assembly. V. Update on Fall Assembly Planning. The Fall Assembly will take place on December 2. Carol Christ will be the featured speaker. Other agenda items include: (1) Task Force on Streamlining the Peer Review Process; (2) LAUC-B Goals; (3) Bylaws Revision; (4) 1993/94 Annual Report and reports from committees and statewide representatives (5) Public Announcements of Advancements and Promotions. VI. Public Announcements of Advancements and Promotions. B.Kornstein reported that she has heard of complaints regarding the recent public release in CU News of very detailed information regarding librarian merit and promotion decisions. Discussion revealed a sense of the group that the information is public information, it allows librarians to get a sense of who is working at a comparable level, and it is important information for CAPA record-keeping. ACTION: This issue will appear on the Fall Assembly agenda. VII. Date for December Meeting. The date was changed to December 14. VIII. New UL Welcome. Peter Lyman will be invited to the next Executive Committee meeting. A smaller group is inviting him to lunch (including B.Kornstein, E.Byrne, I. Arguelles, and Alice Youmans). Key concerns of LAUC at this time include a variety of matters relating to academic review. IX. LAUC-B Gopher Organization. C.Eckman proposed a revision of the LAUC Documentation section of the Staff Gopher that would further clarify the organization's structure and enhance information retrieval. The Executive Committee approved the recommendations. ACTION: C.Eckman should implement the new menus. C.Eckman should identify and make contact with the person maintaining the LAUC statewide gopher. X. Future Programs for LAUC-B. Beth Sibley, Chair of the Committee on Research and Professional Development, led a discussion of current program planning and future possibilities. The Committee raised several possibilities for future programs speakers or concepts including: (1) Robert Wilensky of EECS/Computer Science and Michael Buckland; (2) deprofessionalization of library service; (3) Barbara Morgan of Advanced Technology Planning; (3) mentorship strategies; (4) review-initiators workshop; (5) Harry Scheiber, Law School. Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 14, Library Room 303.