Executive Committee Minutes 1/19/94

LAUC-B Executive Committee   1993/94  (7)
January 19, 1994   

Present:  E. Byrne (chair), L. Leighton, B. Kornstein, P. Janes,
G. Peete, T. Huwe, L. Osegueda, M. Cochran (recorder), L.
Castillo-Speed, K. Fromhberg

Absent:  G. Handman, M. Burnette

I.   Announcements

1.  E. Byrne announced that D. Gregor will continue to be the
final decision maker on Peer Review cases.  B. Kornstein and E.
Byrne will meet monthly with S. Rosenblatt instead of D. Gregor. 

2.  Travel Update-  G. Peete has mailed travel allocation
letters.  LAG funded close to $12,000 to supplement travel
requests from librarians in the Library. The supplemental funding
is 100% of the registration and transportation for two meetings.

A question arose about procedures for handling a situation where
a person submits a request to attend a meeting, after receiving
funding, decides not to attend, but wants to substitute another
trip.  It was decided that the request is justified if the cost
of the substituted trip does not exceed that of the original

3.   Ad Hoc Committees-  E. Byrne sent out letters charging the
Committee on Streamlining Peer Review.  She distributed the
latest draft of a letter to the task force charged to review
staffing in the Library.  Task Force members have been appointed. 
The Task Force will review staffing beyond that of curatorial
assistant.  To reflect this expanded charge, the task force has
been named Task Force To Examine Effective Allocation of Staff
Resources.  The deadline for the task force's report is April 15. 
To assist the group in its work, G. Peete distributed copies of
the Strategic Planning Group for Research Services report. 

ACTION:   E. Byrne will ask S. Rosenblatt for the latest version
          of the Strategic Plan.

          E. Byrne will send out the Task Force's charge via
4.   Letter to Heilbron (attachment)-   The letter to Vice
Chancellor Heilbron urging immediate recruitment for a University
Librarian has been sent with a copy to D. Gregor.  Suggestions
from Ex Com were incorporated. 

ACTION:   E. Byrne will send a  copy of the letter to Vice
          Chancellor Heilbron to lauc@ced.

5.   Response to Procedures for Appointment, Promotion and
Advancement of AULs-  E. Byrne is drafting a letter to D. Gregor
in response to her draft procedures for appointment, promotion,
and advancement of AULs.  The letter will emphasize major
differences between the Gregor and 1992 LAUC-B versions of the
document.  Ex Com will wait to receive a response from D. Gregor
before making evaluative comments.

II.  Minutes-  Minutes of the December 15 meeting were approved with corrections. 
III. Continuing Business

1.   Goals (attachment)-  E. Byrne distributed the latest version
of the Ex Com goals in priority order with action steps.  The
list was reviewed and additional action steps included.  A
lengthy discussion ensued regarding ways LAUC-B can accomplish
its goals.  Discussion topics included sponsorship of joint
programs, upward evaluation, increasing relations with academic
faculty and other library departments such as HRD, the role of
LAUC-B in the future of the School of Library and Information
Studies, and securing funding for LAUC-B research, travel and
programs.  Assignments will be given to task groups and
individuals.  In addition to Ex Com members, LAUC-B members will
be invited to serve on task groups.

ACTION:   E. Byrne will revise goals list and send to Ex Com and

          B. Kornstein will report on the status of an additional
          LAUC-B e-mail at the February Ex Com meeting.

          T. Huwe will check on the availability of the report
          from the committee reviewing the future of the Library
          School and update Ex Com through e-mail.
IV.  New Business

1.   Date for Spring Assembly-  LAUC Statewide is late April or
early May at UC Riverside.  The LAUC-B Spring Assembly must take
place prior to the Statewide Assembly and early enough for the
LAUC-B Nomination Committee to plan its schedule.  The LAUC-B
Nomination Committee has to provide a slate, announce nominations
at the  Spring Assembly and allow the membership 30 days to
consider nominees before the vote is taken. Dates recommended for
the LAUC-B Spring Assembly were March 23 or 24.  The Spring
Assembly will be held in the Morrison Room, 8:30-10a.m.  Names of
potential speakers for the assembly were discussed.  Provost
Massey's name was suggested.  

ACTION:   E. Byrne will contact Provost Massey to speak at the
          Spring Assembly.  Ex Com members are to send additional
          names of potential speakers to E. Byrne.

          E. Byrne will check with the Librarian's Office to make
          sure there are no conflicts for the March dates and
          she will contact Fred Yasaki, Library Architect, for
          anticipated construction noise.

2.   Telecommuting Policy-  The issue of telecommuting for
librarians was discussed at a LAG meeting.  LAG could not come up
with an overall policy and decided that individual supervisors
should discuss and devise a policy.  E. Byrne  brought up the
issue with other LAUC officers in the state.  UCLA has a policy
for all staff employees.  The question was raised as to whether
this was more of a union issue than a LAUC issue.

ACTION:   E. Byrne will request a copy of UCLA's telecommuting
          policy and will send copies to Ex Com to review for the
          February meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.

Next meeting:  March 2, 10-12 noon, Bancroft Seminar Room, Vice
Chancellor Heilbron to speak.