Executive Committee Minutes 8/25/93

LAUC-B Executive Committee   1993/94 (1)
August 25, 1993

Present:  G. Handman (Outgoing Chair), W. Diamond, E.  Byrne
(Incoming Chair), R. Lhermitte, A. Sevetson, G. Peete, M.
Burnette, P. Janes, B. Kornstein, K. Vanden Heuvel, A. Youmans,
M. Drabkin, L. Leighton, K. Frohmberg, T. Huwe, P. Stewart, M.
Cochran (recorder)

Absent:  L. Osegueda

I. Announcements:

     1.  LAUC-B Spring Assembly Meeting minutes were distributed
     for preliminary review.  Corrections are to be sent to
     Andrea Sevetson.

II.  Minutes of the July 21 meeting were approved.

III. Ongoing Business- G. Handman, Outgoing Chair

     1.  G. Handman distributed his annual report, 1992/93, of
     LAUC-B activities and summarized key accomplishments. 

     2.  G. Handman passed out the latest draft of the LAUC-B
     Application for Support for travel funds.  There was a brief
     discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the form. 
     A major point was made that permission for staff leave is
     not within LAUC-B's purview.  A separate form for
     supervisors to approve leave was proposed.  LAUC-B will
     recommend that the Library Manager's Group discuss
     procedures for leave approval.

     The Committee on Professional Development thought that
     librarians requesting leave could use the already existing
     leave request form to get their supervisor's signature.  The
     committee didn't think that a new form would be needed.  

     * E. Byrne will e-mail J. Pudewell to have the issue of
     supervisors approving leave added to the LMG agenda.

IV.  New Business- E. Byrne, Incoming Chair

     1.   E. Byrne thanked outgoing members for their  LAUC-B
     participation the past year and welcomed new members to what
     promises to be an exciting year.

     2.   L. Leighton raised the question of whether a UC
     employee with Berkeley as their home campus, but employed
     by another UC campus,  is a LAUC-B member. 

     * M. Cochran will review the LAUC statewide bylaws for the
     answer to this question.

     3. Ideas/suggestions for new agenda items:

     Welcome packets for new librarians/LAUC-B members.  Andrea
     Sevetson will put packets together.

     LAUC directory on the gopher to include subject specialties,
     e-mail addresses, etc.  It was also suggested that
     affiliated librarians be included in both the LAUC-B gopher
     and the hardcopy library "phone" directories, and that some
     thought should be given to developing policies covering what
     goes in the LAUC-B section of the gopher.

     LAUC-B as an organization to seek grant funding for travel
     and programs.  It was suggested that because there were
     insufficient funds to pay for all or most travel or
     development expenses, perhaps LAUC could look into grant or
     other funding to supplement existing
     travel/development/program funds.  

     4. Goals for 93/94:

     E. Byrne asked each committee member to send her two goals
     for LAUC-B to consider for the next year.

     5. Agenda Follow-ups or continuations for 92/93 for future
     agendas: No topics were presented.

     6. Programs:
     Program suggestions include-  Symposium with prominent
     speakers invited; program suggesting alternative forms of
     funding; LAUC-B retreat to do strategic or long-term
     planning, establishing goals and directions for LAUC-B; 
     all-day workshop on goal setting; half-day workshop on
     effective teaching, grant writing, or time management;
     regular annual or bi-annual workshop on peer-review. E.
     Byrne encouraged members to think about program ideas so
     we can increase the number of programs sponsored by LAUC-B.

     An agenda item carried over from last year is upward
     evaluation of supervisors.

     *E. Byrne agreed to bring up in monthly meeting with Dorothy

     Status of LAUC-B guidelines for consolidation of branches.
     *E. Byrne will discuss with D. Gregor in monthly meeting.
     7. Mentor Coordinator:  

     E. Byrne asked for a volunteer to coordinate the mentor

     *Because no one volunteered, she agreed to appoint someone
     from the Executive Committee to serve as mentor coordinator.

     8. Lawrence Hall of Science Library Collection:
     M. Drabkin summarized her interactions with the LHS
     administration regarding plans for the library collection
     after she is laid off.  She asked LAUC-B Ex Comm to write a
     letter in support of a plan which would either protect the
     collection, or donate it to another institution, where it
     could be accessible.

     * E. Byrne, G. Handman and B. Kornstein will draft a letter
     to Vice Provost Heilbron concerning this issue.  The draft
     will be e-mailed to LAUC-B Ex Comm members for comments.

     9.  A. Youmans reported on CAPA's progress in reviewing

     10.  Ex Comm meetings:
     Meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday of every month in Rm
     322, Doe Library, 10-Noon.  Members are also to reserve the
     1st  Wednesday of the month for emergency meetings

     11.  LAUC divisional minutes assignments:  Members are to
     read the minutes of their assigned campus (as they arrive)
     and report to LAUC-B Ex Comm issues needing Berkeley's

     UC Davis - K. Frohmberg
     UC Irvine - M. Burnette
     UC Los Angeles - B. Kornstein
     UC Riverside - M. Cochran
     UC San Diego - P. Janes
     UC San Francisco - G. Peete
     UC Santa Barbara - L. Leighton
     UC Santa Cruz - T. Huwe

NOTE:  an * indicates action to be taken and the person responsible.

V.  The meeting was adjourned.