Executive Committee Minutes 2/16/94

LAUC-B Executive Committee    1993/94  (8)
February 16, 1994

Present:  E. Byrne (chair), L. Leighton, L. Osegueda,
G. Handman, T. Huwe, L. Castillo-Speed, P. Janes, M.
Cochran (recorder), G. Peete

Absent:  K. Frohmberg, M. Burnette

Guest:  P. Maughan

I.   In regards to LAUC-B's goal to increase publicity and  
improve our public relations,
P. Maughan, half-time Director of Communications for the Library, was invited to the Ex Com meeting to talk about her duties as Director of Communications and how LAUC can benefit from her expertise. She is responsible for a variety of publishing task which includes editing CU News and Library Briefings, the Library and faculty newsletters respectively; reporting to staff on LAG meetings; updating appropriate sections on the library gopher; updating Library Orientation Leaflets; and submitting library news to the Berkeleyan and other campus organs. P. Maughan agreed to advise LAUC-B on appropriate places to publicize programs, and activities of individual members. Publishable activity categories suggested were awards, publications, and appointments to committees. G. Peete volunteered to serve as LAUC-B's liaison for public relations in consultation with P. Maughan. Peete will send out bi-monthly e-mail reminders to solicit input from LAUC-B members. It was agreed that guidelines for types of activities to include are needed. To encourage participation, E. Byrne will announce LAUC-B's publishing activities to recognize important librarian achievements at the Spring Assembly. II. Announcements and additions to agenda 1. B. Kornstein is arranging for LAUC-B to set up an additional e-mail reflector. The new reflector will serve as the e-mail list for official LAUC-B Ex Com business. LAUC@ced will serve as the list for general information to be shared among LAUC-B members. ACTION: B. Kornstein will contact the Help Desk to create the e-mail reflector. B. Kornstein will investigate how each reflector is to be used. 2. As a response to a February 11 e-mail from LAUC President Wilson,E. Byrne asked for comments on and additions to the agenda for the March 4 Library Council meeting. Additional comments are to be sent to E. Byrne. III. Minutes- January 19 minutes were approved as written. IV. Continuing Business 1. Goals- Copies of the revised list of goals were distributed. E. Byrne sent copies to LAUC-B committee chairs. The committee chairs were asked to review the Ex Com goals with their committee members, identify additional goals, and to note specific actions that would be appropriate for their committees and respond to E. Byrne by March 16. Ex Com members were encouraged to send additional comments on the goals. After receiving and incorporating comments from committee chairs, E. Byrne will send the goals out to the LAUC-B membership. 2. LAUC-B Spring Assembly Plans- The LAUC-B Spring Assembly is scheduled for March 24 (since changed to March 22). Jim Hyatt, Associate Chancellor for Budget and Planning at UC Berkeley will be the speaker. Mr. Hyatt has written several books including University Libraries in Transition and Reallocation of Resources in Academic Institutions. A LAUC-B business meeting, including reports from committee chairs, will follow the speaker. ACTION: Ex Com members are to send E. Byrne specific topics they would like Hyatt to address and to be prepared to ask questions at the Spring Assembly. M. Cochran will arrange for coffee and tea and check on alternative locations such as the Bechtel Auditorium, Boalt VIP Room, and Maude Fife Room, in case Morrison is too noisy. 3. UL Search Committee Nominees- E. Byrne reported on her efforts to get volunteers to serve on the UL Search Committee. Several recommendations were submitted, but most of the people when contacted had prior commitments. Nominees for the two librarian appointees to the search committee submitted to Vice Chancellor Heilbron are: G. Peete, Beth Weil, E. Byrne. Nominees were chosen for a balanced representation of science, social science, and humanities librarians. The time frame for the committee's work is not known. ACTION: E. Byrne will update Ex Com on the progress of the UL Search Committee. V. New Business 1. Report on Library School- The Ex Com has been asked to send a written response to the report, "Elements of a Proposal", which proposes the creation of a new professional school in lieu of SLIS. The response is to be sent to Provost of Professional Schools, Judd King, by February 23. Some concerns with the report include the absence of traditional training for librarians; the proposal of a program geared toward corporations; and the implications for information access and democracy. ACTION: E. Byrne and G. Handman will draft the Ex Com response to the report. 2. D. Gregor Proposal for Joint LAG-LAUC Effective Allocation of Staff Task Force- E. Byrne distributed the "Omega Report", a faculty model for effective allocation of staff. The report uses algebraic formulas to predict the number of faculty positions needed and the number of positions to be filled. It analyzes how many positions the University will be able to fill and attempts to answer questions such as, how do we deal with the fall out? Who gets the positions? How do we reallocate. Gregor presented the Omega Report as a reasonable model for the Library. Also, she stated that LAG would like to work with the LAUC Task Force on Effective Allocation of Staff. Gregor would like to have AULs serve on the joint LAUC/LAG task force and suggested J. Burrows co-chair with L. Leighton. Gregor also suggested that the task force go beyond establishing guidelines on the use of non-librarians and librarians and assess priority hiring, identify skills needed not currently on the staff, , and make specific recommendations for reallocations and recruitment. Ex Com discussed positive reasons for working with LAG; the inclusion of tasks not in the original charge; a lack of representation from the staff on the task force; and the task force structure. G. Peete presented two articles about paraprofessionals at other institutions that could be used as background information by the task force. ACTION: M. Cochran will send the articles on staffing to Task Force members, Gregor, Burrows, and Byrne. 3. Vice Chancellor Heilbron will attend the March 2 LAUC-B Ex Com meeting. Note: Heilbron has had to reschedule to May 4. ACTION: Ex Com members are to prepare one question each for the Vice Chancellor and share them with other Ex Com members via e-mail, prior to the meeting. E. Byrne will send the Vice Chancellor a copy of the Ex Com list of goals. 4. Travel funds for VERIPees- An e-mail to E. Byrne from Phyllis Bischof prompted a discussion about the availability of LAUC travel funds for VERIP recalls. The LAUC Bylaws state that in order to be a LAUC member you have to work 50% time or more. Only LAUC members are eligible to receive travel funding. After a brief discussion, it was decided that for this one year only LAUC members who had requested funds prior to the LAUC deadline and retiring be granted their request since the funds had already been allocated. Returning retirees attending professional meetings and representing Berkeley in an official capacity should request administrative funds. As a courtesy, VERIP recalls will be retained on the LAUC-B e-mail reflector. ACTION: E. Byrne will respond to P. Bischof and send a statement to the LAUC-B membership via lauc@ced on the general principles of LAUC travel funds. 5. Minority Internship Program- The Office of the President canceled the Minority Internship Program due to funding cutbacks, but encourages individual campuses to continue the program. In a response to E. Byrne, C. Delgado, chair of the LAUC-B Diversity Committee, stated that this action was in direct opposition to the "Many Voices of Diversity report and the whole statewide initiative. J. Wilson, LAUC President, will discuss this issue at the forthcoming Library Council meeting. LAUC-B Ex Com will write a letter of support if needed. ACTION: E. Byrne will inform Wilson that the LAUC-B Diversity Committee is working on a written response to the Office of the President. 6. Telecommuting Policy- After discussion and checking with other UC campuses, Ex Com agreed that telecommuting be handle on a unit by unit basis, and not by a library-wide policy. Meeting Adjourned Next Meeting: March 2, 10-12 Noon, Bancroft Seminar Room. Vice Chancellor Heilbron was to be present, but he has been rescheduled to May 4, 11-12 Noon. The March 2 date and location has been retained for Ex Com.