Executive Committee Minutes 3/2/94

LAUC-B Executive Committee  1993/94  (9)
March 2, 1994

Present:  T. Huwe, L. Leighton, P. Janes, B. Kornstein, E.
Byrne(chair), G. Peete, M. Cochran (recorder), K. Frohmberg, L.

Absent:   L. Osegueda, G. Handman, M. Burnette

I.   Announcements and additions to agenda

1.   The LAUC-B Spring Assembly date has been changed from March
24 to March 22 to accommodate the speaker, Associate Chancellor
James Hyatt.  The location of the meeting is tentatively
scheduled for the Morrison Room.  Alternative locations are being
investigated because the construction noise outside the Morrison
Room may be too loud.

ACTION:   M. Cochran will continue looking for alternative
          locations for the Spring Assembly.

          E. Byrne will send an e-mail to the LAUC-B membership           
          announcing the date change of the Spring Assembly.

2.   The Spring Assembly agenda will include an update of LAUC-B
Ex Com activities during the year such as the response to the
proposal for the new UCB Library School, LAUC-B's goals, the need
for more publicity, UL Search committee, joint LAUC/LAG committee
on reallocation of staff, and travel. The Nominations and
Elections Committee will present the slate of nominees and there
will be committee reports and written report summaries.

ACTION:   Additional agenda items are to be sent to E. Byrne.

3.   E. Byrne stated that she received several positive comments
regarding the Ex Com's response to the report on the future of
the Library School.  E. Byrne sees this as a sign of appreciation
from the membership for what the Ex Com is doing.  She also
thanked G. Handman for his assistance in writing the response.

Nancy Van House, Acting Dean of the SLIS, was scheduled to speak
about the new School of Information Management and Systems at a
LAUC program, but her talk was postponed until a decision was
made on the future of the school.  She was rescheduled for a May
5 Early Bird on this topic. 

4.   Several forthcoming Ex Com meetings have been rescheduled
because E. Byrne will be attending the Statewide LAUC meeting and
has other professional obligations that conflict with LAUC-B
meeting dates.  Also, there have been several  cancellations by
invited guest due to prior commitments.  Note the following
changes:  Vice Chancellor Heilbron will meet with Ex Com on May 4
and there will be no Ex Com meeting March 16 due to a conflict
with the LAUC Statewide meeting. The April 20 meeting has been
moved up to April 6 because E. Byrne will be attending a
Conference that week. 

Ex Com meeting changes may pose a problem for the Nomination and
Elections Committee.  The slate of nominees are to be presented
to the Ex Com prior to being announced at the Spring Assembly. 
There is no Ex Com meeting scheduled before March 22. An
additional Ex Com meeting may be necessary.  E. Byrne suggested
working by e-mail, but the major problem with this is
confidentiality.  Working by phone was suggested in lieu of an
additional meeting.
     ACTION:   E. Byrne will consult Judy Tsou, Chair of the
               Nominations and Elections Committee, to                    
               determine if an additional Ex Com meeting is
               Ex Com members are to reserve the third Wednesday
               in May in case we need an additional meeting.

4.   Minority Librarian Internship status-  There was no news to
report on this issue.  The Statewide Diversity Committee is
preparing a response to the Office of the President and LAUC
President, J. Wilson, will participate in the discussion at the
Library Council meeting. LAUC-B will respond if needed.

5.   Report on meeting of Byrne and Kornstein with Sue
Rosenblatt-  A major portion of the monthly meeting with
Rosenblatt was spent discussing ideas regarding LAUC's
effectiveness. Rosenblatt suggested several ways LAUC could
partner with departments and other campus bodies: joint seminars
with the Townsend Center and the Library School, investigate
working with Humcomp, a listserve for the humanities consisting
of computerized workstations and digital libraries, and work with
focus groups that were involved in the strategic planning for the
Library.  Ex Com may want to meet with the Research and
Professional Development Committee to discuss pursuing some of
these joint program ideas.  

Other topics discussed were upward evaluation, ideas for
improving relations with the faculty, publicity for LAUC members,
improving LAUC's visibility, involvement with Stanford's SMILE
project which is a Media Lab for students and instructors to
prepare papers and lectures at a workstation using multimedia
formats such as filmstrips, slides, and digitized images. 
Another idea suggested for LAUC involvement was a joint project
with faculty to teach students and faculty about library
resources and instructional technology such as downloading
information to use in graphic presentations. E. Byrne will
present Ex Com goals to the Library Managers Group on May 3.  

ACTION:   In a subsequent meeting with Rosenblatt, EB will ask
          for suggestions on what can be done to have peer review
          dossiers reviewed in the Librarian's Office at a       faster

II.  Minutes- February 16 minutes were approved with corrections.

III. Continuing Business

1.   Update on Joint LAG/LAUC Staffing Task Force-  Leighton,
Kornstein, and Byrne met with the Library Administrative Group
(LAG) to talk about ideas regarding the task force.  Rosenblatt
suggested a Steering Committee whose members are Leighton, Byrne,
Janice Burrows, and Jeff Pudewell (to represent LAG).  The
Steering Committee met last week and focused on two issues:  1)
determining the prime number of library staff and how to
determine this number and 2) which positions need recruitment,
which positions might be obtained from reallocation and in what

The group will use existing statistical spreadsheets and
incorporate ARL and other comparative information to help
determine our prime number.  Leighton distributed copies of the
task force's goals.   The Task Force will begin to meet with LAG
regularly starting March 17.  It has not been decided whether or
not the Task Force will deal only with librarian positions. 
Presently, the group is leaning towards a comprehensive approach
that will include all levels of staff.

2.   Follow up on travel funds for VERIPees- G. Peete
One travel request was submitted from a librarian on VERIP recall
status.  The request was received after the deadline which makes
it ineligible for funding.  The e-mail E. Byrne sent out
describing the general principles of LAUC travel funding still

3.   Questions for Heilbron and Hyatt-  Questions for Heilbron
and Hyatt are to be shared via e-mail at least a week prior to
their meetings with the Ex Com.  Ideas for Hyatt to address in
his talk are also welcomed.

     ACTION:   E. Byrne will send out reminders to the LAUC
               membership regarding meeting date changes.

IV.  New Business

1.   Upward evaluation- E. Byrne asked for volunteers to work on
this issue.    Two librarians who worked on this issue initially
are recalled employees and will not be able to commit the
necessary time to continue with this project.  If there are no
volunteers, she will ask P. Maughan. 

2.   Honoraria for Guest speaker-  The Research and Professional
Development Committee and the Cultural Diversity Committee will
co-sponsor a program featuring a non-UCB speaker.  The question
of providing an honoraria was raised.  E. Byrne polled the Ex Com
via e-mail and it was agreed that a $100 - $200 honorarium was
affordable.  More information about the program is forthcoming.

     ACTION:   M. Cochran will check with the Library Business            

               Office regarding procedures for paying honoraria.

3.   LAUC-B Budget update- M. Cochran

Cochran distributed a handout outlining the operation's budget to
date and explained specific expenditures. E. Byrne suggested that
a second laptop computer be purchased for LAUC-B Ex Com members
and for use by LAUC-B members. It was not clear from the budget
report if the 1992/93 carryover balance was included.  It was
suggested that LAUC purchase another laptop computer if the funds
are available in the budget.  M. Cochran announced that the
laptop used by the secretary was available to other Ex Com
members by appointment.  

A discussion pursued regarding the disposition of equipment
purchased with LAUC grant funds.  For inventory and auditing
purposes, there should be information on where the equipment
purchased by LAUC is housed and if or how it was disposed.  

     ACTION:   M. Cochran will meet with M. Shiells, Director of
               the Library Business Office, to determine the
               amount of the carryover balance from the 1992/93
               budget and its distribution between travel and

               T. Huwe will review his files for information on
               how computer equipment was issued.

               G. Peete will submit an order request for a laptop
               with a list of software to be purchased for the
               new laptop.

4.   Informal Letters to Peer Review Files- E. Byrne received a
letter from CAPA that expressed concern about the confidentiality
of soliciting and responding to letters of support via e-mail. 
CAPA has decided not to accept e-mail letters of support for
dossiers.  The question raised was should J. Burrows be asked to
establish a library-wide policy on a) the use of e-mail in any
sensitive or confidential matters and b) to remind review
initiators of the new requirements and legalities in requesting
confidential letters of review because these are really broader
personnel issues.

     ACTION:   E. Byrne will ask J. Burrows to issue an edict to
               all staff on the ill-advised use of e-mail and a
               reminder of the legal statement regarding a
               request for letters of support.

5.   Reports from liaisons to committees-

Affiliated Librarians representative, T. Huwe-   The main purpose
of the group is to hold two assemblies.  The Affiliated Spring
Assembly will feature Patricia Owens, Head of Academic Personnel. 
The program is Tuesday, April 12, 8:30-9:45 a.m., Boalt, VIP
Room.  Questions for Owens can be sent in advance to T. Huwe.  

CIRG, P. Janes-  Janes attended one CIRG meeting in M. Burnette's
absence. System Office priorities were discussed.

PSAG-PS, B. Kornstein-  Recent committee agenda topics have
included the issue of recall and hold notices and whether these
functions should be centralized or decentralized; the Action Plan
for Technical Services which is a joint project with PSAG-TS; and
the Doe Library Service Desk.

6.   Report from Mentor project-  Osegueda and Burnette were
absent, no report was given.

7.   Update from Research and Professional Development Committee-
P. Janes announced several upcoming programs.  The committee will
co-sponsor with the Cultural Diversity Committee a presentation
by Armando Valdez, Policy Fellow of Telecommunications Education
Trust of the California Public Utilities Commission, on April 11. 
Valdez will speak on the "Information Superhighway: Who will have
Access?"  Pending speakers for upcoming RPDC programs include
Nancy Van House, Acting Dean of SLIS, James G. Delgonas, Director
of Information Systems and Computing, who has recently been
assigned Acting Associate Vice President for Information Systems
Administrative Services, and Walter Massey, Vice President for
Academic Affairs.  A Peer Review Workshop is planned for the
Fall. It was suggested that programs be widely advertised.  RPDC
will be minus one member due to maternity leave. Because of the 
amount of time involved in planning programs, the committee would
like to request a replacement.

     ACTION:   P. Janes will consult M. Cochran on preparing an  
               honorarium for Armando Valdez.

               Program announcements are to be sent to IS&T, the
               Vice Chancellor and the Senate Library Committee.

               P. Janes will consult Judy Tsou, Chair of the              
               Nominating and Elections Committee, on the
               procedure for appointing a replacement to the
               Research and Professional Development Committee.

Meeting Adjourned.

Next Meeting:  April 6, 10-12 noon, Moffitt Conference Room.