Executive Committee Meeting 3/31/93

LAUC-B Executive Committee                            1992/93(10)
Present:  E. Byrne, W. Diamond, M. Drabkin, G. Handman (Chair), R. Lhermitte, 
R. Moon, G.Peete, A. Sevetson (Recorder), P.Stewart, K. Vanden Heuvel, A. 
Guests:   D. Gregor, J. Barker, D. Sommer, V. Roumani-Denn, 
A. Sevetson passed out information about the LAUC Statewide Assembly at UCLA 
May 7. 
New Business: 
Reorganization Issues, meeting with D. Gregor:  D. Gregor discussed possible 
strategies for filling positions created by library reorganizations.  She 
discussed the draft organization chart.  Several positions outlined in this 
organization represent new or substantially redefined clusters of 
responsibility (e.g.  Head of the Teaching Library, Director of Library 
Enterprises).  D.  Gregor discussed with LAUC the desirability of posting such 
positions versus directly appointing individuals to them.  The Executive 
Committee felt that in making this decision a number of factors must be 
considered, including the determination of whether a position is a logical 
continuation or expansion of a currently-held position, or whether it 
represents a new endeavor or substantial enough departure from existing 
operations to warrant posting as new job?  The Executive Committee came to 
consensus that the reasons for posting or not posting a position should be both
consistent and clearly communicated. 
D. Gregor said she would write something about her view of the LAUC-B Executive Committee
role in the new organization. The issue of review initiators in cases of rotating job assignments
was also discussed, CAPA is looking into other 
campus guidelines for review in similar situations. 
Ongoing Business:  
The Library Cultures Strategic Planning Group presented their report to the 
Executive Committee and asked for feedback. 
Discussion on the Cultures document touched on a number of specific points:  
the importance of coordinating unit-level mission statements with the broader 
library mission; the need for building incentives for risk-taking and 
experimentation into the library's culture;  the importance of providing 
managers with the tools for accomplishing their work effectively.  An important point made was
the need for reinforcing the Cultures document's emphasis on the library's role in the wider
academic enterprise; it was commented that the 
document should define a culture which is at least as outwardly-directed as it 
is inwardly-directed.  A  large part of the discussion was focussed on the 
concept of professionalism as defined in the document.  The changing nature of 
the library profession and the future role of librarians in the library's 
culture was also discussed.