Executive Committee Minutes 3/17/93

LAUC-B Executive Committee                            1992/93(9)
March 17, 1993
Present:  E. Byrne, W. Diamond, M. Drabkin, G. Handman (Chair), R. Lhermitte, 
R. Moon, L. Osegueda, G. Peete, A. Sevetson (Recorder), P. Stewart, K. Vanden 
Heuvel, A. Youmans

Guests:   S.Hinojosa

1.   G. Handman asked everyone to clear their calendar for March 31 and April 
28 as extra meetings are needed to get through some major items.  The complete 
meeting schedule is March 31, April 21 and 28.
2.   IIS Library Vacancy - The position announcement has been retracted and a 
campus committee has been formed to look as the job posting and appropriate 
classification for the position.  E.  Byrne mentioned the Art History Slide 
Library has a new position soon to be open, and that problems similar to the 
ones encountered with the IIS library may arise with the recruitment for this 
position. She will watch for that and alert LAUC-B as necessary.
3.   APM 150 (Non-Senate Corrective Action and Dismissal).  The Office of the 
President has distributed proposed revisions to APM 150 (dated 2/8/93) for 
comment via LAUC statewide.  G. Handman distributed the LAUC response (2/20/92) to the
earlier proposed revisions of 150, and also a copy of a response from 
the LAUC statewide Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction to the 
revisions currently under consideration.  G. Handman asked LAUC-B to review 
this documentation and to submit comments to him via email by March 31.  APM 
150 will be considered at the LAUC statewide Executive Committee meeting on 
4.   E. Byrne announced that the Academic Senate has set up a subcommittee to 
look into the issue of Librarian participation on Faculty Senate Committees.  
The Subcommittee consists of J.  Waldron, H. Scheiber, and G. Clifford.  G. 
Handman will attempt to lobby J. Waldron by phone or letter to support this 
5.   A. Sevetson announced that a LAUC-B member had expressed concern over the 
way the announcements for the AUL/PS candidates had been handled.  The name of the first
candidate was announced via e-mail only the morning of the 
presentation.  The committee noted that the dates for all three candidates had 
been announced via CU News.
Ongoing Business

1.   CAPA issues were discussed.  One issue which G. Handman asked CAPA to 
investigate was the development of guidelines and procedures for handling the 
review of individuals with split or rotational assignments.  Several issues 
related to the temporary appointment of an AUL for Public Services were also 
discussed, notably the issue of retreat rights for the individual in this 
particular position.
2.   W. Diamond distributed the 2nd revision of the "Recommendations for 
Shaping the Library's Organizational Culture" from the Library Culture 
Strategic Planning Core Group.  LAUC-B Executive Committee is an early sounding board for
this document.

In their report, the Library Culture Group has attempted to define the current 
organizational culture (including shortcomings of the culture) and desired 
directions for evolution and change.  Executive Committee members were asked 
to give the document a close reading for the next meeting, during which the 
Library Culture Strategic Planning Core Group will formally present their 
Approval of minutes
The minutes of February 17, 1993 were approved as corrected.
New Business:

1.   G. Handman announced he would like to create some task forces to look at 
some of the issues currently on LAUC's agenda, including the development of 
criteria for appointment of AULs; guidelines and criteria for rotation/
reassignment; the future of library advisory committees.
2.   At the last meeting of the LAUC-B Chair and Vice-Chair and D. Gregor, D. 
Gregor discussed the current budget crises on campus and its impact on library 
operations.  The consolidation of library service units/branches was discussed 
in the context of this discussion.  D. Gregor expressed her desire to involve 
LAUC in developing principles and guidelines for consolidation.  A task force 
consisting of E. Byrne (Chair), R. Moon, and G. Peete has been constituted for 
this purpose.  The task force will investigate existing documents broadly 
relevant to this issue (e.g. Criteria for Establishment of Libraries on the 
Berkeley Campus as Affiliated Libraries) and will also survey other campuses 
for similar guidelines or experience in this area.

D. Gregor has also expressed her desire to involve LAUC-B in the review of the 
administrative organization being developed for the library below the AUL/
Director level.  D.Gregor will attend the 31 March meeting to discuss this 
further with the Executive Committee.
3.   LAUC-B Spring Assembly - A. Sevetson announced that the Statewide 
Assembly will be at UCLA May 7.  The Berkeley Assembly must be held before 
that.  J. Waldron was mentioned as a possible speaker.  A. Sevetson will 
check on the last week in April (Morrison Room availability, other Early Birds etc).