Executive Committee Minutes 10/12/94

LAUC-B Executive Committee 1994/95 (3)
October 12, 1994


Present:  I.Arguelles;  M.Burnette; L.Castillo-Speed; C.Eckman
(recorder); D.Fortner; K.Frohmberg; B.Glendenning; P.Janes;
D.Kearney; B.Kornstein (Chair); Laura Osegueda; V.Roumani-Denn.
Absent: E.Byrne; L.Leighton; G.Peete.

I.   Minutes.  The September Executive Committee minutes were
approved as amended.

II.  Announcements.  

     A. LAUC Executive Board October 10 meeting report.

          1. The date for the Spring statewide Assembly is May
19, 1995.  The Executive Board will meet on May 18, 1995.  The
statewide election will be held on June 6, 1994.
          2. Judson King had requested LAUC input and concerns in
his presentation to the Executive Board meeting in August. 
Beverly Renford sent a follow-up letter--based on information
solicited from the LAUC membership on the new LAUC listserv--
which addressed the following areas:   policy advisory structures
(Library Council/University Librarians);  support for One
University-One Library concept;  identification of ways to meet
librarian continuing education needs;  network issues, especially
support in developing the network infrastructure;  external
users;  declines in the quality of collections;  digital library
needs;  and instructional support needs.

     B. Faculty Senate Library Committee meeting report. 
L.Osegueda reported on the recent meeting of the Committee.

     C. B.Kornstein reported on her meeting with Susan Rosenblatt
regarding travel funding and recommendations from the CAPA

III. CAPA Report (closed session).  The CAPA Report discussion
continued from the September meeting.  Action items and
responsible parties were discussed for each individual

IV.  Bylaws changes.  B.Kornstein asked Committee members to
review the bylaws implications in creating a new position of
"Treasurer".  The Committee agreed that the new position should
not add to the size of the Committee, and that the number of
Library representatives should be reduced from three to two in
order to accommodate the new position.

     ACTION:   B.Kornstein, L.Osegueda, and C.Eckman will meet to
study the implications for the bylaws and bring a proposal back
to Executive Committee in time for presentation at the Fall

V.   Fall Assembly Planning.

     A.   Possible dates include November 16, 17, 18, 30 and
December 1 and 2.

     B.   There was general interest in asking Carol Christ to
address the group.  B.Kornstein will send Carol Christ an
invitation and the date for the Assembly will be set in order to
accommodate her schedule assuming she accepts the invitation.

     C.   Other agenda items will include:  (1) annual reports of
committees; (2) peer review procedure streamlining; (3) bylaws
and special election discussion.

     ACTION:   Executive Committee members should send additional
agenda item suggestions to B.Kornstein. 

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 16, 10am-12am, Doe Room 322.